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It increasingly feels like the best shot to prevent as much of that as possible is to obtain a casus belli to bomb Hamas into the stone age.

Why not hope that they'll go pro stream hostage torture? You can then broadcast the Hamas atrocities to the entire world from all channels you have.

This is it, yes. I don't feel like a sucker for paying for a service I use. I feel like a sucker for paying for a service that is continuously enshittified and can afford to do it because they have a virtual monopoly.

Why not propose to build our own internet while you're at it?

In my experience Western propaganda is mostly active ("we are right and it is obvious") and Russian propaganda is mostly reactive ("they are hypocrites when they say they are right"). The latter is naturally less persuasive since it does not put you on a higher moral ground, you're just dragging others down to your level.

This can read as "when you have power, immediately destroy everything your opponents value or they'll start arguing for some arbitrary statute of limitations".

Make sure to remember that when a custodian AI provides you with your cattle cage and reassures you that your gene pool will live on for millennia, in identical cages.

I've seen the idea that affirmative action does keep minorities down by giving them positions but not the skills to grow. Some of those people, I assume, were even serious about it.

"Act white/the correct type of black and you can too get into Harvard" and all that.

Not only am I used to thinking of quiet stoic people being smart, I'm used to thinking of loud confident people being full of shit.

Less delusional how? The way I see it, it should be blindingly obvious that however small the influence of whitey's oppression on racial disparities is, it is larger than 6000 years compared to 4 billion. Not to mention the whole god thing.

Looks like the auto-flip to old.reddit might have fucked with it, will try to fix when I get a minute.

Should work now.

Presumably the inclusion of "step" means it's not incest people seek, but, as someone else put it, a potential sexual partner you don't need to painstakingly swipe on Tinder/barfly/scan friends' groups for because you're already intimately familiar.

I've seen people expressing bafflement that the average midwit on Reddit might think they could run Musk's assets better than Musk if they had the same luck/unscrupulousness to have the same resources. I ask, after seeing Musk apparently fail to understand Wikipedia costs money to provide, who wouldn't?

The most charitable read here is that Musk thinks Wikipedia deserves less money, not no money, and, like, ok Elon, I think you deserve less money and if you don't care about that opinion, why should they?

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Were Israeli fighters using the festival as cover? In any case, it wouldn't be justifiable to rape and pillage the civilians there.

The same reason why a tank's armor is a part of it.

Is this supposed to be a Christian fable or a cosmic horror story?

How do you predict the US would handle Gaza within its borders?




This looks like a verbatim copy and paste of a post before.

Suppose that they proclaim they're smarter than you even though by any metric you can understand, including IQ, they aren't.

The assumption is that most of the army and the cops are red. I personally believe they'll still mostly be on the establishment's side. You don't become a soldier to be a rebel.

Sounds like an incentive for western NEETs to go full pepewar on society so they can have all that appeasement too.

"She needed to lie about him to protect her reputation" is the real banger here. Something on the level of "he had to rape her to avoid being called a virgin".

These are the ones who were not just forcibly depatriated.

We both know that in not-Russian, pogrom describes wrecking a certain kind of community. Compare: чай vs chai.