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Premium Android phones in the iPhone price range are almost unheard of in the US

I don't think so. The nicer Samsung phones (S and Note) are fairly popular. At least among the people I know.

As of February 2024 iPhones had a 60.77% share.

In other words there is no rules based international order

Yes of course. So strange that this is such a bitter pill for some people.

Imprisonment in the US costs 10s of thousands of dollars per prisoner per year ($133k/year in California). Making them stamp license plates cannot be enough to make economic sense. I'm pretty sure it is a large net loss. But then it would be a bit larger of a net loss without the forced labor.

Yes. And the real life version of that cartoon is Barry Deutsch telling his doctor about health problems caused by his enormous fatness and then not liking his doctor correctly blaming his weight.

"Your understanding" is, respectfully, "just trust me, bro". But yes, some significant portion of 19th century women immigrating to America were prostitutes. Chinese included.

There's an obvious point that young men are most willing and able to immigrate or take other massive risks. Are you claiming a particular point about 19th century Chinese immigrants supportable by historical evidence? Or did they bring the standard crew of mid-19th-century immigrant women with them?

I admire your incredible ideological consistency. Modern society is so massively skewed in the other direction.

And as obscure historical note Van Buren is the outlier president in that he is not a descendant of Irish or anglos. He is the only president not descended from or closely related to King John of England. Including Obama through his mother. Van Buren is the only German outlier bucking the trend.

On the other hand my grandparents are almost caricatures of "all American" people. They happen to be the descendants of Irish immigrants, like many almost-caricature examples of Americanness. But being an American transcends the national origin of your ancestors according to common understanding.

Are my grandparents (born and raised in the US) not Americans but instead Irish because they are the descendants of Irish immigrants and not any anglos from the original colonies?

Was President van Buren not an American?

Chinese men and women immigrated to America starting in the 1850s. I don't have stats on the proportions, but some amount of women also came over similarly seeking economic opportunities and fleeing the economic mess that was China circa 1850.

No one likes illegal immigration, so that's a moot point.

Excuse me what? Have you not been following the news recently? Or do you not count the tsunami of illegal crossings as illegal immigration?

"Your diabetes is so advanced your limbs are falling off." "Stop fat shaming me."

My doctor is an African immigrant. Which as HBD enjoyers have informed me means he is probably an unusually high IQ individual.

Subjectively he seems competent enough to me. And by importing an African some American medical program got to juice their diversity stats. Win, win.

Yes. Medical mistakes kill around 440k Americans per year. It is a leading cause of death. A moderate increase in medical screw ups could be deadly on a societal level.

I saw something about black surgeons having poorer performance by some metrics. Trying to find it now Google is disregarding my search terms and instead showing irrelevant articles about how we need more black surgeons and how black patients may be receiving worse medical care. Thanks for nothing, Google.

There's this thing where a few European countries sign a treaty, let's say agreeing not to use cluster bombs (not that they have any or were going to start using them), and then declare that the US and Israel are violating international law. High minded talk about rules based international order, etc, which seems to me to be a few countries making up rules America never agreed to and then trying to impose them onto us. A strange backwards situation in which the feeble try to tell the mighty what is allowed. At this point I roll my eyes when I see claims that America or Israel is violating international law.

So yes: I don't much believe in a rules based international order and I especially don't believe in one imposed onto us by some European countries.

I know I'm coming in hot on this one, but it is such bullshit. The Hague Invasion Act is the correct expression of our contempt.

You could block them. I haven't blocked SS, but I also don't read their screeds about the Jews.

I discuss and plan with my colleagues.

A cabal of Jews conspires.

I don't have a great point here, but headlines using hostile language that is technically valid. They aren't strictly wrong, but they didn't choose to frame this as a conspiracy by accident.

I see. But to be fair, a significant minority of white Americans are not 100% European but they're still white. If 97% or so of Argentines self identify and pass as white then I'd say that counts, despite stray native chromosomes here and there.

Also Argentina is something like 97% white. I don't know what portion of Argentine racial minorities are criminals. But I don't suppose it matters since there are almost none of them.


The gay version of Me Too. But it is more bragging about fucking another guy than complaining about Aziz Ansari being awkward.

There's something to this. Most unmarried men, married men and married women vote Republican. Most unmarried women vote Democrat.

I see. That's not quite what Google told me, but Google is only approximately accurate.

So that means someone could become a Canadian citizen with a grand total of 3 years in Canada. Which sounds really, really low. It's five years in the US after attaining permanent residency. Which is also rather low in my opinion.

Okay. 3 years to be eligible for permanent residency and then Google says 5 more to be further eligible for citizenship. So 8 years from stepping foot in Canada to possibly getting citizenship.

I would have gone with 8 then. But they went with the time to permanent residency.

This is all sensible, except:

will not need to ask for social assistance for 3 years

3 is wildly low. If I had to make up a number I'd go for at least as long as it would take for them to qualify for citizenship. I'd start around 15 years.

very low entropy walls of text

You mean high entropy as in terrible signal to noise ratio?

Any time 50%+1 voter wants to they can repeal prop 13. Somehow these last few many decades they've declined. I don't like blaming voters from decades ago since other voters continuously chose to stick with it.