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A few days ago I saw a top-level comment wondering why prostitutes don't like being called whores and sluts, since "that's what they are."

Sigh. Out of whole mountain of content - and I don't claim it's pure gold, but there's certainly a wide range of topics discussed and post effort levels and seriousness of approach - this is the single example of things actually discussed in the whole post. I am not sure how I can make myself take it seriously.

Are you arguing that what he writes is false? For comparison, that is what is promised by the Culture War thread:

Optimistically, we think that engaging with people you disagree with is worth your time

Look at the discussions there are right now.

Quality post, but not very culture war-y. Anyway, right now, no one really disagrees.

A post criticizing a labour MP for his anti-incels politics (anti Labour so we might assume right wing). No one really disagrees.

Are The Global Elites Coordinating to Push LGBT Acceptance And Gender Theory? ( )

Obviously right-wing, but there I have to admit there are some people arguing the other way. But the post was quite extreme by itself.

A post about liberals using AI to push their views. Pretty right wing. Everyone agrees. More or less.

I stop there. I don't think the CW thread delivers on its promise to challenge your beliefs, especially if they are right wing or libertarians.

Are you arguing that what he writes is false?

I'm actually not arguing at all, since I am not sure his arguments raise above "boo outgroup" level, at which level it is useless to argue - since the point of the argument is to mock and denigrate the target, not to identify areas for improvement. The author considers "The Motte" dead (hence the "postmortem"). People here, obviously, do not (unless we are a den of necrophiliacs?) I am not sure which argument could change that perception. Yes, of course there are right-wing postings here. Why not?

It's not that there are right wing discussions, it's that there are almost only unchallenged right wing posts in the CW thread. The CW thread used to be a place where the culture war takes place, it is now a place where you can comment about the culture war taking place somewhere else.