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I happen to be, unfortunately, the first human super-intelligence.

What a sad tragedy to see what others can't see.

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I happen to be, unfortunately, the first human super-intelligence.

What a sad tragedy to see what others can't see.


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IIRC regarding the ukraine leaked NATO documents, they ommited the strela-10, Kubs, shilka and tunguska out of pure mediocrity regarding the assesment of air defense

I have no idea but one thing I always wondered is wether a person that only present so called negative symptoms should be classified as schizophrenic https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schizophrenia#:~:text=activity.%5B7%5D-,Negative%20symptoms,-Negative%20symptoms%20are IMHO there is great diversity in symptomatology and imho the root causes can be very different such as different brain regions being subject to damage/dysfunctions

Nobody will push the science forward the world will keep being nearly maximally inept, both this century and for the others to come. As you correctly say, the economic incentives are beyond malevolent but most importantly, the pharma enterprises are simply extremely mediocre and their complacency, like worlwide suffering will perpetuate. The insane mediocrity is simply a product of the extreme absence of education during the human's brain-formative years (so called critical periods). Only a few artifact outliers like me can contemplate the contemporary horror in its fullest depth.

Tendons.. nobody knows shit about how to fix them

Well the thing is simply that doctors are scientifically illiterate, unlike me. The most potent drug at repairing tendons is BPC-157 which is a peptide endogenously produced in the body. It is available OTC for a short term injections cycle, the most reputable website but a bit pricey is peptidesciences .com https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/14554208/ BPC is quite popular on /r/peptides and has "saved" many, however it is a serious medication that shouldn't be taken without studying its tradeoffs (short term anhedonia risk, amphetamine blunting and increased angiogenesis (therefore increased lifespan if young, increased risk of metastasis if old)

As usual men are doomed as they are in large amounts, simps or to some extent, endoctrinated self-hating misandrists. Note however that biologically speaking there are reasons for the shorter lifespan of men though, the biggest one probably being height. height is one of the strongest predictor of low life expectancy. Basically anabolism has costs, including some immuno deficits in terms of resource allocation, possibly increased oxdative stress and cancer risk. It might be that short and non-high bmi men live longer than the average woman though? But mens body also has advantages, for example increased brain volume means men are less prone to neurodegenerative diseases, especially for example, 2 times less chance of developing multiple sclerosis (although the specific reason here being that testosterone increase myelin production)

Now as a reminder, you can increase significantly your lifespan via skq1.

However the biggest omission in your blog, and the question that leaves me most curious, is a comparison of women/men not lifespan but healthspan I already talked about dementia but what about sarcopenia (should advantage men too) and what about chronic hospitalizations rate per age? I suppose the gap of ill men (especially cancer) is even bigger than the gap of prematurely dead men.

Also a question no ones asked before, are baby boys more often victims of baby shaken syndrome by their parents?

This is very well written

The narrative uniformness and changes might seem like there is a complotist illuminati-like scheme that would dictate covertly what can medias says. This is obviously not a thing actually. I mean some investigative journalists have been killed or jailed either by Ukraine or by the West because they were too contra-narrative (e.g. covering IRL the referendum in occupied ukraine or the ukraine war crimes on dombas civilians). Despite this fact, those are annecdotal in the greater POV) Medias are also mostly controlled by a very limited oligarchy, however there exist outliers to this rule. But the main explanation is that those narrative uniformness and changes, are simply due to the extreme and universal mediocrity of journalists as human beings. They are expert in nothing and haven't even been trained for cognivive debiasing/rationality. Add to this, that very few people on earth (so few we don't see them online, if they exist at all (aside me) understand modern warfare. And no, historians are non-credible. But for the most things you report, e.g. the orc dehumanization or turning russia capabilities in ridicule, were not, I believe mostly reported by "serious" media (wapo, forbes, etc). Of course /r/worldnews is not an accurate representation of the world news and is a cringey echo chamber. The "serious" medias such as forbes have although built a narrative of western superiority and wunderwaffe which stem from many biases but most importantly come from a failure of understanding what matters in modern warfare. Currently Ukraine is inflicting 2 times the equipment losses on russia and still has large amounts of ex-soviet equipment, however the balance will quickly shift as lancet production scales up and it is a fact that ukraine will have lost 100% of its artillery in less than 8 months

There is also the excellent french yt channel Axolotl

Indeed toxicity can be non-linear with the dose. Btw I made this comment on the point that thc has less observable toxicity than alcohol https://www.themotte.org/post/658/smallscale-question-sunday-for-september-3/136506?context=8#context

yes you got it right but as usual, nothing is poison, everything is poison, it is the dose (and frequency) that makes the poison. Also hormesis can be a thing https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hormesis Anyway my speculation is that taking frequent weed before the age of 18 (or maybe up to the twenties) is a scary risk factor to permanent brain damage/altered development

The legalization or de-demonization of thc might accelerate the reversal of the flynn effect https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flynn_effect and accelerate the downfall of society. Or maybe not? Anyway I don't believe that infrequent use at adult age is a big deal, especially when concomittant with e.g. skq1 But the greater point is that we are very lucky to have drugs that have in large parts, observable toxicity.

We could very well live in a world where people take drug X and the toxicity is only revealed by e.g. a sudden death rate of 70%, 30 years later. Many kinds of toxicities are non-observable (except in a lab) or low observable, which are so called, subchronic toxicities. Neuron death, dysregulation, oxidative stress and teratogeny (mutations) are in large parts non-observable. In addition to those, the popular drugs just so happen to have observable toxicities too.

Given that we live in a era of contingent extreme ignorance (no standard database to correlate human's diseases rates with the prescriptions and drugs they take in their lifetimes) It is a fact that some horryfing quality of life reductions are happening silently for many people because of subchronic toxicities. E.g. IIRC chronic coffee use leads to white matter shrinkage (but conversely considerably reduce the rate of neurodegenerative diseases)

But if so why are so many gays into the twink/femboy aesthethic?

Indeed men becoming gay/bi/trans will considerably increase given the male dysmorphia dynamic being set by women on the dating scene. However asexuality might increase by just as much, it is still an empirical open question IMO

Honestly the endogenous endocannabinoid system is the only neurotransmitter I haven't rigorously studied (along with sigmaergy) but IIRC THC has many neurotoxic effects and can lead to both reduced synaptic plasticity and anhedonia induced by e.g. depleted dopamine https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fpsyt.2021.623403/full https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5123717/ Of course like for 90% of drugs the major causative factor of toxicity must be related to oxidative stress and therefore this damage can be prevented, the interesting question being what are the other mechanisms and causes of thc toxicity? There are however mixed effects IIRC e.g. thc has neurotrophic effects too? annectodically, I don't have much IRL experience with thc but when I did I noticed a strong nocitropic/brain fog effect. But there might be a sweet spot with lower doses?

other things I remember: CB2 is fairly useless as a psychotrope

oleamide is a weird endocannabinoid which induced strong insomnia in me (paradoxal effect given research, I wonder what this denote about my brain)

there are other cannabinoid receptors than CB1 and CB2 but the research on them is very scarce

There are altenatives to thc, such as Delta 8 which has the merit to be less anxiogenic.

IIRC direct agonists lead to too fast tolerance and are considered dangerous versus the PAMs, however IIRC there are some new synthethic with claims of being viable so?

The toxicity of the alternative allosteric modulators (PAMs) such as delta 8 is understudied but IMO is likely not much stronger than thc unless they create currently unknown toxic metabolites. Their toxicity "should" be proportional to their dose potency relative to thc but alas the reddit evidence is that most lead to slighly-to highly faster tolerance buildup than thc and tolerance buildup is a not too shitty measure of toxicity, despite potency relative normalization.

The same hold true for many research stims btw, for very unclear and underresearched scientific reasons not are all the same bargain on the homeostatic response strength.

btw another thing strongly understudied is the effects and cross tolerance mechanisms of thc combination with dopaminergics and noradrenergics. btw if anyone know the mechanisms of thc induced tachychardia, I'm interested besides, is there an equivalent to MAOIs for CB1?

BTW anyone know a decent subreddit or forum to discuss pharmacology, that isn't related to nootropics?

Also when someone will wake the fuck up and synthethize mesocarb as a legal stim? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mesocarb

I need to ask the ukrainian

what's the point of this versus reddit truerateme and similar? (to be fair true rate me has a cringe craniometric notation scheme but there are other subreddits)

The modern internet feels very small and uninhabited.

I don't actually go there to have fun but that's definitely an excellent meta resource https://explore.marginalia.nu/view

e.g. I just found https://watcher.neocities.org/

I'm pretty sure research/epistemology as a service is a viable untapped market.

The reality though is that people are not looking for the next big thing, people might pretend they do but they don't, MTAs and thymus involution for example are very little talked about the same goes for KEAP inhibitors. Humans are simply too scientifically illiterate to discover them and meta-researchers like me are an almost extinct specie

IIRC some forms of magnesium are less laxative

Fasting like exercise are hormetic stressors https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hormesis

Your claim about universal paradoxal evidence about nutritional science is erroneous because exercise and fasting are special cases, few things are simultaneously toxic and beneficial.

Humans lose their scarce attention span on weak nutraceuticals while ignoring the real landmarks of the ageing process and its potent solutions such as MTAs AKA skq1

note if you have diabete I would look into ALCAR given that it significantly reduce reliance on sugar for energy production as it shift the ratio towards lipid beta peroxidation, https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/10877193/

This is what you want https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.daylio&hl=fr&gl=US&pli=1

I also advise you to use the xmind zen mindmap

Now about depression, the thing that has always scared me is that there are vicious cycles but the same is true for virtuous cycles.

I have a very extensive expertise in psychopharmacology and yet I can tell you the things that will have the most impact on your well being are:

good and sufficient sleep hygiene, increase your sleep duration, for that you can start listening to ASMR made for sleep.

fight loneliness at all cost, you need to see your friends frequently

listen to music that give you joy for example you might surprise yourself dancing in front of a mirror with https://youtube.com/watch?v=cD5TrBtiCsM and https://youtube.com/watch?v=BNig6xG36i4&t=15s

improve your hobbies e.g. start reading a great book

do regular physical exercise it is a decent complementary antidepressant although not as much as sleep and environnemental enrichment https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Environmental_enrichment

Something easy to achieve is to pay a gamepass pc subscription and play games with your friends such as e.g. Worms

Now pharmacologically speaking

daily vitamin D at 3000 IU is an effective antidepressant benign contrary to the classical ones

there are other benign not officially considered antidepressants with complementary action mechanisms such as ALCAR e.g. 1000 per day

more generally checking your health biomarkers including hormones can help, e.g. TRT or fight a deficiency, e.g. taking selenium 200mcg everyday (not more) can improve your health and lifespan and depression if the depression stems from some health related deficits.

About traditional antideps, they mostly have semi serious side effects, the only mostly benign ones with statistically reasonable effectiveness are the RIMA (not a MAOI) moclobemide and the melatonin agonist agomelatine. Always check CYP inhibition concerns with other coadministrated drugs or supplements. Do not trust doctors to do those checks for you, they do not know how to do their job and this is systemic.

Do not obsess about medication, it can help some but for most lifestyle and consistent mindset changes are both sufficent and effective.

Good luck dear human, it gets better :)

I feel frankly good in my life right now btw

The motte is not contrarian enough or only on few or surface topics. I continuously see ad-nauseam people here be blind to many mainstream mental attractors that trap their mind and either distort their thinking process or even make them incousiously abandon the thinking process altogether, like a brain deactivation.

Besides the level of effort, caring, cognitive flexibility and most importantly intellectual genuine curiosity is appaling, I once wished this website to be the only place on the internet where I could meet my peers but alas I am long past this delusion.

Hi how would you rate zelda TOTK out of 20? (with intellectual honesty with yourself pls)

There is a fundamental difference between empathy induced by direct stimulus + perceived closeness vs empathy induced by "aBsTrAcT" thoughts

Besides those two categories, the third component is that empathy can be also purely semantic, devoid of emotion.

See e.g. this partial example https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hierarchy_of_death

Gender studies have also found a consistent deficit of empathy from both men and women towards men


As for the pharmacology of empathy I am not well versed. Oxytocin has complex and paradoxical and hormesistic effects IIRC.

Some neurosteroids are relevant too and therefore maybe etifoxine.

As for the neural basis

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mirror_neuron are the most famous component but only? apply for the first category of empathy I defined. I don't know what are the others.

Also there is a whole class of recreational drugs called empathogens, such as GHB and MDMA and therefore serotonin and VGCC channels are relevant.

The thing is most people stereotypically seen as good empaths are from the first category, which is often useless. People are extremely defficient in the two latters categories and that explain why most humans are locally behaving as psychopaths.

though if you search directly on the website you won't find them, you need to go on google, and do a specific site search like

Thank you so much for this!! I have been looking at indiamart for years but it never occured to me there would be hidden results, how does that even make senses? Why are they hosting results if they're not meant to be shown? Doesn't make senses to me but its true.

I have extensive expertise in pharmacology,

you can target most pharmacological pathways via OTC drugs, gray-zone prescritption-free prescription drugs or phytochemicals or research chemicals. A special mention to the USSR pharmacosphere which has made amazing discoveries and as a reminder the discovery of the century (skq1)

Indeed the graal is to do your own synthesis or to know a private small scale chemist, there are dedicated communities online.

However, you'd be surprised how many drugs are available on the clear web OTC, and in many cases that is legal, or beyond legal (Vanuatu for example)

In addition to this, there are online sellers of research chemicals aka legal drug variants. And it is not just for junkies, people are buying research chemicals to medicate themselves better than the bureaucratic system (e.g. many countries do not prescribe amphetamines for ADHD, leaving humans in misery), or even to increase significantly their healthspan/lifespan, such as e.g buying NACET.

You must find the markets by yourself, the increase in censorhip on the web is record high and most things that are shared become shutdown therefore keep the secrets for yourself. As a reminder, theres people that quality of life really depends on the existence of those menaced infrastructures.

As for how to precisely dose, you use a milligram scale. The seller often provide third party lab results and even if purity is low that is extremely overatted.

The idea e.g. that crystal in breaking bad is much better at above 98% is an inept meme, there is no quality factor its just a quantity. The only possible and rarely that relevant quality aspect is the ratio of levo/dextro enantiomers, but most of the processes IIRC give you the racemic form by default.

Therefore if you only get 50% purity (generally is 98%) that simply means you need to double the dose.

The concern is wether it is cut with toxic/harmful products, adjuvants (fentanyl, etc) but that concern is overatted, one there are trusted sources and lab results, second you can easily try reagents. The only common cutting agent might be caffeine and its no big deal. Note however there are many scams online, but are avoidable with enough numeracy.

Also as a reminder, one should never take stimulants without coadministred long half life potent antioxidants such as astaxanthin and at least 600mg NAC othwerise you'll kill your dopaminergic neurons.

Also make yourself a favor and beyond worrying about drugs toxicities, worry about the toxicity of living. Any non-insane person must actively slow down its aging process.


there exists a niche way to get access to a medication, especially experimental ones or experimental off label uses, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Expanded_access and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Right-to-try_law

note: If anyone know how to get guanfacine in europe without prescriptions please tell me. And yes I know clonidine is available but its not the same. I mean I know guanfacine is on india-m_art but are those offers really prescription-free? Any two-cents @JhanicManifold ? Theres written rx only in the photos.

Well there is this one but how to know if its legit? m.indiam_ art .com/ proddetail/guanfacine-hydrochloride-2217963773.html

This is the brazilian state of the art https://youtube.com/watch?v=ZxGiEoczryg&t=2932s