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162 IQ social equity activist (she/them)

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STEM major | 21 | nonbinary femme (she/them) | panromantic asexual | independent filmmaker from brooklyn | unapologetically neurodivergent


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162 IQ social equity activist (she/them)

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STEM major | 21 | nonbinary femme (she/them) | panromantic asexual | independent filmmaker from brooklyn | unapologetically neurodivergent


User ID: 264

Good evening! I checked the rules of the Culture War Roundup before posting this and I think you are in violation of this one:

Making sweeping generalizations to vilify a group you dislike.

It also seems very “Boo Outgroup!”y, while we’re on the subject. And while it’s generally agreed that Holocaust revisionists are a safe and acceptable outgroup to boo and sneer at, I don’t believe that makes it any better; rather, it’s just boring at best, and outright insidious at worst. Holocaust revisionists today, Nazis are bad, yes, but what about the theoretical outgroup that supplants them as a safe and acceptable outgroup? Or their followup? The one after?

To wit, this comment thread itself just smacks of intellectual laziness and, if you will pardon a bit of parlance from our digital homeland, circlejerking. Do Holocaust revisionists even need lampooning, however flowery the wording of that lampooning? Is there really anyone noteworthy in the Holocaust revision camp?

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So it’s exactly like Reddit’s system where if you haven’t been sufficiently upvoted by the entrenched users, you’re invisible without moderator approval, just with a sneaky name and without the automod message letting you know that no one can see your stuff 🤔

Make them let me post! I have things to say!

How does that work? My account is older than yours!

I have a rly good effortpost chambered but I appear to be shadowbanned, so 🤷‍♀️

I am the smartest

I actually used this handle precisely because it’s so common. I think the first iteration I ever saw was in +blackmetal+ on SLSK in the early 00s. The ruqqus instance of it was me, though.

Very fun find!

The meme is actually canonically very silly. Graphorns aren’t a new discovery; they’ve actually been hunted almost to extinction. So they’re long since known and any and all slurs for them would have already existed prior to you coming upon the Lord of the Shore (pictured, left).

It’s called absurdism sweaty, sorry it’s too deep for you.

debilitating mental illness

I’m not entirely clear on what that means, but I think if your life is in any way impacted by faceless internet strangers judging you for putting a like on something via your own faceless internet account then you’re either successful beyond imagining in that you’ve absolutely nothing resembling a real problem left in life, or you’re some terrifying new flavor of depressing.

Just don’t write like a cute twink!

I’m at a loss as to how one manages to end up on a culture war longpost website that is in itself an offshoot of a subforum on another site entirely and somehow be unaware of the whole hogleg debacle.

That’s interesting if true. What is RAND? And do you have a link to the paper?

NEVERMIND, found it.


If I went to rdrama and posted some long essay hoping for serious engagement, I would be mocked.

Now this is just patently false.

https://rdrama.net/post/25844/amazons-wheel-of-time-adaptation-is For example

Why was I given a one day ban and 20 downvotes for posting a meme in the weekly fun thread? 🤔

Black Lives Matter. Trans women are women. Vaccines work. Science is real. Die mad about it.

I’m not sure I follow 😩

This right here lol


I’d suggest reimplementing the dramacoin system, albeit with a different name. “Farts Huffed” is cheeky and self-aware, but maybe not. Either way. karma-like systems allow people to build attachment to their accounts and personae on-site. If you re-add our dramacoin shop but with your own items (since ours are predominantly deliberately obnoxious visual effects or tools you can use to fuck with other users, or give yourself administrative powers), all the better. It would also give you something to incentivize codework with, white hat reporting, posts that drive engagement, etc.

The badge system is extremely useful for this as well. I don’t think that’s been removed from the repo, although you’ll obviously not want to use virtually any of our 130some badges. But badges are great for incentive and building attachment.

And attachment is very important to build. It’s critically important that any platform, however small, offers a superior and markedly different experience to a subreddit or imageboard - because if it doesn’t, why would users not just use one of those? The siren song of free speech grows stale very quickly when that free speech is the primary selling point of the platform and the main reason to stay, as alt-tech startups and big companies have seen repeatedly for several years now but have yet to actually learn from.

tl;dr - meaningful lite-gamification good and features not offered by larger alternatives are very necessary

You can scale up font size by putting a space after a hashtag.

one hashtag





You can minimize comment threads by clicking the minus sign left of the username.

When rDrama was new (and then not so new), we still had constant outages and hilarious glitches all the time. Like Aevann got 0 sleep for the first six months or so. Every time he’d add a feature, a million other things would break. Then as soon as he’d fix one of them, two million more would break. There was one night where we couldn’t comment or view any threads because something innocuous broke when patching something else and we all just communicated via thread titles and publicly visible reports for hours.

Now everything runs incredibly smoothly and Aevann has learned a ton just through endless trial by fire (and sleep deprivation) for those months. We add huge new things all the time and are constantly optimizing early jank with new knowledge and nothing ever really breaks for more than a couple minutes at worst anymore.

I realize this is a No Fun Allowed by design place, but it’s important - for your own sanity as the dev, and for the userbase’s tolerance of early growing pains and learning moments - to take it all in stride and have fun with it. We fostered a culture immediately of “shit’s going to break, we’re learning, deal with it” and people have always taken it in stride and memed about it endlessly because we built that culture up. No one gets mad. No one has to make tedious mea culpas because we broke something. We reward people for breaking things and encourage it because then we can fix an issue we weren’t aware of. This is a good system and lets people have fun and not freak out when things break.

I’d strongly recommend not setting an expectation for lengthy technical explanations of what happened and why when something goes wrong. A sentence or two at most. “Sorry to I was drunk and fell asleep at 4am trying to fix something else and I was too tired to fix it, that’s why you could only communicate via dick pics for 6 hours” is perfectly serviceable.

That’s one of the many nice parts about not being a massive global megacorp like Reddit. You’re just a few dudes doing something for fun. You don’t owe stakeholders receipts for something that broke. There are no stakeholders. The userbase will understand. But if you go about explaining everything that went wrong every time something goes wrong, you’ll breed mounting discontent and you’ll never have time for anything else.

Lighten up nerds.

Hi, please use the dedicated rDrama containment thread unless you’d like to post screeds about IQ statistics.

What’s up faggots

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It’s one of the thousands of fun rDrama features! I think they just forgot to remove it with the rest of them, though. Stay strong Mottizens.