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Please do, this sounds interesting.

Nothing is stopping me from making up bullshit and typing it out right now.

Time and effort. “More mud” is a understatement

No forum where a majority of rising posts are deleted for unspecified reasons can be representative of anything other than the people in charge want

People who write a lot on the internet for strangers have way too much time on their hands. I used to write longer comments and even some that made it into the contributions thread but now I don't feel like I have to do that anymore.

People smarter than us hang out with their friends and might pop in once in a while to write a comment about a topic that personally interests them. Successful people should confide with those that they trust and those that are useful to them, not strangers who happen to be on the same intellectual level.

Everyone already does this. A pacifist in a culture war is a fool.

Public shaming is a necessary part of a functioning society

And I'll be honest, I've had a crush on Aella for ages; she's a very attractive nerdy woman, and as a sexually confident and charismatic female Rationalist, she is a very horny unicorn among horses. But I've got to say, learning that specific factoid about her life had a similar effect on my idle long-distance lust as an F150's tires do on a small rodent

OP describes himself as one in his post.

Or if you really feel a need to register your objection, do so civilly.

I just did. Don't insinuate that I didn't.

Everyone already does this. A pacifist in a culture war is a fool.

This thread should not be here in the first place. It is gossip about a twitter persons nasty personal hygiene habits. It is 100% parasocial simping drama which is why a similar thread already exists in small questions.

Guy should not be banned for calling a spade a spade.

I vaguely remember a comment here about how scientists were able to "rewire" microscopic creatures to become radically different shapes by modifying connectomes but I can't find anything about it. Can someone point me in the right direction?

They serve crinkle cut in prison, and prison food is designed to be awful.

No group is immune to e-girl bullshit.

(except explicitly gay groups)

I dunno but 37 showers a year is pretty nasty. Find yourself someone that at least showers between guys.

People actually cashing in three years worth of frequent flyer miles all at once is gonna be really painful for the airlines that used them to borrow money against themselves during Covid.

DNF. Got bored around question 24 and quit. I wonder how some football players manage to score lower than 10/50. Maybe they get bored easily like me.

we would melt together as a single consciousness and those who refused would be slaughtered.

I rate adequate service with no problems as 5/5 because it would be unfair to expect anything more.

I do not expect nor do I wish for anyone to go above and beyond the agreed upon level of service. I think it is unhealthy for society to expect more than what they paid for and unfair to workers.

To those of you who write reviews like "Amazing restaurant, the food was delicious and service was excellent. 4/5 stars", what the hell do you want? Pre-meal sloppy toppy? Explain why one star is missing so they can improve their service or stop pointlessly penalizing them because you had a better meal at the French Laundry three years ago (assuming their aggregate rating is greater than 4.0).

Probably the most sanctimonious feature Twitter ever implemented.

It's as light and thin as Casio's digital watches but having analog hands and dual time display makes it a straight upgrade over them. They used to be impossible to get at MSRP but now there's many more models and variants including an even smaller version for women. The only thing that's missing is lume. There's a light button but it's pathetic.

Wearing a Casio G-SHOCK GA-2100 right now because I need dual timezone display. A great and inexpensive $100 travel watch without the size or bulk associated with G-SHOCKs. Mine is black on black like in the video, but it's legible enough. They make them in every color these days.

Too many people actually say that for it to be detected as sarcasm.

Racist white Protestants seem like the least likely group to move away from their land to Africa of all places. Unless they lost a war like confederates in Brazil, I don’t know where one could find such white people in the 1970s

Many new users have flocked to a couple large flagship servers running Mastodon because having content curated for them by ideologically similar moderators is more important to them than principles of decentralization or being burdened with having to choose what content they wish to see. The rest of the fediverse is completely unaffected by all this since they've been defederated by mastodon.social long ago in the gamer wars of 2014.

Well it got me I guess. Maybe it’s time to stop reading this place forever.