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Yeah, same here. Mayflower Society?

Identity based progressivism, usually recent aggressive illiberal status seeking strains.

Forces outside my control or understanding can determine my entire life- my parents certainly did when I was little! But if I have no actual agency ever then I'd like to petition a higher power to turn my consciousness off forever.

Marked, just because I'd assume it's a lie or demonic scam so I'd walk out on it.

Just remember he's doing all programming, art and music alone for this one too (or at least that's the current plan, with porting and translation help).

Coffee-caramel ice cream can be pretty good, but frankly it makes more sense to put caramel sauce on coffee. I'm probably going to go to a different shop and get a sprite + sherbet freeze though.

From personal experience, going to jail for a very brief period was useful in confirming my edgy teen high school suspicions- "This place is bullshit, I bet jail is literally better than this."- jail was substantially better than a similar amount of time in high school. If you don't start shit with anyone and are vaguely polite to guards (don't be an ass kisser or snitch though), you can spend your time lying down on a shitty mat, read {Bible} or other provided material and just kinda chill.

P.S. Cumulative Uber/Lyft/Taxis over decades are almost certainly cheaper and easier to deal with than any given best-case first-time-offense DUI deferral/diversion program and eventual expungement. If you must be arrested, preferably do something cool or brave or sexy with near zero chance of harming innocents instead of something lame and stupid.

It only takes 25 years to have posted since the 90s.

What's your opinion of the rules on this forum and do you think your quoted remarks are good to go, with no particular citation?

Even though I think the world would be a better place with him dead and he goes against basically everything I value I am begrudgingly astounded and impressed by the sheer volume of vitriol in his heart to be able to keep posting pure hate for 4+ decades.

Phonetically, such that we get "Daenerys Targaryen 丹妮莉丝·坦格利安 (Dān nī lì sī·tǎn gé lì’ān)"
But the article talks about how the translation uses some classical and literary Chinese for flavor.

You could try watching 3 Kingdoms from 2010 or other adaptations? Putting a unique face, costume and demeanor to a character helped me a lot.

I don't think I opted out of the automatic nitter conversion when I created account, entirely possible I did.

I don't think one exists, searched for a fair bit. Maybe contact someone at the American University of Central Asia? Either in the television cinema media arts department https://auca.kg/en/tcma_faculty_staff/ or the late film director's son who is a vice president of the university https://www.auca.kg/en/auca_news/5254/

For what it's worth, here's a translation of the book version https://archive.org/details/whiteship00aitm/mode/1up

I hadn't even considered the possibility of yet-born kids being added for credit purposes (I have contemplated descendant trusts at length). Dunno about authorized users requiring SSN or not.

You're absolutely correct that no credit mix = no 850, the actual perfect score.

But my understanding is that above 760 there aren't any better rates or other perks, it's just a nicer cushion.

Auto loan is certainly possible with parental cosigner.

Mortgage is kinda wacky but could be done with parental cosigner with the kid still living with parents but landlording to pay mortgage. Down payment on a house would certainly be worth more than covering tuition at most colleges/most subjects, even if housing is in a bit of a bubble and rates are ass.

One thing I'd add is that past examples like good advice or straight up having the cash to assist with certain major purchases, parents can further advantage their kids. They add their underage children (or of age, but that's less relevant) as an authorized user to a specific credit card. Paid in full, on time, utilizing ~7-15% of limit, and increasing limit every 6 months-year... kid could reach adulthood with a perfect score and many years of reliable history.

This knowledge is becoming more common in various different populations- my upper middle class friends' parents who worked in accounting/finance did this for their kids about 20 years ago (mine did not), but I recently had an uber driver who had been doing this for his teenagers.

I expect as underage credit building becomes more common, young adult scores will become less indicative of ability to pay, though I imagine fuckups will ruin their own scores quickly enough for the system to correct things. I expect said fuckups will be a central example of how credit is a privilege based system, though it's more of a loophole exploit that didn't substantially exist for most of the system's history.

Yeah, old mostly lurker, both on themotte sub but also SSC sub CWR threads before that migrated.

how does one successfully integrate the digital world into the classic murder mystery or thriller structure?

The answer is that for whatever reason, the digital world is a mountain of red herrings distorting and disrupting informed observation. The laziest way to do it would be that an influencer who has faked their death multiple times for clicks is murdered for real, and their dipshit following is muddying all possible genuine search ability with "We did it Reddit!" mass broadcasted armchair investigation. Even better if there is an "influencer detective" condensing the phenomenon.

For very tangential reasons, this question reminds me of the how to show texting/internet in film addressed by Every Frame a Painting https://youtube.com/watch?v=uFfq2zblGXw

I don't believe any of them have joined, but I privately send links to high quality posts (and sometimes rough drafts of my relatively low quality responses for proofing/critique, almost all of which were never posted) to thoughtful friends and family. Usually the links are related their profession/philosophy or a description of a culture war flareup in their area.

School districts as a group resist adopting the best pedagogical practices to prevent enough improvement in student outcomes for the public/lawmakers to conclude they don't need more money.

They resist Direct Instruction at lower levels because it's very happy-clappy/scripted and the teachers hate it.
They avoid hardcore tracking and generalized testing out of subjects because of ideological reasons. This is despicable. They do not contemplate individual full tutorial because of budget, but would admit from their classroom size model that it's probably better, just not contemplating that it's hypothetically two standard deviations better.

Probably start there. I don't know Chinese and have never made an earnest attempt at learning it. Depending on how distracted you are on your computer (or mobile) over several hours, get an intro to Chinese physical book from your local library and start using that. If there are several, look online and see if one has free premade flashcards for mobile use. Perhaps also make physical flashcards, because https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leitner_system is a good way to get results via spaced repetition. Since it will be a slow buildup to learning all the characters, https://www.fluentu.com/blog/chinese/pinyin-subtitles/ may be a good idea for watching Chinese language entertainment.

Responding to you and @orthoxerox It looks like, from wiki https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_halal_and_kosher_fish#Halal Sunni regard all sea game as halal while Shia permit scaled fish and some crustaceans, but largely call other sea creatures haram. The Houthis in question are overwhelmingly a variety of Shia.

SENIOR: (long pause and head scratching) The Bible! The Bible forbids it, son!

JUNIOR: Where?

SENIOR: (fast and frantic searching through book) Wait, son! It must be here, somewhere!

Strawman Senior really, really doesn't know his Bible. Sad! It's on page 1 or maybe 2, depending on your copy.

Genesis 1:27

So God created man in His own image, in the image of God created He him; male and female created He them.

As far as the text is concerned, there are just sexes, gender as a separate idea doesn't enter into the conversation. Under Levitical Law crossdressing is a capital crime.

There are plenty of infertile women and eunuchs (by birth and those made so by other humans) and men who lay with men (not recorded positively) throughout the Bible.

As far as self-mutilation is concerned, Jesus advises cutting off your own hands or feet or plucking out an eye if it leads you to sin, but this is after talking about tying a millstone to the neck + throwing into the sea to anyone who leads a child into sin. He does talk about making yourself a eunuch for the Kingdom of Heaven, but Origen, who is rumored to have taken it literally, says it would be very foolish to take this mechanically literally.

I'd be fascinated to see a thriving church (Nicene affirming, biologically reproductive, retaining generations, active missions) that is trans-affirming.

When there are available other ways to provide resources and methods to keep the baby alive, and the court and hospital refuse and actively fight against it, that is exactly the same as killing the baby.

It would be more honest if the court and hospital directly argued in your manner that the parents are torturing the baby in keeping the baby alive. The have chosen instead to argue that more treatment is not in the baby's best interest, and just leave conclusions obvious but nebulous.

My brother and I wrecked a spacebar playing Timon & Pumbaa’s Jungle Pinball

I was born in 1988, one of my first memories is my dad reading out Zork on an Apple II while waiting for my suggestions around 1991. Later, I was allowed to use his 3.1/95 computers under his supervision, and with the 95 I was given a full 2 hours of encarta per day in the family den.

I was given my own pc, a Dell with Windows 98 for my 11th birthday, with the understanding that I could only use the dial-up internet service (AOL) when my mom wasn't using the phone. I made point and click games in powerpoint and played a ton of Civ II, and set up a geocities site for my friends to roleplay our favorite action cartoons- DBZ and Gundam Wing.