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What does the option to get someone help do?

As the title says. I noticed it while poking at Zorba's profile, and clicked the button thinking it would tell me what it does. All I got was "help message sent". So uh, sorry @ZorbaTHut. But seriously, what does that button do?

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No email address required.

I'm not sure, but to help I clicked it a million times on your profile

Thank you, I have received the help. I was visited by about a million Mr. Meseeks, who are helping me to take a few strokes off my golf game.

It’s one of the thousands of fun rDrama features! I think they just forgot to remove it with the rest of them, though. Stay strong Mottizens.

it's a copy of the reddit feature to send someone a wholesome validation mental health support / suicide hotline phone number, to use as a joke. from the rdrama codebase. doesn't matter

rare insults

It spams them annoyingly :V I gotta remove it, just haven't done so yet.

Are we going to be zero nonsense?

Not zero, but definitely less than rdrama, and carefully chosen nonsense.

I am very excited about Mottizan nonsense. Don't overthink it.

Jokes are one thing. Jokes that are not obviously jokes are another.

I kinda like the idea as a reporting feature, along the lines of "I don't think this comment requires mod action, but it may benefit from mod support/feedback/supervision/private conversation."

But what are we supposed to do if we think someone needs help? :P

That reminds me, I wanted to ask what the mod philosophy is regarding low-y effort posts that express positivity towards user contributions. Something that really motivates me to contribute effortposts isn’t just upvotes which feel really ephemeral, but people commenting to say that I expanded their point of view, added to their knowledge, or just wrote something that was fun to read. I also like to respond like that, but I’m very wary of running afoul of the low effort rule. Could you talk a bit about that?

I think in general I'm okay with those - I don't think I've ever warned for one - but at the same time, there's a limit on how much of that should happen, and if it gets spammy we might start grumbling about it.

I really want to add some kind of Reaction system, kind of loosely modeled off Discord's, with some Motte-appropriate set of reactions. I think that might fill some of the gap between "upvote" and "low-effort thankyou reply".

High-effort thankyou replies are, of course, always allowed :D

tl;dr: Go for it if you want, we'll let you know if it's getting to be too much.