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Culture War Roundup for the week of November 28, 2022

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Finnish MP Quiz: Initial results

(note: I've created a second equivalent quiz, you may click here to take it if you want to test yourself more without reading analysis)

The quiz has been taken 237 times (at the moment of writing). The best results has been 19/20 (this may have been just me testing the quiz, though). The worst result is 3/20. The average result is 10.8 - while this looks like only a little better than random change, it should be mentioned that evidently not all answered every question.

Going through the individual MP's, here's how they rank on the basis of how correctly they were guessed (in other words, the number shows how many people correctly guessed a left MP as leftist or a right MP as rightist):


97 % Pia Lohikoski (Left Alliance)

77 % Tiina Elo (Greens)

68 % Anneli Kiljunen (Social Democrats)

65 % Seppo Eskelinen (Social Democrats)

64 % Pirkka-Pekka Petelius (Greens)

50 % Kimmo Kiljunen (Social Democrats)

47 % Ville Skinnari (Social Democrats)

14 % Markus Mustajärvi (Left Alliance)


73 % Vilhelm Junnila (The Finns)

71 % Janne Heikkinen (National Coalition)

68 % Mauri Peltokangas (The Finns)

64 % Ville Vähämäki (The Finns)

58 % Wille Rydman (National Coalition, currently independent pending review)

52 % Jouni Kotiaho (The Finns)

51 % Kai Mykkänen (National Coalition)

42 % Kaisa Juuso (The Finns)

41 % Hannakaisa Heikkinen (Centre)

32 % Ville Valkonen (National Coalition)

30 % Hanna Kosonen (Centre)

25 % Riikka Slunga-Poutsalo (The Finns)


The fact that there is one MP who was correctly guessed by 97 % shows people have tried to answer the quiz seriously, for the most part. It's not surprising that Pia Lohikoski would be guessed correctly by the most, as there are several cultural signals (red hair, glasses, jewelry) that probably are more associated with left-wingness than right-wingness interculturally.

On the other hand, her party comrade Markus Mustajärvi was the most wrongly guessed person in the quiz; it probably should be mentioned that while both indeed belong to the leftmost party in the Finnish parliament, Mustajärvi is probably the most "red-tribe-equivalent" leftist politician in the country, representing the deepest reaches of Lapland, being very much a "trad leftist" type, opposing for instance gun control bills when they have occasionally been proposed, once causing a scandal by drunkenly addressing a far-right rally etc.

Generally speaking, I suspect many simply associated women with left wing and men with right wing. Finnish political dress codes for women are typically looser than in countries like US and "normie dresses" and such are pretty normal female politician-wear; the sort of a "power pantsuit" you'd associate with Hillary Clinton, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi etc. would be reserved to a very distinct class of right-wing female politicians.

The two female politicians from the Centre were guessed more incorrectly than correctly, and Centre, indeed, would probably be the party whose members would most likely resent me placing them in the "Right" category; this party, stereotypically representing rural interests, identifies as centrist (as the name says) and is in government with the three left-wing parties, but it also constantly fights with those parties in all manner of policy issues, recently almost bringing down the government, and at least at this point I would guess most Finns would place the party on the Right.

Some people said that 20 pols is too little and they want to test again if they are now better at a particular form of cultural pattern-matching, so I've created a second quiz with 20 more MPs. My subjective appraisal is that this might be a little bit easier?

10/20, same as last time. It seems I'm really bad at this.

How representative/random are those people? Are you just screwing with us, by any chance, by picking a ton of similar women in glasses?

i did slightly better after i think after 4 guesses i just decided left->woman right->man because i assumed the leftist parties would have more women than men and the MP selection would be selected randomly and the the ideological composition would be random. given i have NFI about finnish politics these seemed like reasonable assumptions. tho the ideological composition or the quiz random selection are very dubious assumptions.