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I moved to a developing country to escape the hostile, isolating culture of the US. Ask me how!


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I moved to a developing country to escape the hostile, isolating culture of the US. Ask me how!


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Well, the foolproof solution is just "move to another country". The countries I hear men talk about are Colombia, the Philippines and Thailand. Before the war, men talked about Ukraine and Russia, and I'm sure there are other places in Eastern Europe. Probably any country in Latin America, East Asia or Eastern Europe with low violence would be good. Consider timezones, look up visa rules and cost of living, and consider your preferences: Do you like Catholics? (Philippines) Do you like white girls? (E. Europe) As an American, you can pretty much go to any country and they'll let you in, and you'll probably save money over rent in America.

Okay, I have a more serious question.

How can I help men like me, lonely men in western countries?

I'm really moved and disturbed by stories like this poster... NGL, I got drunk because of that post. it's really frustrating to me that I know a foolproof solution to this problem but because of all the culture issues in the rich/English-speaking countries, I can't just communicate that solution to everyone who needs to hear it. I don't know what to do.

This is kinda an esoteric question, but what do I need to do to be a real human being?

When I say "real human being", you can substitute "good person" or "good Christian" or "first class citizen" or "allowed to exist". I ask this because I'm drunk, with a phone full of girls, and I could get anything I wanted, and yet somehow I feel like people back in America would still treat me the same. So, if a woman needs to use her body to validate my right to exist, what does she need to do? Maybe she needs to say "I love you", or we need to not use a condom, or I need to get her pregnant, or marry her, or something. IDK, anal maybe? Does she have to be white? What would be good enough? Because, when I had sex in the USA, it still wasn't good enough for you people to treat me like a real human being. I was still a problem. My sexuality was still a shock. I thought if I had sex with enough women, if I was validated enough as an actual physical human being, you all would stop being nasty to me. But somehow, even after over 100 sex partners, I still expect to be treated like shit in America. So what gives? What would be good enough? Will I ever be able to return home? Are you all ever going to stop being monsters, not just to me, but to men like me?

Shit, knowing what I know now, if I got teleported back to America with $0, I would skip meals and scrimp on every luxury until I saved up enough for a plane ticket to southern Mexico. I'd honestly risk death to escape America if that's what it came to.

Sex is illegal in American culture. There's probably someone in Skookum's life that will shame him for trying, whoever he tries to talk to, however he tries to talk to her. You can go anywhere in America and still find the same pattern. Maybe these rules only apply to a certain class of men, but they apply across all English-speaking subcultures.

Fortunately, there are other places for us to live.

How much is losing your virginity worth to you? A plane ticket?

I lost 40lbs when I moved to a poor country. Eating their food and I didn't get a car/bike, I assume. And the girls here are just endless. I have two girls i can't get rid of and I get approached by a new girl almost every day. This is after years of having little prospects in America. Seriously, go south.

I'm glad :)

This is just the macro version of something all Americans have to deal with on a daily basis.

I think it says a lot about society that random people are victims of this kind of thing on a regular basis. She lost her job and had to delete her socials. Her husband had to delete his socials too. There is still an active mob of people who are seemingly trying to kill her over a bicycle rental. She won't get her job back. The hospital is not going to face any consequences. Nor are the young men, or the hate mob on Twitter. I think that says a lot about American society.

I wasn't terribly impressed by her behavior in the brief section of the video I watched.

I don't understand this attitude at all. Can't you just let a woman in an awful situation respond in the totally reasonable way which is to cry and try to get help? How do you want women to behave in these situations?

To be honest, I've felt like that poor nurse most of my life, and not just around black men. (And obviously without the viral social media component, thank god.) What I'm trying to say is, life in America is constant charade of being accosted by one group or another, people I call moralists, people who try to use the latest morality to scam you or manipulate you.

So where am I allowed to make a joke?

I'd rather have bad roads and bad wifi than bad people.

Real freedom is being able to express your real feelings. Like crying for help when you're being accosted. Would any sane society set up a system where six-month pregnant nurses have to make snap decisions in the face of simultaneous physical and social threats, and then punish them for crying? This is just more evidence that America is not a free country (anymore?) and is also no longer a serious country. (This is a deeply satisfying revelation for me personally, because it demonstrates that all the people in my life who though I was a "threat to women" due to my slight awkwardness... well this is evidence that those people are literally insane.)

Yeah, I was forced to work in a different industry hub, the one with all the electrons. It was, as you say, a filthy shithole. Then I tried other parts of the USA, and they were better, but not actually livable I'd say. It's hard to live under this constant umbrella of what I call moralism. Since leaving the US bubble I feel free for the first time in my life, free from people policing my life, my sexuality or my opinions on some racial nonsense. I can actually have a life, go to the amusement park with my girlfriend, that kind of thing. And yeah, this country is a "filthy shithole" in a more literal sense (dirt poor), but I guess I just tolerate a somewhat lower standard of living. It's not the stone ages or anything, just the streets are fucked up, the shower sucks, the wifi sucks. But I'm not being treated like shit by everyone, like this poor nurse! That more than makes up for it!

Do you think that this didn't actually happen? It's all over twitter right now. And what is the psyop exactly? What are TPTB trying to convince us is true, that is not true?

I'm posting another comment because this is my favorite story in a long time. It just exposes so many things that are insane with American culture:

  • Why is she getting fired for this? Is there any evidence she did anything wrong, inappropriate, immoral or illegal?

  • Why isn't the behavior of the black man considered sexual harassment? He's deep in her personal space.

  • Why is a sixth month pregnant woman traveling on NYC streets on a rented bicycle? It's 2023 and we can't get reasonable transportation for pregnant women? We're on the verge of having home robots (and a massive unemployment crisis) and we can't even keep a pregnant woman at home where she is most safe?

  • Why on earth are people, in this thread, complaining about white women's tears? I'm a 100% hetero man and I'd break down crying if this happened to me. She was accosted by multiple huge men who were scamming her and humiliating her on the internet. Seriously, if you aren't on her side, I think you lack empathy or something.

Imagine showing this to someone in 1900. We have instant global film-making and we use it to ruin the lives of pregnant nurses, briefly following a massive global pandemic where nurses were on the front lines. And the powers that be decided to side with the teenagers and ruin this nurse's life! (And that's without the racial angle, obviously.) I'm going to be laughing about this story all day. It's just so absurd. I can't imagine anything more ridiculous, but the simulation is manifold I guess.

I've heard so many Americans, including my dad, repeatedly claim that America is the best place to live. And here we have a nurse, a woman who job is no less than saving lives, who is also doing her part to address the birthrate crisis, and on top of that is doing the environmentally conscious thing by riding a bike. And this is how she is treated.

I used to think that I got treated badly in the US because I was a nerdy, low-status white male. But maybe America is just an absolutely horrible place to live? So please tell me, freedom-loving patriot who waves the flag. Why should anyone live in America?

I thank god every day for leading me out of that hellhole country.

If you pull the lever, the trolley rolls over a nurse named Karen who is accused of stealing five bicycles. If you do nothing, five pregnant black men die. Go.

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How are you feeling about "The AI Takeover"? Have you gotten more optimistic, more pessimistic?

I have to be honest that I'm positively gleeful. AI appears to be trending in a more anarchic direction as opposed to the more totalitarian direction that everyone assumed. We now have open source LLMs running on home computers approaching parity with the big corporate datacenter AIs. LLMs appear to be a totally uncontainable technology, with everyone training small LLMs by stealing data from big LLMs. I feel like Christmas has come early.

And I have to laugh that the people who hurt me and held me back in life are the same people, left right and center, who are now so terrified that AI will disrupt society. I say let AI disrupt society! If the average US man knew what I know after living in a foreign country, it would totally destroy American society. If you're one of these people that demands that society is morally structured in a specific way (what I might call a moralist), well, how are you going to force people to play your social games in the future? I can just tell my assistant to dream up a world where I don't have to play said games. Uncontainable AIs make uncontainable humans.

A couple months ago I posted a prediction that humans would mostly be socially isolated in the age of AI, due to the forces of moralists making ordinary human interaction impossible. But now I think that the moralists will become totally powerless. (Moralists would be the top of the political compass, sometimes called authoritarians, and the opposite of anarchists.) If nobody has to work, then that takes away the biggest level of power in most people's lives. And TPTB would have no choice but to either share economic power or kill us. (I think the later outcome, and the related idea of Big Yud DOOM, are unlikely for other reasons I can get into if you're curious.) If TPTB don't control all the robots, that's an even less governable situation!

Anyway it's been a crazy couple of months! How has the recent developments in AI changed how you feel about the future? More or less concerned about Big Yud DOOM? Or do you think it's all overhyped?

Sure sucks that what I'm skilled at decides whether I get to be a human being or not.

Exactly, thank you.

Haha, this is exactly I don't give a shit about these people's sympathy.