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Wasn't something like that the canonical origin of Night City, of Cyberpunk fame?

Personally, I'm not interested in philosophical musings, anything about AI, or ratsphere inside-baseball (isuch as anything about Aella), all of which make up a substantial number of each week's postings. I'd love to see more focus on current events to balance the Washington Post and Reddit shoving the woke perspective down people's throats.

And Americanization programs in public school systems.

...because anyone who doesn't publically "support diversity" is shamed, made a pariah and possibly fired.

Observe the posts in subreddits for individual cities, inquiring about neighborhoods to live in. Every one is looking for a "diverse" area.

Try posting that you want to live in a white neighborhood, and see how quickly you get banned for "bigotry" or "hate speech", with a mod note referring to you as "scum" or some similar endearment.

But simply having too many cultures, too many languages, religions, ethnicities in a country (to the point they, put together, outnumber the former dominant group) is bound to make it weaker, IMO, because there will no longer be a consensus on values. There will no longer be anything to hold the country together and it will essentially cease to be a nation in any real sense at all. Every group will have its own shibboleths and taboos which it will lobby its political representatives to codify in law - which will probably get shot down except in all-Muslim (or whatever) towns, but the time and energy wasted on this stuff is time and energy which cannot be used to work on the nation's real problems.

I, for one, would rather euthanize myself than live in such a corpse of a country.

(This situation, multiplied by a million, is also why I firmly believe that no world government can ever work.)

There was a period of several years where you never saw "Iran" in the news without it being followed by "-Contra."

There's one local example that sticks in my mind, even after all these years. Back in 1982, there was a rabies epidemic. For months, almost every day on the front page of the Fairfax Journal, there were stories about rabid animals (it was almost always raccoons for some reason) being found and euthanized.

Then a while later I realized I wasn't seeing those anymore.

But there was never any announcement of an end to the epidemic. For all I know, it might still be going on!

Recreational use and sale of marijuana was legalized before Youngkin took office, but he refused categorically to take any steps to establish any mechanism for legal sale.

I, for one, am kind of salty about that; I had visited Denver in previous years, enjoyed my share of legally purchased edibles and was really looking forward to being able to get them at a local mall.

Or clone DNA from extinct animals. I'm kind of curious on whether Hallucigenia tastes like shrimp.

It was for quite a range of occupations IIRC.

I know they did bring in some Cubans and even Vietnamese, but that may have been for propaganda value and "proletarian internationalism" points. Don't think they ever had Poles or Romanians.

East Germany had something like this. Because of its unique situation with continued flight to the West, many factories and other businesses were constantly begging for employees.

I think it's this one:


Also the origin of the "fifty Stalins" line!

Hell, I've got ants in my kitchen and I've seen a few silverfish in the bathtub. No biggie.

What is a "cut" in this context? Do the Outlaws all have a certain haircut?

A common Nazi trope was condemning the Jews' "trickery" and "evil cunning" in cheating/inveigling money from "honest but simple" German workers and farmers.

Nightmare Vision Rosedale thread

I don't see a thread, just a single post with no responses.

Do I need to create a Xitter account to see the rest? Because that's not happening.

John Varley, if anyone's old enough to remember him, put quick and easy sex changes in his Eight Worlds universe in the early seventies.

Shinola is an odd name for a watch company; before the stores opened I only knew it from the saying "doesn't know shit from Shinola" which refers to a brand of shoe polish that was discontinued around 1960.

I'm guessing he read about the Buddhist monks who immolated themselves to protest Ngo Dinh Diem's regime and, maybe was depressed/suicidal already and decided that as long as he was putting an end to himself he might as well do it in a way that makes some kind of impact.

"The 1949 Minneapolis Lakers"

That bit about the last king being strangled with the entrails of the last priest; was that him or Robespierre?

IIRC one of the main reasons the French granted the West African states independence was that they had full representation in the legislature, and their population was increasing so rapidly that the ethnic French deputies would be outnumbered/outvoted by the African deputies very soon.

Tail wagging the dog so to speak.

Also, housing's pretty much got to be cheaper there. I don't know if Istanbul is the kind of city where the medieval neighborhoods have been gentrified and the poor people live in outlying postwar tower-block developments, or the kind where the lowest classes live in the oldest housing, but either way the rents have to be cheaper than most US cities.

close friend and colleague of Martin Luther

Someone should have asked him for his longevity secrets.

Screenwriters and especially studio execs are dimwits who know bugger-all about science, but have absorbed the notion (from watching Captain Planet and Ferngully as kids) that science is Bad and destroys the environment.

I visited Seattle in July 2011; there were a few bums, but it was still a livable city then.

This is 3rd and Pine in 2011:


The main public library building had just opened; it was sparkling clean and still had the new smell. I don't want to think about what it must be like now.

And I visited Portland in September 2008, walked back to my hotel at 2 a.m., wasn't hassled. Back then Portland's homeless all seemed to be the "crusty" type: white guys with dreadlocks, who usually have dogs.