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I'm glad you guys exist

I'm not a regular poster on /r/TheMotte. I've done a bit of work getting this website up and running and I plan to stick around and try to help a little more, but I don't know that I will contribute much to the discussion. I just wanted to say that I appreciate that there exists a place where people can discuss the sorts of things that get you banned everywhere else, while setting aside their partisan, political, religious motivations (for the most part) and demanding effort and evidence. That's valuable to me, even if I'm not participating. It's important that someone, somewhere, can do that.

So I appreciate everything you guys do. Thanks for being here.

Jump in the discussion.

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I'm coming from the same place, OP.

Long time lurker. I enjoy the uncommon level of discourse on this forum. It's an amazing example of what good moderation can look like and I'm praying to Elua that this place won't fizzle out like so many other online communities. Thanks to everyone for making this happen.

Thankyou so much for your contribution.

It can often feel like the world just wants us to shut up, go away and die, and it means so much to see people value this sort of thing.

Thank you for posting this. I thought about similarly posting something similar to this today.

Notably, you all have spoiled me. I got invited to a random online acquaintance's discord channel a long time ago, which I checked occasionally. Anyway, something in my area of career expertise came up yesterday and so I was vocal with my opinion on the subject. Perhaps I was a bit too terse starting out (for which I later apologized), but the individual had seen something and wanted it to be correct and then tried to convince me of it. I explained why I still didn't think it worked and then the person got extremely offended and started having a panic attack (and I think might have started insinuating that I had a closed mind).

Anyway, thanks everyone here for being charitable and open to reasoning things out, even if we disagree on things. It's so absent from the bulk of the internet, which I was painfully reminded of last night. This is the only place online where I've felt that having good logic gets vindicated. Elsewhere, people will argue with you just because they don't want to be wrong or because they want you to be wrong. Even if you make good points, it just gets dismissed and you never get external confirmation that what you've said is at least logical. Here, if you make a decent point and explain yourself well, you can just sit and watch people updoot you and no one is like "lol idiot" (or at least, not for long!). Even though not everyone may agree with me on a given thought, it's a nice to get a small confirmation that at least my logic is somewhat consistent and not worth an immediate slap-down.

We're too autistic and awkward to know how to take a compliment

"We" probably shouldn't be playing up how much quirky nerds we actually are even if sneerclub calls us that 50 gazillion times.

One of the worst things that could ever happen to the Motte is if the users start thinking it imbues or requires some form of identity/personality. It probably does, but it might be one of those things best left not discussed or pandered to. I've seen many a forums become a satire of themselves because of this. The Motte is more immune to that than other places in my experience, but I wouldn't risk it.

Edit - If it isn't clear; The failure mode is the discussion becomes less about about the things being discussed, and more about the people having the discussion.

Jokes and motteposters, name a more iconic duo

Yeah no shit?

It's not that I am against the idea of joking or having fun, or think that users here can't take a joke: But my concern is more about the type of people specific types of jokes attract.

You can call me overly cautious or a party pooper but take a look at the slatestarcodex main sub. It's filled to the brim with normies making posts along the likes of "hello fellow autists and awkward people". It's embarrassing to see.