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We've been hearing "You guys are ruining this place with your nannying speech patterns" since before we left reddit.

Not from me you haven't -- the frequency of it has markedly increased lately, whether due to the additional manpower on the mod squad or a shift in tolerance IDK, but the place is changing under our feet and not for the better.

Anyways look at the results and ask yourself the question about your rules bringing you to this -- what good did this ban do the forum?

I think that @JTarrou's comment made a valid well articulated point relevant to the discussion -- my point to you is that if you continue nannying people's speech patterns you will soon enough be moderating a forum mainly consisting of polite and long-winded Nazis, because (for whatever reason) they seem to be the only ones currently willing to put in the effort to self-police their speech to the extent that they aren't catching regular bans.

If this is what you and @naraburns feel 'the foundation' of the place is (and Zorba presumably agrees) then so be it -- but it seems to me that things have drifted very far from what it was, and I think it has accelerated lately in large part due to an increase in the specific form of moderation that you are engaging in at the moment.

"Feelings don't care about your facts" is probably more accurate in politics (which this is) than the obverse.

But legally, if you were struck first by a woman then she assaulted you.

Legally, sure (well, maybe -- I think that guy who stabbed the kids attacking him in the river went down for murder) -- but everyone will think you are an asshole and be on the lookout for anything else they can pin on you. Which is kind of what's going on with the (less-extreme) anti-Israel sentiment ATM.

But none of these apply to nations anyway.

Again, legally correct -- international law (as Dean points out over and over again) is not really a thing.

But countries that behave in such a way as to turn international sentiment in the direction of "they are kind of assholes all the time, hey" will (may) eventually suffer consequences from that.

Absolutely! Ban everyone (other than the Nazi-hobbyists with the time on their hands to couch their points in interminable gish-gallops) and you will not have anymore inflammatory comments to deal with! (tappinghead.gif)

Keep up the good work guys.

If a weaker person punches you as hard as they can and you deck them as hard as you can in return and break their jaw, then you didn't escalate, you just retaliated proportionally.

If you are a bodybuilder, and a woman/child punches you as hard as they can, breaking her jaw would be declasse, to say the least.

"People don't drink that much anymore" seems like a far more plausible explaination -- tables eating free shrimp all night is no problem if they are also getting hammered on $12 Crantinis or whatnot. I could believe that R.L. was slow to update their business model to take this into account I suppose.

In the past, where would you typically ask out a girl in person?

For many many years the main true answer was "the bar" -- zoomers are too scared to go in those either, and now they are dying.

Work gave me one, and I'm kind of cavalier with it -- you have the 'bending over and spilling your shirt pocket' move down pat. Kind of a nice Mike Patton look going on in that segment!

Yes that's me, fuck it. It was 11 yrs ago.

That's hilarious -- now I kind of want one of those cases, so you are worth the money I guess!


Ironic given his habit of dropping media falsities in the middle of long arguments, seeming to acknowledge corrections only to advance the same claims again a few months later in the middle of even longer arguments...

Well done, the stuff's become awfully expensive these days. 50rd boxes of 60s era surplus were less than twenty bucks at one point, so I'm well stocked also.

I'm much too young to have had access to the $5 Lee-Enfields in a barrel at the hardware store, but I do appreciate mine as well.

I dunno man, "which gun is best for bear defense" has been a recurring shitshow thread-meme on basically every gun forum I've encountered since about the 90s -- it's not a new thing. (other than maybe some youtubers have caught on I guess?)

Bears are just a handy stand-in for 'stuff that can kill you in the woods' -- even if in reality it's not much of a threat, it's fun to think/fantasize/argue online about.

The 4chan approach would be to name your product "NiggerSoft" or something along those lines I suppose?

Canadian please -- Americans rarely hoard WWI era .303 shells, whereas every farmhouse up here has a mouldy old box of cordite (or several) lying around the garage. (I'm a bit surprised at netstack TBH!)

It seems old enough that O.G. copies should be available... somewhere?

I'd send it to you myself but I'd need to fire up some old K8 box to find it on the hard drive...

Precursors AIUI are regulated such that most viable pathways are difficult these days -- so you pretty much need to buy those from bikers (or whoever runs things in your area) and they will take an interest in the results. If you know some bikers this could still be an OK career path!

Looking at the AAQCs from August 2022, something like half of those people are still posting here regularly.

"Losing ~50% of the best posters" over the course of two years does seem like kind of a big deal? (and I do think we lost a lot of good people in the years prior to that, albeit for different reasons)

It was a really fun game!

Potential emergency home remedy for angina I guess? Keep your powder dry and your bullet-puller at the ready!

Biden and Pence were not President -- every other President has been allowed to go through his papers at his leisure and select what to return and when. Obama probably still has stuff. It seems like a fairly civilized policy.

Nothing I’ve seen suggests that Trump was innocent, or that a random citizen could get away with doing the same thing.

Probably not a random person, but every other President in history -- which does seem a bit unfair?

Are they the sort to stand around at the entrance to federal workplaces checking ID badges, though?

This does not align with my experience at all -- all of the old dudes I've ever know are proud of their 'zero sick days since 2005 (or whatever)' and as I stack up the years I find that frequency and severity of respiratory illness gets less and less. (including my covid experience FWIW)

I always chalked this up to increased immune system experience with various circulating viruses; ie. previous exposure to similar things to whatever's going around.

Recent example: My kid returned from a trip and was totally knocked on his ass for a week upon his return -- not covid, but hit him worse than when he had that. Around when he recovered, my wife got it almost as bad for about another week. Me? Nada. I just assumed it was something I'd already picked up in my travels -- which just accumulates with age.