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One of the things I've always kinda tangled with, without a good answer, is how much moderators should be part of the community. I think there's good arguments in both directions; they should because it sucks if it feels like moderators aren't really part of things, and they shouldn't because it's hard to treat "debate with a mod" the same way as "debate with a non-mod", there's always the fear the mod is going to take something personally and ban you.

(We have a sort-of informal rule that mods shouldn't moderate responses to their own comments unless they're really horrible, but there's plenty of places that have stronger rules that are completely ignored regularly, so I don't blame people for being worried about this.)

Not having a moderator badge is sort-of intentional in that I think I'd rather lean towards "moderators are just community members".

It's also sort of coincidental because they didn't have badges when we forked the software and it's easier to not add them than to add them.

I have honestly been thinking about doing that, but I haven't figured out how I want to do so. It's a fine line between "ineffective" and "annoying".

We're not asking you to not post about it. We're asking you to also post about other stuff.

Honestly, unless you're been hanging out in the dev channel lately, it probably isn't :V Though I'm curious what you're thinking of!

Honestly, if you don't notice it quickly, something's gone wrong. But so far I don't have much feedback :V

Anyone want to help me test a thing? Just reply here!

I will not be telling you what you're testing; part of the test is to see whether you notice it quickly or not. Please don't tell people until the test is done (but there's nothing secret about it, feel free to talk about it afterwards.)

(no it is not terribly exciting)

(note: testing still open, need multiple people :V)

(edit: everyone through netstack has been added, hoping to get a bit more feedback before I shut this part down for a while)

Alright, probably not adding anyone more after this, and I'll be turning it off when I wake up anyway. Thanks everyone! More news soon.

When people are willing to downvote and report just for disagreeing with or disliking someone, they're going to be every bit as happy to throw people under the bus when their turn to Quincy (I now know what to call it!) comes up.

Sure. And the system sees their votes, says "ah, these don't match moderator decisions", and throws 'em in the bin.

I think you've missed that entire section of the explanation.

It's happening right in this very thread.

You had a cool idea! But that is all it ever was, and I don't think it's working out well for the site.

Volunteer decisions are currently not exposed publicly in any way. You can't know how people are voting through it. And the volunteer system is barely even being used right now; it shows up as mod suggestions on reported posts, but that's it.

(Which is still useful! And the next step is rigging it up to make automated decisions.)

I think you're conflating vote results with the volunteer system; the two are completely unrelated.

Honestly, I love those. They've got a lot more personality than the twenty-third generic Classical Art Museum.

For what it's worth, I think the existence of vote buttons is important for people to feel like they're contributing; hell, if we had vote buttons and they did literally nothing they would still be a net benefit.

But yeah, I'm not super-happy with how they currently work.

You're kinda misunderstanding it.

First, note that "how long have you been posting" is also a factor - everyone has gone through the post filter.

Second, we're pretty lax on the filter. It's mostly just "is this person spamming".

Third, this place is far more upvote-happy than downvote-happy. If you do manage to somehow drop into the Downvoted Realm, quite frankly you're probably on the edge of getting banned anyway.

Fourth, your participation is always based on how the moderators feel. Sorry.

We do have an actual shadowban system; it gets used rarely, mostly in cases of repeated ban evasion or literal spambots. In this case your participation is not based on how the moderators feel because the moderators don't even see it.

Bug: when collapsing a comment chain, the page moves down

Is this when you're near the bottom of the page, or does it include when you're in the middle or near the top?

Accessibility issue/personal complaint: animated gifs for user badges are crazy fucking distracting.

I've honestly thought of just turning animation off but haven't had the time to do that. There's probably an easy way to do it.

Yeah, you're not wrong.

I think the entire Quality Contribution display thing is slated for some kind of a revamp, though I haven't started on that yet.

Dangit, I thought we fixed that one. Bug re-opened.

Should now be fixed!

Should now be fixed! Thank you for the report, it would've taken me quite a while to discover it on my own :)

I've wanted to have a Display Edit History option, with the ability for someone to hide a specific revision if they want, but it still shows up as a revision, just without the full text visible (except to the mods). This is probably a better solution than trying to gamify things :V

But it's a dev time issue, mostly.

If someone wants to code it up, go for it, but it is definitely niche enough that I'm not gonna direct our volunteer time to it right now.

Hrm, that's an interesting one.

I'm tempted to say "no, intentionally", because I want to know what you think about specific subjects; if people really are posting too much on one subject, in a way that's against the rules, I want people to be giving the appropriate feedback.

On the other hand I don't want people driven away from volunteering because of that . . .

. . . but if it's that much of an issue, maybe that needs dealing with on a level that isn't the volunteer system.

Oops, they sure are.

Bug filed!

Sorry for the slow response here >_<

I'd like the option of a WYSIWYG editor at some point, but right now it's a lot of work and we have a bunch of other stuff that needs to be dealt with first. Including fixing up our markdown, it's got a bunch of weird issues :/

There's a "context" button on the message toolbar, at the bottom (right next to the vote buttons and the Copy Link button). That's the best way to find what they were responding to.

I'm not really happy with how the response list works, but right now it is at least Reddit-standard and things don't get lost.

I've got a hyphenated last name. We liked both of our last names and didn't want to get rid of either, so we kept them both.

I agree it seems uncommon though.

This is definitely not a conventional first step into 3d graphics programming, then :)

But what you're basically looking at is to take all the objects in the world in an area and doing CSG operations on it. From there, you'd be looking at some form of leak detection or verification that it's a single closed mesh - you'll also want to cap off the sky and make geometry walls around the area you're testing, of course.

How you expose it to the user is a major part of tool development, but IMO the algorithm here is going to be the hard part, so to start with, just hack up something that works and don't worry about making it pretty. Later, ideally you'd want some kind of visualization that can point out the issue (the fact that this is in a game and intended for modding means that you could in theory plop down a 3d waypoint and just direct the user there, but for gamedev people would want an external tool built into the editor; I don't offhand know how that works with Skyrim, is there an editor? If possible, integrate with it!)

You are definitely going to have a bunch of weird issues, but the good news is you also have a huge existing test suite - specifically, "Skyrim" - so if you can automate running this over the entire world then that'll do a lot to hammer out the issues.

That's going to be painful as hell and not actually very helpful for learning, I'm sorry to say :V

Algorithmic calculations on 3d meshes are surprisingly gnarly, especially if you're trying to answer binary questions like "is there a hole here". You're kinda trying to build a massive constructive-solid-geometry system, and those have all kinds of nasty edge cases and special cases. In addition, you're going to find that there's a lot of meshes that line up perfectly, which sounds like it's easy to handle, but in reality just exposes all the flaws of floating-point accuracy problems.

If you want to do 3d graphics . . .

. . . well, first, what part of 3d graphics? The rendering side of things, the tool-creation side of things, or the actual art creation? If you want to do rendering, are you more interested in getting your hands dirty with the absolute low-level stuff, or would you rather do VFX and new-special-effect development?

Are you hoping for a game industry job, some other form of 3d rendering employment, or is this just for fun? If it's just for fun, what kind of things do you want to make?

I could write some giant branching conditional flowchart for all of this but it would take forever, so I'll wait for answers :V