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The difference is people already expect to hear Trump say some dumb shit, Biden supposed to be and generally is more competent and his gaffes stand out much more.

Many non-Russian people do live in Moscow and pass opportunities to immigrate, but it's mostly because of cultural and familial factors than anything else. Moscow before the retarded SMO had basically European level of living for the middle class and while it's still lags behind US like all the rest of Europe, you can choose to live there for the same reasons people chose to live in the latter and not the former.

Yeah it's true and I'm writing this from one of those recently built single-family houses. But I think this development isn't major enough, will be limited because of the lack of infrastructure and can be stopped by various government policies. Like mandating different flat plans and sizes, reinvigorating public transit in smaller cities and making personal houses even more expensive tax wise. I'm not necessarily advocating for this, but that and many other things can be done to keep people in cities(despite the growing uselessness of living close to work when everything can be done distantly).

How can you prevent segregation and why would you do it?

I was spurred to ask this question by this article and especially this paragraph where author builds logical sequence connecting segregation with various social ills:

"These segregated schools ruined children's educational and economic opportunities. They achieved much less academically. Because of this segregation, many more dropped out. Many fewer went to colleges. Those that did were disproportionately likely to enroll in less rigorous institutions, like for-profit community colleges. Because of this segregation, they earned lower incomes as adults. They were more likely to end up in jail. Their health was worse. In the end, these 100,000 are much more likely than their peers to emerge as the most economically disadvantaged members of society — whereupon the cycle will likely repeat with their own children."

Author doesn't spell out what is the main cause here but we can guess. It can't be money related issues, because they could be solved without integration with a different tax scheme. It can't be some institutional racism cause he does provide examples of black charter and views them as failures. No, in my understanding the single most useful benefit that black children lose out here is diversity in itself. Obviously there is a question of white and asian kids faring pretty fine without it and also the counterargument along the lines of DR slogan "you don't have right to a white people", but let's accept their premise as true. There are after all many instrumental benefits to your populace not being concentrated into the ethnic enclaves, assimilation is useful and if Romans could do it with the Gauls why Americans can't. What you can do to integrate schools once and for all?

The solution preferred by author - the repeat of the policies of forced integration doesn't work in the context of liberal democracy with freedom of movement and widespread desire to avoid "bad" schools i.e. schools with poor black people in them. 60s policies just kicked the can down the road and led to the white flight. Modern one that tries to do the same will end up similarly, maybe with much stark division in the end.

Successful desegregation should make resegregation not illegal but not desirable or simple. In the search of the solution, I think it's wise to try to emulate post-soviet conditions, because despite large immigration from much poorer countries generally Russian cities were resistant to segregation, the most ethnic districts in Moscow range from 20 to 50 percent of immigrants and not for the lack of them. What causes this? Multi floor apartments/soviet block housing allows for diverse quality and quantity of housing at the same place. Poor migrants often rent or buy small one bedroom flat to retrofit it into something more fitting for the Hong Kong, working class citizen or a student will live in similar one if alone or slightly bigger when married and/or with kids, middle class can afford to have good amount of square meters per person and each child will always have their own room, upper class will have can easily have double the space of a middle one and has option of uniting several flats into one. And all of them can live in the one building, use the same parking space and their children will go into the same school(private schools that cater to rich people exist but not everybody cares enough to opt for them).

Then we have widespread public transport that by existing devalues personal car infrastructure and makes getting into the city from some suburb much harder even in the smaller towns. And what maybe considered the most important part by people here is the law enforcement that while far from perfect for example both in Poland and in Russia(still much worse in the latter) does work at keeping streets safe, public transit clean and gangs non-existent(apart from the ones that get in with the government but that's a different story). I think democratic politicians can achieve this kind of integration and they have reason to do it, YIMBY i.e. urbanist faction becomes more powerful by the day in the local elections and I can see some of the people affiliated with it succeeding in the desegregation maybe without even make it a goal. But ideological solutions from people who do make it a goal can sink it all again.

The closest thing is actually british subs.

Developing on video watching speed discussion: What Youtube channels you watching? Preferably relatively less popular and of the "hidden gems" variety.

To start:

Stupid Ones Games, - there is little to watch here, but the guy is developing Paradox-like grand strategy similar to Victoria II in Unreal Engine. Right now there are no dev blog style videos, only snippets of some features no longer than 3 minutes, but I expect this to change in the future.

Min Maxer Gaming, Quite niche content and only two videos, but if like you old RTS and specifically solo missions there is something for you. Currently he tries to complete Age of Mythology campaign without losing a single unit.

Engel, Dead channel, but author already made quite a number of video essay style game reviews which were sadly never popular.

DiploStrats, Main and only focus is analysis of Diplomacy matches, which because of their interwoven strategic and social nature are interesting even for people who never played it.

The Distributist, I think many people here already heard of him, but still I wanted to mention this channel for its interesting far rightist perspective, that maybe is common here, but expressed in much better form, than you can expect from mottizens with similar views.

In my case because I'm almost always watch videos in the background and more often than not I already don't have enough to last through the day without repetition.

Reusability is not a fundamental advancement, it was always a question of whether it's worth the effort, and again, it's even less clear that it is, then in the case of electric cars, since we have no insight into the costs.

Launch cost per kilogram to orbit became 10 times less because of Musk. That's a enormous achievement and already enough to hold utmost respect towards him. Even if everything Elon's critics say about him is true, it doesn't change this fact.

Yeah, hence I write that it's crazy that this case law exists. Why would being a notable person grants you more rights and what societal purpose these rights serve.

I think it's insane that US makes hiring lookalikes illegal. People writing about "owning their own likeness", but the existence of this law proves that it wasn't theirs to begin with. Scarlett Johansson was just one of the women who looks and sounds generally like her to become famous. In the alternative reality person who voiced gpt4o was famous and SJ was hired because she sounded similar enough.

I am not even remotely some kind of libertarian, but what is the actual harm to society this regulation prevents? People who look like other people always existed and if you obviously can't stop some man eerily similar to you from acting in a hardcore pornography I don't see why SJ should be granted anything here.

Russian Smeshariki(that were for some reason renamed kikoriki in English release) are mainly story focused in the main series, but I think at least a third of russian-speaking zoomers know what mortgage, string theory or DNA is from one of the spin-offs.

If you add up Israel and Palestine population Jews and Arabs are basically equal in number, so I don't think that this arrangement will lead to genocide. In the current circumstances the most humane thing for Israel would be to just annex Palestine, create some kind of reconstruction zones and to deradicalize Arab populace. Politically Jews can make an alliance with Arab Christians. This move also will stop far-right israelis from getting power so I guess we won't see it.

The next decade will be quite "interesting" if political assassinations became as common as they were in 19th century. Japan, Slovakia, who's next..

But many internet rightists who do address the JQ or are Holocaust deniers are also Jewish. Are they the "true DR"?

While this portrait is obviously isn't a traditional one, I think it's a great artistic work. You don't need to interpret red as blood, it can be symbol of England, or royalty. To me the main message of the painting is the otherness of Charles, him being more than a human, looking almost like a lovecraftian herald.

Mods here are the final barrier between turning this community into the clone of rightist Twitter(you can also see long posts there sometimes) and they need to go even further. There should be a reasonable requirement for minimum number of words in the top level posts.

Holodomor, Kazakh famine which mainly implicitly or explicitly targeted other ethnicities than Russians

At least million and a half of Russians died in this collectivization caused famine, among them my great grandfather. That's so insane that post-soviet nationalists successfully reframed this tragedy caused by communist ideology, engineered by Georgian head of state and turned into reality by local ethnic party bureaucrats(orders related to Holodomor were written in Ukrainian after all) into genocide done by imperialistic evil Russians against minorities, at least in the minds of Western public.

Russian civil war deaths were about 10 million and I think at most you could probably only ascribe about third of those to direct or indirect killing of civilians by communists.

I think it's quite reasonable to ascribe all civil war deaths to the Bolsheviks because they did consciously started it.

and there is good reason to believe it given for example the Holodomor

1.5 million of Russians and similar amount of Kazakhs, not counting many other smaller ethnicities also died in the collectivization caused famine. Turning this international communist caused tragedy in the "genocide" against specifically Ukrainians in the eyes of the public is the great achievement of Ukrainian nationalists.

[META] Did anybody else got notifications about comments from random people who aren't replying to or mentioning you?

No, I don’t think it’s obvious that the modal Ukrainian soldier no longer wishes to risk death

I think it's quite obvious that you wouldn't need forced draft otherwise. People just don't want to horrifically die in the trenches. That's why Russia had to also resort to forceful mobilization even with much larger pool of poor people who can bribed to do so.

Basically for it's entirety. The Russian forces being smaller than Ukranian ones and spread out across very large front was the main reason why 24 February invasion was an idiotic decision. Partial mobilization somewhat helped but Ukraine continues to hold numbers advantage.

It's more convenient to swipe a card or scan a QR code. Either we end up using privately run cryptocurrencies or state-run central bank digital currencies

And why would you need a digital currency for this and not current electronic cash? Many people even in Russia already live basically without using physical cash at all and that doesn't stop them evading taxes.

Yeah, it looks more like it in the sense of shape, but it's actually quite important that Russia doesn't control large parts of the annexed regions. I think it is not likely that they will succefuly take control of them before the war end.

Of course, that is the neorealist view, which I agree with. I just don't like singling out Russia as uniquely expansionist or authoritarian(but that's a different story).

Yeah, but it is limited to Ukraine and previous incident was in WW2 negotiations. In this sense modern Russia is similar to Turkey without NATO membership but with nukes.