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I don't have an exact number, probably between 10,000 and 100,000, maybe more, it's still ongoing. Here's one recent injured that made the news.

The conscription officers are the media agents, the Civil Rights judges, the CPS workers, the National Guard as in the picture, the cops...

Also Russia is exhausting itself at a very small cost to the American taxpayer.

Idk inflation is pretty high, young Americans can't afford buying houses, nobody wants to join the US military to die for Israel or for Hunter Biden's business deals, 'Democrats' apparently feel the need to prosecute their political opponents, bridges are collapsing and planes barely going up in the sky, cops and judges don't feel like prosecuting (non-political) crimes...

According to the theory that every single bad thing that happens in the US is due to Russian agents, this war is not exactly cheap.

our system would have outperformed your system is a particularly good way to do so.

I don't see how your system would have outperformed. I don't really get the end-goal of the muslim emigrants. They're just leaving a poor shithole (muslim-majority country) to a wealthier country (formerly white-majority country), and their descendants are gradually becoming Westernized. Then they acquire a quite Jewish ideological flexibility: oppressed minority in the streets, islamic conqueror in the sheets... That can't be good psychologically.

So what's the point? Coloring the map?

It not only can, but is. Splinternets have been a thing for quite awhile now and all countries (including the US) engage in this sort of cyber balkanization.

Yes, so Ukraine does not qualify as a country (therefore Ukrainian nationalism is an oxymoron) by that definition, as its citizens are either living in the Western memeplex of the EU/US or of Russia's.

Are they at war or just LARPing online?

Pic of soldiers holding civilians at gunpoint from the incident that made Biden reflect that he doesn't want his children to live in "a racial jungle with tensions having built so high that it is going to explode at some point." A race war meatgrinder so to speak.

The right of self-determination of Ukrainians is first and foremost not to be sent into a meatgrinder by conscription officers. The women of Ukraine have this right, and like a lot of modern people in that situation, they simply choose to live somewhere else.

To the most liberal, Western-minded young Ukrainians the 'special military operation' has been a great bounty. They finally were able to obtain a visa to Miami, NYC, Los Angeles or any European capital. They'll probably pay lip-service to the 'cause' to assure their status in their local circle of liberals, but they might not be thinking of ever going back.

Perhaps the middle-aged Ukrainians who have not grown up with Western propaganda online and feel unable to learn a foreign language go either way, they are attached to their country and see Russians either as enemies or former brothers in the Soviet Union.

Then there are the retirees who are (probably?) exempt from conscription, and may still feel nostalgic for the glory days of Bandera and think perhaps the wrong guys won the 'Great Patriotic War'. I'm not sure how they reconcile that with a desire to join NATO/EU or even voting for Zelensky.

Either way I think the most important development in all of this is that post-internet, nationalism cannot really be a thing. It's hard to convince the youth to die for your government after years of telling them that the people who just arrived have as much of a claim to the country as they do.

What's the difference if Russia takes Ukraine? That's like a change in government. Before it was Trump, now it's Biden.

Would an American zoomer care if China bombed the local strip mall, apartment complex full of Somalis and Venezuelians, the Indian-owned gas station, the gender-correction clinic etc? Perhaps they want to die for 'transkids'? Maybe if China bombed Instagram's or Netflix' servers and made it go dark they'd care? If the situation is too dire they can always move somewhere else (if somewhere else is at peace, that is), after all they were told they would own nothing and they'd be happy, so why here specifically?

Who on this website would go die in a trench for their government and under what circumstances? This is the first step to clear before allowing yourself to symbolically vote for somebody who wants to 'ear-mark' money for these foreign wars.

You people are so great and superior. Aren't you worried that by reading and posting on this website you are contaminating yourself with the filthy Westerner mindset and that your customs and traditions will be lost?

If not you, your sons and daughters.

Do you support sending billions of dollars to help prop up a regime that conscripts people then?

Oh I didn't consider a flip. Yes in that case a helmet would definitely help, even if they are harnessed.

What I think would happen is that we'd first get into a minor flip and perhaps I'd reconsider the whole idea of pulling them for a whole hour. It probably depends on the terrain because with 4 wheels and quite a bit of weight on the back, I don't really see that thing flipping, but I have a very casual experience with it.

I've towed children in a trailer like that with no helmet but for a total of 30min and perhaps half a dozen times.

If this is a routine transit then it's not a bad idea to optimize safety, and have the kids get used to it/get over it. If it's once every couple weeks, probably not worth the hassle of the helmet.

I expect a helmet to be required only in the case of a collision, as you're probably not going fast enough to do any damage if you had a sudden stop.

If you expect a small chance of a collision on that route it'd probably be wiser to forego the whole endeavor altogether as I don't think these trailers are really designed to take any kind of collision with a much larger vehicle. Or if this is already optimal transportation for you, make peace with the idea that perhaps the kids will get hurt if something bad happens. If having a helmet makes them upset and distracts you from potential road danger, then foregoing the helmet might be the safer option.

a lot of the current left are basically and I say this in descriptive way, The Other - single women, minorities, immigrants, non-straight people, etc.

Could it be that the (current) left is generally self-selected as a group of people that could be said to have 'thin-skin'?

If a single woman has some strength of character and she hears some kind of offensive speech, she's not going to immediately demand censorship by the government. Then that woman can go on and listen and research more right-wing arguments once past the shock of 'somebody disagrees with my teacher, the talking heads on TV, journalists, etc'. And she can become right-wing.

If she doesn't have character, then she can stay within the safe confines of the media-approved opinions, and she'll cowardly switch opinions every few months when the newest update of progressive beliefs comes in.

It's a fragile coalition as well, for example your Other includes TERFs and transpeople, or LGBT and muslims, or open borders supporters and Ukrainian nationalists...

Thank you for the source, unfortunately I didn't see an explanation for what is causing these gaps to shrink slightly.

Well to be clear, if it were either of these that would validate the Brown decision, because it would prove that segregation was lowering the relative quality of the education received by black students.

So should the Department of Education start subsidizing 'white' birthrates to ensure an adequate supply of 'white' students to improve education for everybody or?

What forces do you suppose these to have been?

Modernity, hubris, the Evil One... it's hard to say. Whatever reason there was to blow up a somewhat functional society at the time, even for a lack of foresight, blind optimism, carelessness... Hard lessons the future will have to learn. One should not concern themselves with slippery slopes but with slippery slopes leading to slipperier slopes. Each of our stumbles makes the next more acceptable and the very idea of a stumble confused.

how much we have to limit women's freedom to get them to make more babies, and start having them earlier.

Do you not see women having fewer if any children as an issue or do you simply disagree on the solutions offered? Do you think the people who agree with you politically see it as an issue? If yes, what kind of solutions do they offer?

If every African-American woman was paired with an average IQ 'white' breeder, and the offspring selected for behavior and darkness, it would only take a couple generations to close the gap.

Nobody really wants to solve the problem.

The male strategy used to be to match every single woman and then go through the dozen of matches and decide which ones are worth your time.

In the past few years it seems that they tweaked the algorithm to stratify users.

This is what I think happens now: on the first day they show all the women, including the most attractive ones, but if the swiping has a low match ratio, they stop showing them. The user gets ranked among low match ratio users and it's basically over for them. I think they may be able to buy premium options after that.

Would you have a reference of a discussion of these results? I really wouldn't know where to look for something like that.

I could see a number of HBD-compatible explanations for these results. For example the development in race relations which caused the end of segregation has been having an effect on the genetic structure of the 'black' population. While inter-marriage was common during segregation, it is probably more common now. Moreover, it's possible that the children of these mixed unions identify in a different way than they would have 70 years ago.

Here is an analogy from Australia: Indigenous award recipients. Perhaps 2 or 3 of the people pictured look like they have obvious Aboriginal ancestry, 80% would probably pass as 'white'.

I imagine that Americans who could convincingly represent themselves as 'white' in the 1950s probably would, as this would most likely open doors to them. Up to 10% of African ancestry was found in Americans who identify as 'white'. Now in 2024, there are obvious incentives to self-identify as 'black'. People like Barack Obama or Jordan Peele who do look 'black', still had a 'white' mother. Conceivably, they could have a sibling that would look a lot 'whiter' and they could be just as well-achieving. If the 'black' student population of today is actually a lot 'whiter' than before, it's hard to tell if the gains have anything to do with a change in how the education is actually delivered.

Another factor to consider would be that the education system is very much focused on delivering 'good' results on the 'black' education front. It's possible that the way some of these institutions work is influencing the measurements of the outcomes. Perhaps, in the same manner as the progressive DAs immediately release violent offenders without bail, there is some kind of 'systemic anti-racism' at play that would contribute to these alleged gains.

I'm very much curious to read what they attribute the gains to.

Better access to more competent teachers ('white' ones)? Passive diffusion of so-called 'white' values from the 'white' pupils to the 'black' ones? More money taken from 'white' taxpayers? General lowering of expectations as a consequence of the ruin of society brought about by the same forces that ended segregation?

I see those graphs where people have thousands of swipes, dozens of messages and a handful of dates and it's just depressing.

I don't mean to defend dating apps but I suspect that there's a little bit of selection bias. I expect the type of men who enjoy making data visualizations not to have great prospects on the dating market. Also if you really enjoy data visualization but you find the perfect match on the first try, you'll probably make data visualizations about something else.

I would almost suspect some of these guys to subconsciously shoot themselves in the foot because they're too busy thinking about collecting data and organizing it instead of putting their best effort into optimizing their profile, making conversation and enjoying the date.

In turn, the African-American was always going to come off worse in the latter system.

Is there evidence that education of African-Americans is any better today?

There's that one 'experiment' in Kansas City with a judge throwing millions of dollars at black education to improve it that apparently failed.

The problem I see with 'desegregation' is that at some point you run out of white children to 'integrate' with your children who desperately need an 'integrated' education for whatever reason.

Is there some kind of breeding program to address this?

We must secure the existence of our people and a future for integrated education.

They do not identify as one gender but “literally a mix”, according to court documents.

Literally a mix? Why'd they need doctors when any old kitchen appliance or garden power tool would do?

The canonical example is a guy that takes a girl that's obviously blitzed out of her mind upstairs at a party

Intercourse with drunk women should just be illegal.

Either be 100% confident that the woman in question is not going to report you or abstain.

Then if we have a conviction of a rape of a drunk woman, we can also charge the bartender who poured the drinks.

Did you or the writer attempt to control for the actual crime rate between these different states?

I expect a school bully who actually gets charged with a crime to have more than 1 target and get in trouble for other things than the very specific 'LGBT hate crime' category.

This could all just be a series of coincidences. States with LGBTQ-specific laws are more likely to have concentrated pockets of D-voters, with a minority of very criminogenic constituents, and also anti-law-and-order rules on the book. More crime -> more 'LGBT hate crime'

There is a certain tension between different progressive imperatives.

The LGBT bastion is probably the last holdout of 'true believers' for white Democrats. After all, once married to a white man, a heterosexual white woman might rethink her political affinities if her own family is discriminated against.

As the LGBT agenda is the only race-blind item on the list, it may become very uncomfortable to simultaneously support it and the rest, including :

the nonsense made of crime data if violent and sexual assaults committed by men are recorded as female crimes

That's one way of finally ending the blatant sex discrimination in the criminal justice system. After decades of loud protest for 'equality', life, uh, found a way.

By that logic, "whiteness" - ie. not even being able to specify a fractional non-white ancestor on a college entry form - really does provide evidence for inherent racism.

Racism is not absolute. There is always a way for the darkest of population to integrate 'white' society. Just ask Thomas Jefferson.

I don't see anything wrong with racism in itself. Paradoxically, it seems that the only way to have a black upper-class is for racism to openly be an upper-class value.

It appears to me that as long as the ambitious and capable blacks are forced to adopt white upper-class values to belong, they will have to pay lip-service to anti-racism, which leads to their descendants miscegenating, and the dilution of their 'black' lineage into the 'white' one.

Therefore to achieve true racial equity, we would need more racism, not less.

Move a black person to America and 400 years later they're


But out of their descendants the ones that can integrate quickly stop 'being black' through intermixing.

Not 'acting white' is a matter of survival for the genes associated with melanin and other visible traits that define the 'African-American' phenotype.