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ethnic intermixing

Was it eigen or one of the other little tpots who was postulating that that might be a non-trivial component of increased divorces in America? Interracialethnic marriages with very different cultural norms/lifestyle expectations being less stable than the intraethnic marriages that were the norm prior to the great wars.

classical Islamic cultures had an approach very close to Greco-Roman mores where men were expected to be attracted to both girls and pubescent boys. Numerous caliphs, emirs and sultans (including Mehmed the Conqueror) were known to have male lovers, and these are kinds of societies that produced many instances of effeminate, sexually available male dancers from the Ottoman kΓΆΓ§ek to the Egyptian khawal. Literary works in the Muslim world were quite shameless in the amount of homoeroticism compared to anything in the West.

Why the past tense? It was a live issue for the US in Afghanistan.

There is a Catholic photo that shows up with some regularity but it's a Priest blessing rifles for hunting. There is the old De Benedictione Armorum from a Roman Pontifical of Benedict XIV and Leo XIII which some folks have grown attached to but it is as much about blessing the person who will wear them and use them for defense of themselves, others and the Church as the weapon itself.

Yeah, messed that up using the comma separator as a bad indexing point.

I'm actually interested to see how the mirror question of this will affect Russian population. Between white collar flight at the outbreak (see our own «» enthusiast), depending on whose numbers you use casualty rates approaching that 10% of population mark (US estimate 120k, UN population at 144mn) with a similar though not quite as bad population pyramid as the rest of the developed world, how Russia as country of Russians will come out of this win or lose will be interesting and likely different from before.

Back before you could use lunch accounts like that, I used to loan shark other kids at the lunch table offering dollars for vending machines at flat 25Β’ per day interest rates (within a class/social circle that virtually guaranteed repayment out of allowances). The market was always there to be exploited.

But I've seen all kinds of advertisements for buy-now-pay-later and other kinds of financing on furniture, clothing, even food.

Patrick McKenzie (tpot adjacent finance tech guy @patio11) had a pretty good Bits About Money on BNPL almost a year ago. They're not quite as insidious as you would think.

For WEIRD points, I pay for basically everything via credit (gaining reward points and risk protection less available by other means) but zero out the balance every month. As pointed out by the survey I'd be one of those who would "struggle" since I'd pay it by card despite having more than a reasonable amount of liquid wealth. I should probably park more of it in less liquid investments.

A recent one on that list that comes to mind shows congress holding someone in contempt only matters if the state itself is willing to act.

To which Korea is that most applicable you think?

Funny that the other Korea is doing the same thing for the other side of the equation.

Anything to cajole good discussion I suppose.

Like exclaiming "Let's Go!" when winning even though you're not going anywhere.

I was wondering if sun_the_second was referencing the old Mao story about Italians. I've seen it in a couple forms and I think the main source is Khruschev's memoirs.

Mao: In the worst case, half the people would die, but the other half would survive, and imperialism would be wiped off the face of the earth, and the whole world would become socialist.

Italian Communist: How many Italians will survive?

Mao: None at all. But why do you think Italians are so important to humanity?

So what's WaPo's excuse?

+1 to surprised by the anti-woke, anti-trans, MAGA turn about. Stopped paying attention during the feminism arc and just had it categorized in the same place it was back then. Weird.

You're forgetting the bigger problem with that one, government workers have to do work to run the election. Expecting them to work weekends is a bridge and a half too far, have to be reasonable about such things.

There's an awful lot of "holidays" that bankers or government employees take off that the rest of the American public does not. Checking my own calendar (as a federal contractor leech no less) our expected holidays are New Years, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and then a week of days off crammed into the last week of the year to cover Christmas and typical end of year home-for-the-holidays time off. Expected and typicial but we can shift the time off/paid Holiday time to suit personal priorities if for example you find Labor Day morally abhorrent and wanted to celebrate Ayn Rands birthday instead. Aside from government workers (if you have children, arranging for them to be cared for comes up) I don't think I've ever seen something like MLK Day or Washingtons birthday (still the official federal name, everyone else calls it Presidents Day) as anything but advertising banners for some sort of sale, people still going to work like a normal day otherwise.

That's just the typical glass price/quality tier list though. China->Philippines->Japan->Alpine space magic

Fair. Sounds like an "if" between the "threatening to execute" and "they seek to retreat" by the way. I'd say executing for refusing to follow orders and then separately threatening unit level execution if retreating under fire are not "Russia executing own retreating soldiers" present tense happening. It's not like it'd be completely out of character for the peoples involved given Wagner and sledgehammers but still stretching. Avdiivka is a shitshow by all verifiable accounts, the exaggeration and inferences from 'information' are if anything negative value.

That placard is this sign. I know the film is grainy but it's a dimensional match, color match and the text layout is a match. It's the sign.

Edit: it's also placed on top of the bar in the same way.

You don't even need blue-on-blue for the actual quote as presented. The first part isn't even part but to be charitable there may be a paraphrase: "[some of the casualties suffered by Russia near Avdiivka were] on the orders of their own leaders." That can just as easily be ordering troops into a situation where you know they are going to take casualties.

You don’t hate journalists enough. You think you do but you don’t.

Bowman doesn’t try to open the door.

From the video that seems to be the first thing he does. Now given that the sign he takes down (one of them simply taken down, one in his hand as he walks away) says "Push Until Alarm Sounds (3 Seconds), Door Will Unlock In 30 Seconds" and that he did not try the door again after manually pulling the alarm there might be some conclusions to be drawn.

add a silencer

Digital form 4s are currently sitting at 201 days estimated processing time for individuals, 236 days for trusts. Between the wait times, the fingerprinting, name and address on a federal registration and just the extra 200 dollars, getting into NFA items is something most people still pass on. eForms (that notionally promised faster processing times but 12% faster on a 270 day isn't much to brag about) silencershop kiosks/form filling software/trust services are changing that a bit but culturally still rare. There also used to be a lot of misinformation and mystery about the process.

That said once you get one stamp, most of the mental and bureaucratic hurdles are cleared and stamp collecting becomes much more likely. After waiting the better part of a year for a can, one to two months to "manufacture" an SBR you can more easily maneuver through a hallway without potential legal implications seems comparatively easy. (And practically speaking actual stocks are more comfortable and ergonomic than braces.)

Weapons are not exactly in low supply in Africa.

You mean to say a high schooler wouldn't be able to do it with ease?