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Of Selves and Language

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I do. I worry that that's the biggest problem in the world today, because the soul does exist. Or we are more than our image, whichever way you want to look at it. I want to talk more about it, but I don't know how. Especially when I see people buying into media narratives, which seem to be the foundation for reality for almost everyone in my life no matter what I say to them. So many people seem to think the the world works the way the movies they watched in their formative years told them it works and no amount of loudly screaming that Hollywood isn't reality has any effect, the instant the subject changes they immediately return to basing their reality on art.

It was a mistake to wipe your history though, appropriate or not.

I feel an overwhelming sense of "so what" upon reading this.

It has an intense feeling of navel gazing. And while I am not wholly opposed to navel gazing, I'm usually only interested in reading it when the navel gazer has proven very interesting in other subject areas. I go to check your profile and see if you were someone I read much in the past, and lo and behold your entire history is deleted. You are actively and intentionally a nobody in reputational terms on this website.

Why? The only post left remaining is one about leaving reddit and making it more of an echo chamber.

"Private mode enabled."

Maybe this is am intentional attempt at irony in the context of the post.