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I second the Starsector recommendation, although do note that the game is still in development and the main storyline is currently only half-finished.

I know a kid named Eoin, pronounced "Owen". Is "Ewan" pronounced the same way?

I think the steelman of the "deep state" concept would be the Iron Law of Institutions as applied to the Executive Branch. The people in the deep state would be primarily concerned with expanding the power and authority of the Executive Branch (regardless of the wishes of any particular president), and any threats to that would be resisted (typically not violently, because typically violence is not necessary).

I never even considered having the fan particles run along the length of the belt! What a great idea.

I'd recommend checking out Culver's if there's one in your area. I've got a similar vibe from the ones I've been to.

The Witch-King is apparently on a horse, and he doesn't shatter Gandalf's staff, but the horns of Rohan do interrupt his meeting with Gandalf and cause him to leave the city gates to meet the Rohirrim on the field.

Ferguson, I Can’t Breathe, They’re Not Bringing Their Best, Lock Her Up, “this is why Trump won,” Russian collusion, Mueller report, MetToo, BAM Covid, everyone goes retarded and forgets that the original deal was just two weeks at home, masks, no masks, masks again, lab leak conspiracy, BAM The Floydenning, cities burning everywhere, He Crossed State Lines, Get The Jab, where’s your vaxpass? Trump dethroned, Jan6 unarmed rioters incriminate themselves as to their whereabouts at the time, Russia does an actual invasion and the resulting war is actually incredibly boring, Hamas gives things a go and it confuses US Jewish interests only slightly.

♪♫ We didn't start the fire! ♫♪

You could consider setting your flair to something more descriptive.

It's deeply weird for me to see complaints about diversity in running, a sport dominated at the upper end by Kenyans.

Well, yes, but all those Kenyans are in far-off places like Kenya. How many Kenyans are in your local running group, the one the diversity-complainers see every day?

If that is your one and only goal, then why haven't you killed yourself already and prevented decades of potential suffering?

how often have assassins shifted the course of world history toward something they would have preferred, making the assassination "rational" in some sense?

Darius the Great killed (a man allegedly falsely claiming to be) Bardiya, who was ruling Persia, which allowed him to take over the Persian Empire. Darius got what he wanted and was good at managing the Empire too, so that worked out for him.

Do you speak Georgian? If not, how was the language barrier?

I think the number of women and doctors who would both agree to say, in week 38, to randomly decide to do an abortion is basically zero

Then there should be no harm in outlawing it, right?

it’s worth noting we’re a small, selected minority group everywhere in the country except for two towns, the larger of which is less than 10,000 people

Ave Maria is one, but what's the second?

And I suppose that this is further exacerbated by the decline in birth rates: if military families aren't having as many sons (or, in this brave new world, daughters) as they used to, even among the ones that do encourage their kids to join there aren't as many potential recruits.

Maybe he was including future Arabs too?

I'd say that debt was paid off after the US bailed them out of back-to-back world wars.

If only I had an em dash key on my keyboard - then I might use it!

Indeed, it just occurred to me that that would be the logical thing to do for a military that has just acquired a state.

I'd like to hear it! Negative criticism is fun to read.

Are we going to see the far right attempt to form an alliance with the left in the hopes that their shared antisemitism will be sufficient to gain political power?

No, the two groups have diametrically opposed positions on domestic policy questions and their convergence on a single foreign policy issue isn't going to be enough to bridge that gap. You may see their congresscritters vote the same way on Israel-related bills, but there won't be greater cooperation beyond that. This is a case where the enemy of your enemy is your enemy's enemy, no more, no less.

For that price, I'd want to be able to see Armstrong's footprints on the moon!

Surely there would be far more obvious birds to start with in that case!

I mostly watch YouTube on mobile, where it's already more trouble than it's worth to try to get around the ads.

If you have an Android, you should check out NewPipe.