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Fruck is just this guy, you know?

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Lacks all conviction

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Fruck is just this guy, you know?


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Is that what I do, relentlessly mock people? I am asking genuinely. Also you have never thanked me for an argument.

I would have appreciated the pile in earlier, I don't know why anyone would think I wasn't expecting pushback, if everyone agreed with me there wouldn't be a problem because everyone would have also decided to make an effort to understand every post they reply to at the start of the year.

But I have learned my lesson now. I was picking on people and no I don't get to find out how I should just shut up already. This is fine.

On the third hand though what other choice is there? Make your own America? You fight until you are no longer physically capable of fighting, even if the odds are stacked against you. You will surely have a better chance of ousting the deep state as a president, even a hated one, than as a rich civilian.

Yes, less engagement is what this place needs.

Damn chum, if this is your average level of response I would love it if you joined in more. Surreal is an excellent way of putting it, although I see it more as a reaction to the society of the spectacle, like monks retreating to their cloisters to argue about dancing angels.

I can get thoughtless good faith responses from reddit or Facebook or a million billion other places.

Your actions here, simply put, come across like you were setting out to pick on people from the beginning.

Really? Which ones? The action where I mentioned being a fan of two of the posters who misunderstood? The action where I said I don't think people are actually less intelligent, but behaving less intelligently? The action where I said the problem is people are retreating from their humanity out of fear and complacency? Or is it just the action in the op where I impugned people's intelligence?

I genuinely can't see it. I expected people to be upset with me, but I didn't expect this level of upset, with cjets mantra of mod vengeance and so on - it genuinely looks to me like narcissistic injury (as in identity injuring, not implying narcissism). The conflict I was expecting was for people to bring up examples of times I have been guilty of using semantics and passive aggression to avoid actually engaging, because they absolutely exist. Is any critical comment a gotcha now? Can we not just say "yeah that was dumb, we need to get our act together" Not to mention if I brought it up without an example it would have been immediately dismissed as a strawman.

For clarity, acting as if I think something which even the people arguing with me about it down thread agree nobody ever thinks is ironic stupidity?

I understand you are trying to employ empathy for people who work crappy jobs - you wouldn't want to work a job for a hundred hours and get $200 out of it, so you understand why they don't do that. But the correct response should be to encourage them to find another job, not give them a pass on the job they signed up for. Nobody forced them to be critics, and they get paid so poorly because that's what they are willing to work for. Note also that if they enjoy the game, they are likely to play it for a hundred hours after the review for free.

To add on re Jcvd, the most prominent film of his I recall is JVCD, that meta film where he plays a loser version of himself directing his thousand yard stare at his own miserable life as essentially an international joke because of his old action films.

It was the Friday fun thread. I don't want anyone to feel bad in the Friday fun thread. This is not a speak plainly issue because the joke was only, in my eyes, a clear cut example of the issue of surface level engagement. It was in itself not a big deal, but it both made me think of a problem I had seen more and more and appeared to be a perfect example of it.

I made a mistake in this Wellness post. I forgot how highly smart people value their intelligence, and so my claim that I no longer felt stupid here is all anyone can focus on and has caused great injury. I am sorry. You should probably mod me. Threatening to shut down analogies and metaphors on the speak plainly rule is absurd.

I mean over the past few months. What it feels like to me, is that everyone is afraid of a) looking stupid and b) getting modded, so they pull back, and like @f3zinker said only engage with the barest surface reading of the posts. And so every second thread devolves into arguments over semantics - I'm half afraid someone's going to pull me up here and show me three threads in a row with no semantics, like that means anything. I'll get dinged for not "speaking plainly".

I don't want to go anywhere, I had hoped I could maybe wake people up to the fact that it kind of looks like we're all retreating into autism to avoid our humanity.

Edit: accidentally hit post. To continue: I have professed my love for this community many times, and I always try to encourage good writing when I see it in posts, I think there's only one or two users who encourage others more than I do in fact. I haven't been here as long as you, but it is special to me too. Like I said, I don't know how to fix the problem.

Yes, it is a semantic quibble.

Did I touch a nerve?

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Am I wrong about the average age here? The joke was that I was afraid this kid would watch a movie and suddenly flip his entire worldview, a premise that was mocked mercilessly when I was growing up, because "everyone knows" that nobody is influenced by just one thing, everything is a confluence of the innumerable stories everyone hears all day every day. That doesn't mean media doesn't have an influence on people, of course it does! But nobody becomes a nihilist after watching fight club one time, just like nobody becomes a libertarian after reading atlas shrugged and nobody becomes a mass shooter after playing doom - there are a thousand other stops along the way there, and if it looks like an immediate turn that is because prior stories predisposed the person to absorb that influence.

I chose the words "a single piece of media reshaped someone's entire worldview." very carefully, to avoid this exact tangent.

Lol good save.

I was sincere about wanting movie recommendations. The joke was in the premise. That's the set up. Furthermore the pretending to be retarded meme is about someone doing something stupid in earnest then claiming it was a joke to escape ridicule. It is not doing something you think is too outlandish to take seriously and then having to disappointedly explain that you were joking. How much further do you need this broken down?

I think that's part of the problem - all of the "teachers" that interest me have been run off the internet or into some corner I don't know about. I don't even know where to look anymore.

I mean they technically don't change someone's "entire worldview" because that's not really possible


And yeah, I know, everything changes slowly and maybe the piece of media was just a "straw that broke the camel's back"

Come on man.

Thanks for this, it's a perfect example of what I'm talking about.

For fucks sake you have catch 22 flair, how do you not understand the concept of farce?

Also, some of the people who you say 'took the bait' are some of the best posters, so I don't really think it's strong evidence of anything.

I agree, like I said it brought to mind a trend in have been noticing. Pasha is very insightful and orthoxerox is one of my favourite posters. The problem isn't that the level of intelligence has dropped, or I guess it is, but it's not that motters have lower intelligence, it's that nobody thinks for three seconds about anything unless it's their hobby-horse. Like @f3zinker, @ThisIsSin and @bolido_sentimental said, the engagement has turned superficial.

Hey Wellness Wednesday, I've completely lost faith in the motte this week. See I've used "I think I fucked up my niece/nephew by playing a single song/tv show/movie" as a premise about a dozen times over the course of my life, and the only time it was taken seriously was with a group of college freshmen. Everyone else immediately understood that it was a premise, because you would have to be totally disconnected from reality to think a single piece of media reshaped someone's entire worldview. 100% disconnected, Being There disconnected.

But the thing is, I know the motte isn't full of freshmen, it's full of gen xers and millenials. And yet posting here was the second time my ridiculous premise was taken seriously. I used to make jokes 10 times as convoluted on /r/cwr and everyone got them, and when I'd do one on the motte I'd get accused of going for cheap laughs!

So it brought to mind a lot of other things I have noticed over the past few months, which can be summed up like this - I no longer believe I am stupider than the average motter. But, and this is the important part - I still know I'm a fucking idiot. Half of the cwr threads might as well be written by markov bots these days, there are still quite a few insightful comments every week, but so much of the rest is just rote bullshit. Just everyone talking down to each other, using passive aggressive laziness to evade the modhats - but not even making it entertaining, it's just talking points vs talking points.

I want to feel stupid again. I want to have to bring my a-game again. I don't know how to make that happen.

I would be keen to read that if you still have the draft.

What happened here? How was puntifex soliciting an opinion from you?

I am specifically bitching about that study, it looks like a scam. I'm not disputing the idea that there is a link between dysphoria and schizophrenia, and personally I think it's guaranteed to be stronger than "everything is correlated" (although that is a brilliant piece that everyone should read) because I don't think the scientific community puts in anywhere near enough effort to determine a physical and neurological difference between dysphoria and psychosis.

Which is not to say there is no difference, or that all gid sufferers are in the throes of psychosis, but that a diagnosis of gid precludes the possibility of psychosis on political grounds (namely the stigma attached to it) and the diagnosis is too often applied without any neurological tests whatsoever.

That first study you link here is much better (I don't have time to read the second right now.)

there is some overlap between schizophrenia and gender dysphoria.

That study is ridiculous. It seems to have been written specifically to present the single undocumented case study involving the most perfect possible patient to demonstrate a link between schizophrenia and dysphoria, a guy who ramped up attempts to transition only during psychotic breaks. It defines dysphoria, but never defines psychosis. This might be cynical, but it looks to me like two doctors building careers for themselves as experts in psychotic dysphoria based on one guy whose schizophrenia cleared up after 5 visits.

Check it out, the the conclusion reads (emphasis mine):

This case presentation depicts a clear pattern of gender identity change from male to female coinciding solely with psychotic breaks of schizoaffective disorder, bipolar type. The authors postulate that gender dysphoria can co-occur with other psychiatric disorders or as a direct result of acute psychosis. It is important to note the distinction between “gender dysphoria” and “transgender/gender non-binary identity”. As stated above, gender dysphoria occurs when a discrepancy between one’s sex assigned at birth and one’s gender identity causes distress or impairment in function while transgender/gender non-binary identity is an umbrella term for people whose gender identity is different from the sex assigned to them at birth. It is important to note that one can occur without the other and not everyone with gender dysphoria symptoms would benefit from HRT, surgery, or other gender-affirming interventions. On the other hand, many transgender individuals and gender non-binary individuals who do not meet the criteria for gender dysphoria may benefit considerably from gender-affirming treatments. Additionally, the authors consider that it would be noteworthy to study gender variance during the various stages of schizoaffective disorder to better understand if gender dysphoria tends to occur more during periods of psychotic episodes versus mood episodes.

The authors emphasize the critical importance of distinguishing between the two presentations of gender dysphoria (co-occurring with psychiatric disorders or as a direct result of acute psychosis) to ensure an accurate diagnosis before proceeding with treatment for gender concerns. A thorough diagnostic evaluation, physical examination, and the collection of collateral information are all necessary steps in the proper diagnosis and the allocation of treatment planning. Additionally, the patient’s capacity to make decisions should be well-established before proceeding with any plans for treatment. Furthermore, emphasis should be placed on the consideration of each case on an individual basis with unique needs as the field of medicine moves briskly towards recognizing health equity at every level of medical attention

I don't know if it's an invention, but I wouldn't be surprised at all.