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According to Reuters, Turkey got permission to buy F-16s in exchange for allowing Sweden to join NATO: “Ankara's delays had frustrated some of its Western allies and enabled it to extract some concessions. But Flake, who was envoy throughout the process, said Sweden addressed Turkey's "very legitimate security needs" in that time.”


I totally understand why things shook out this way--but I also think this will be interpreted, in Russian foreign policy circles, as evidence that some of the stuff Putin has been saying about NATO being a threat, is true. After all, this is letting a border country join NATO in exchange for selling fighter jets to yet another border country...there's a reason Russians think NATO is threatening their borders.


There was a scandal a while back that makes me uncomfortable about putting the United States of America on the list of countries that can make advanced hydrogen bombs.

I'd imagine the destructive power of any bombs our adversaries could field top out at Hiroshima, and mostly are “dirty bombs.”

For what that's worth, which ain't much.

This latest episode of Iran just kind of attacking all its neighbors is pretty uncharacteristic at least.

I dunno—isn't Iran attacking it's neighbors something Leonidas would be familiar with?

I recently got hooked on a fun discord server. I'd never really used the app before but I'm enjoying it a great deal.

What other Discords do Mottezians enjoy ?

Every time I tell someone I am part of the Veterans Affairs health care system in the United States, I use the joke "I protected you from socialized health care, so now I get...socialized health care."

It has never failed to get a laugh.

Sorry to be confusing--but I've genuinely never removed a seat from a vehicle that had seats that could fold down to make room for cargo. I wonder if it's because I was raised in the blue tribe?

Cutting books in half...removing the back seat of a car...both are things that save weight--and that haven't been done in America since the creators of That 70s Show were teenagers.

Oh, my goodness, you have got to read Cadillac Desert, a book about water that is one of my all-time classics. I wish I were more motivated to do good, solid, effort posts, because a review of that book could really work...

Well, they're perfectionists in Lebanon. The leader of the HRC doesn't walk around with an internal monolog that asks "boy, I've never fought a battle with the NRA, let's check that off the list." Maybe he should. I hear the ACLU used to think that way, and possibly still does.

I lived in Japan from '07 to '11 and haven't been back since, so this may be out of date, but the idea that fruit and veggies are very expensive matches my memories, but is a little incomplete. Sushi and ramen are incredibly cheap in Japan, and I would extrapolate that most of the food-service labor force is somehow attached to those two parts of the industry--sushi because Japan just plain has the best fish, ramen because that's usually served with beer or on a chuhai run.

Oh, that makes sense. I thought "SFH" was some iGen dunk on...well, I don't know, I thought I was going to have to ask Christine Baranski about it. She's pretty up on the kids today.

What are SFH suburbs?

I believe "just deciding on what was needed for each story to work" is a central pillar of most western versions of Buddhism.

Sweden has been protecting the Kurds from the Turks?

I thought they were one of the nations that wouldn't extradite followers of that guy leading a weird religious movement slash opposition group ... What's his name? Gul?

Oh, yes. Gul Dukat. That's it. Anyway, I thought that was part of Edrogan's beef with the Swedes. My mistake.

Something that is in even the slightest way different from all the other eras would probably be better.

It kinda raises the question: what’s the point of all this? Why go through the motions [...] ?

Because Claudia Juana Rodríguez de Guevara heard from Dmitry Medvedev that fake president comes with a great health plan? I bet fake presidents get platinum plans with zero deductible on like five dollar a month premiums.

Being a sailor myself, it pains me to admit that the most plausible explanation is that the skipper of the Newnew Polar Bear did, surely, understand something was wrong--but hoped it was no big deal, and no one would notice. In fact, finding an anchor that was dragged for nearly 200 klicks on the floor, just "a few meters" from the damaged cables and gas lines makes it just to easy for me to know exactly what a Newnew Polar Bear sailor felt like after two or three hours on the deck crew trying to get the anchor hauled up when the XO shouts over the 1MC, "Fuck the anchor, we're about to hit an seabed pipeline--cut the chain NOW!"

They almost made it.

So much for the Skipper's dream of commanding the more prestigious ship, Oldold Polar Bear.

Justin Bieber and Busta Rhymes? That isn't a lot if things

I'd like to second this from @roystgnr :

Comic strip collections ... let young readers who aren't 100% solid manage to grasp more context from the drawings.

I got started with reading on "Calvin & Hobbs," one of the all time greats. I'm not sure if Spaceman Spiff is still relevant, but I know the stuff about ethical philosophy and girls being gross is timeless.

Who hasn't? It's a very compelling yearn.

I expected that second link to take me to a movie about the Gulf War starring George Cloney and Ice Cube, but instead it was one of Markey Mark's old songs.

Still, not bad for a boy band.

I am in deep, passionate, unrelenting agreement with your indifference.

Yeah, but it's the only part of the subcontinent I've personally visited, and I'm not comfortable with just sending medical supplies to some place I haven't seen.

If you insist on India, I did visit the museum of the Cellular Jail on the Andaman Islands—I could try and find out if there's a hospital there, even though all I saw was the museum, a lumber mill, and a cricket pitch.

DM me copy of the proof toddler-Joe had diapers and everything, and I'll put your name on the shipment I send to Lions General Hospital in Chittogram, Bangladesh--otherwise, I'll put down that it's from @cjet79.

I'd just like to take a moment here to plug the most important part of my view on Trump, which comes from Andrew Sullivan's interview of the author Michael Wolff. I won't drop too many spoilers, but Wolff, for all his factual errors, seems very correct to me when he talks about the language most journalists use being inadequate to describe Donald J. Trump.

Here is the interview: https://open.substack.com/pub/andrewsullivan/p/michael-wolff-on-the-trump-threat

also Apple Podcasts: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/michael-wolff-on-the-trump-threat/id1536984072?i=1000534947059

and PodBay: https://podbay.fm/p/the-dishcast/e/1631290292

and how do I format links using markdown? Also, I'm just starting the book it's based on and I'll write it up a little as a top-level post when I'm done.