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Openly launching multiple criminal trials against a political opponent leading up to an election

What should a 'normal democratic leader' do if a political opponent appears to to have committed multiple crimes leading up to an election?

On the other hand, if the tax bill were itemised in proportion to the Federal budget, it might be harder for certain demagogues to get people angry about a government program that costs them ⅒¢....

Suggestion: Pass a ban that only takes effect if some other state (e. g. California) bans conventional meat.

"Self Care". This is a synonym for self-indulgence, but with a good connotation instead of a bad one. Spending 8 hours watching netflix for example, in my grandfather's English, would be understood to be a moderately shameful act of vice. Now it can be referred to as "Self Care", in which case it is understood as a noble recognition of ones own weakness.

On the other hand, never taking any time for oneself can be somewhat corrosive to one's sanity....

I think this might be an instance of All Debates Are Bravery Debates.

After I kept yelling “Go away, bear!” it ran back off, and I was surprised by just how fast that thing was; it felt like a marvel of biomechanics.

Also effective: "I need you to go now. I hope you enjoyed my yard." and "PERKELE!!!1!"

Palestinians have a hostile nation occupying their territory

And what, in your opinion, constitutes 'their territory'?

before God decides to go full Sodom and Gomorrah on us.

If that is your concern, perhaps you ought to focus more on the prohibitions on feeding the homeless.

But do the genitals at birth necessarily correspond to God's will more than experienced gender identity does?

(also, given the Church's recent history, concerning themselves with the genitals of infants is, as they say, Not A Good Look.)

Imagine we had the technology to perfectly change someone's sex, and also had the technology to cure their GID (as in, they won't feel like they're in the wrong body anymore). From a Natural Law perspective, curing the GID seems to be the superior treatment.

From a 'considering second-order effects' perspective, 'curing' someone's mind to make them accept their existing body opens a slippery slope to those who do not accept 'Natural Law' to 'cure' their workers of the desire for humane working conditions.

Therefore changing someone's body, into a form which exists naturally (men and women both naturally exist), may forestall the un-natural transformation of human beings into something that does not naturally exist.

In any case, what is certainly not licit under Natural Law is to take a natural human and lop off bits of it

Again, that is begging the question of whether a trans person, prior to medical interventions, is a 'natural human'.

This is taking a physically healthy and "natural" male and turning it into a defective and unnatural male: a male with no penis, no testicles, and a hole where a hole shouldn't be.

This begs the question of whether the patient was supposed to be a man or a woman. They could be thought of as having been born as a defective and unnatural woman, lacking the parts and capabilities she is naturally supposed to have; the operation would then be turning her into something closer to her natural form.

Admittedly she would not be entirely there with the current state of medical practise (e. g. unable to bear children); however, this is less an ironclad proof of the One True Ontology Of Gender and more of a Skill Issue on the part of surgeons.

Even if the Aitchbeedee hypothesis is true, that does not make black people's condition hopeless; nor does it justify slavery or Jim Crow laws.

It means that nature herself is racist, and reparations are owed in the form of IQ-increasing genetic engineering disproportionally paid for by white people and East Asians.

Easter won't occur on March 31st for at least the next 25 years (sorry, my chart only goes to 2049).

Next occurrence is in 2086 (62 years hence).

most people who use it don’t intend for it to mean the ethnic cleansing or murder of Israelis.

They don't even know which river and sea!

What every critical race theorist, marxist philosopher and academic ‘decolonize science’ poaster in America has in common right now is a 🇵🇸 flag in their Instagram bio.

Not all of them.

Some of them use the 🍉 emoji.

Sell them to someone with a pet snake?

Not at this time; I usually am reminded of them by relevant context.

That particular verse appeared as Arc Words in Scott Alexander's novel UNSONG.

But the soul is still oracular; amid the market's din,

List the ominous stern whisper from the Delphic cave within,

—"They enslave their children's children who make compromise with sin."

Was there a control group, to distinguish the effect of the rocket noises from that of the board, straps, and headphones?

There's still a big difference between "It's lithium" and "It's some environmental contaminant", though.

The philosophical work underpinning extant views on gender goes back over a century, to Nikolay Chernyshevsky's declaration that

people will be happy when there will be neither women nor men

I think it goes back a bit further than that....

If "discussing bigfoot or high fantasy novels as if they were true with a capital T" prevented a continent from being bled dry for three decades....

Yes, we need more people saying that Americans' rights come from Congress and the Supreme Court (except when they overturn Roe or keep Trump on the ballot), and anyone who says otherwise (such as Thomas Jefferson, or the rest of the Founding Fathers, or pretty much any American statesman up until maybe half a century ago) is a dangerous, fanatical “Christian Nationalist” theocrat.

There is a big difference between

Our rights were written into the fabric of existence by the Divine Watch-maker/Great Architect of the Universe at the beginning of time. They apply to everyone, even when it is inconvenient to the State.


Our rights exist at the pleasure of a glowing biped in the sky. The dis-obedient/heretics/infidels/Northern Conservative Fundamental Baptist Great Lakes Region Council of 1912 have no rights which we are bound to respect.

I suspect people are more worried are more about the latter than the former.

this was a generally Protestant Christian framework, with freedom of religion primarily being a truce between denominations not to use the state to settle matters of doctrinal differences

Thomas Jefferson would dis-agree.

We respect each others' beliefs regarding the supernatural (including the beliefs "It exists" and "It doesn't exist"), even when we know Our Beliefs are Objectively Correct and Their Beliefs are Objectively Wrong, because when we don't, Bad Things tend to happen.

Missing from this paradigm:

  1. We try to instantiate raceblind meritocracy.
  2. We see racial disparities, because they'll continue to exist (and get worse, after the loss of affirmative action) and we're in a society that's going to track that kind of thing.
  3. Progressives say, "See, people are racist, we can't have a meritocracy, we need to fix this with some law mandating equality."
  4. Others point out, "Those are due to nature being racist, not discrimination by humans; we need to fix this with gene editing or something of that sort."
  5. We get to keep our raceblind meritocracy and close the racial gaps.