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old man yelling at clouds

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Failed repeatedly in his attempts to die a hero and has now lived long enough to become the villain.


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BANNED USER: /comment/193024


old man yelling at clouds

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Failed repeatedly in his attempts to die a hero and has now lived long enough to become the villain.


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Again, I want to say that I deeply appreciate you writing these and wish that I had the talent for story-telling that you manifestly do. It's funny, as much as I am thankful to have put those days behind me your stories make me feel nostalgic in a way that is difficult to explain.

I have few pictures or mementos from my time in, and even fewer from the Interregnum when I was going to school while working as a PMC over the summers. Part of me thinks this is a good thing, shit sucked, I (or rather "old me") sucked, and it is better to leave it behind. At the same time I can't help but feel a bit of loss. Was that me or was it a dream. My better half met me towards the end of that phase in my life and never really knew me while I was in it, she just heard the stories my friends would tell. My two boys know almost nothing of my old life, as far as they know I'm just another fat balding little-league dad and always have been. It's Uncle Tony who tells them stories about waging war in Iraq and wrestling Baboons in East Africa. I occasionally find myself wondering whether I'm doing them a favor or a disservice, but I also have a good 8 - 10 years before I got to worry about one of them wanting to join the Marines.

As an aside it feels like every dive/neighborhood has its archetypes and my "Cowboy"'s funeral was only a few weeks ago, and maybe the reason I'm feeling reflective is that it was interesting to see who had moved on and who was basically in the same place they'd been a decade ago.

Can you point to anyone on the Motte who is an Identitarian?

Dude, how about you try to pay the fuck attention, in addition those already named we've got something like half a dozen out and out neo-nazis on this forum. Not in the "any one to the right of John Oliver is a Nazi" sense but in "regularly posts apologetics for Hitler" and thinks Churchhill started WWII sense. See the current culture war thread (Week of March 11th) for examples. At this point I'm finding it difficult to believe that you arent just another troll so I'm going to stop feeding you now.


Counter-point, in order to establish a high trust society one must establish trust, a resource that Hitler and friends seemed to be particularly bent on squandering.

The whole take over Poland and use the poles as cannon fodder despite the fact that the Poles have a far longer and more distinguished history of fighting "on behalf of Europa" than the Prussians or Austrians comes to mind.

Wurst is the worst, Either choose the Chorizo or embrace Kielbasa supremacy. ;-)

That may not have a business case, but that's a different question.

And yet I would argue that this is why LLMs have (despite the hype) not been able to find a niche outside decent translation software, bad fiction, and worse customer service.

Contra the typical SV rationalist narrative, blue-chip engineering firms and the national security apparatus are not "sleeping on LLMs" so much as LLM are just not up to the task.

Ze chermans ah rollin' throoo ze bocage, ze Nat-seez son bay-zee ;-)

We can, obviously, have it both ways

No, no you can't.

Churchill was the one who declared war. It was his choice.

That's certainly a take, and a depressingly common one around here it seems.

Setting aside the fact that Churchill didn't even become prime minister until May of 1940, I'm just going to reiterate what I said the last time this topic came up a month ago.

Hitler's diplomatic position in August of 1939 was essentially that of a belligerent drunk at the bar who keeps getting in people's faces and asking "Oh Yah? Watch'ou goanna do about bro?" and then acts surprised when someone decides to "do something about it".

The Nazis were already on thin-ice for continuing their territorial expansion post Munich, rebuking the Anglo German Naval Agreement, and harassing neutral shipping in the North Sea wich the British regarded as their back yard. If they didn't want a war with the British, they could have easily avoided it by not doing any of those things and more critically by not aligning themselves with the Bolsheviks against a country that both the British and French had a security agreement with.

Edit to add: That last bit in particular also demonstrates that all that talk from current year nazis about "racial brotherhood" and "opposing communism" is a crock of shit.

For all the talk condemning "brother wars" Prussians seem particularly prone to engaging in them and as much as I want to make a joke about Martin Luther being to blame I'm worried about someone falling into the same trap I almost did with @Southkraut's comment down thread where I almost chewed them a new one before I realized they were being facetious.

The Soviets never demanded high immigration from their puppets.

No, they just forcibly relocated people within their puppet states.

I'm saying that the advancement from GPTs 2 and 3 to GPT 4 was not the product of substantial changes in design principle or architecture. OpenAI's own press material explains as much. Presumably the same is true for Claude and its predecessors as a cursory examination would seem to indicate that Anthropic is working from a similar (if not the same) core architecture.

In any case, the fundamental issues that limit the use of LLMs in wider real-world applications such as the infamous "Large Libel" problem and more general design choices such as treating "bad" output as preferable to no output remain in place. So long as they do, LLMs will continue to be unsuitable for any task requiring either precision or a singular correct answer over something novel.

A "Gigantic leap" in what way? For all the hype coming off the blog circuit, they don't seem to have made much progress in expanding use cases beyond the "toy for internet dilettantes".

The point is that contra much of the hype LLMs are not reasoning nor logic engines, they're pattern generators. The sort of mistake that @Blueberry highlights is not strange to someone who understands this distinction, in fact such "misses" are expected.

The phenomena you "stumbled across" isn't anything new it's a common and well-studied failure mode of LLMs, the more you try to restrict the output of the pattern generator the less coherent the pattern becomes and the more likely you are to get trapped in an endless while loop. Of course, the inverse of this is the less restrictions you place on the output the more so-called "hallucinations" come to dominate. Most of these "new releases" aren't really doing anything new or novel under the hood they're just updating the training corpus and tweaking gain values in the hopes of attracting VC investment.

So close by the AI, that it is strange that it misses.

Its not strange at all, when you know how it works.

The old Hobbesian/Trad-Right take would be that the sort of people who believe that "expecting everyone to be courteous all the time is ridiculous" create the environment where you need to remove valuables from plain sight because how you approach the little things informs how you approach the big things.

As others have touched upon it's not homogeneity that drives Japan's relatively low levels of criminality, it's culture, customs, and habits.

Both the guy and the girl in the described story could be the most Ashkenazi of Jews and the guy would still be an asshole in need of an ass-whooping.

Likewise surveillance doesn't mean shit if it isn't backed by the will to do something about it, see the current state of the UK.

The missing fourth option on your list is "reject modernity and embrace tradition" not in the silly RETVRN sense peddled by gay-presenting euro-poors who self-identify as perverts on twitter, but in the understanding that maybe grandpa knew something you don't. Maybe all those backwards seeming customs that you chafed at because you're a good little liberal who believes in self-actualization and fighting the power actually serve a critical role. Maybe life is better when you make a conscious effort to say what you mean and mean what you say and refuse to tolerate anything less from those around you. Maybe "suiting up" to leave the house isn't just for you and contra liberal sensibilities, the old man (or woman) who tells the kids to "knock it off", wear a belt, watch thier language, etc... is serving a vital social function.

What if George S Patton was right about everything?

The woke left has been have been calling us cucks since the Reagan years, how has that worked out for you?

You know how one can tell that someone is subscribed to Journolist? because there have been a bunch of "Christian Nationalist" posts all of a sudden. Tu quoque

"Murder" is not the same think as "killing" though, and what makes you think the differences are minor.

To echo my comments in an earlier thread, as trivial as the difference between Sunni and Shia may seem to a non-Muslim, Protestant and Catholic may seem to a non-Christian, or Stalin and Trotsky may seem to a non-leftistist that doesn't make them less real or less prone to real violence.

1: questionable

2: shrug (see my previous posts about academics grading on a curve)

3: questionable

4: questionable

5: questionable

6: questionable

Identitarians who get fixated on HBD also seem to get weirdly hung up on the Jews for some reason, and a cynic might suspect that this is because the Jews are their dark mirror. They got this whole complex around how they are "the chosen" but then what they think ought to be the choice doesn't get chosen.


Maybe, alternatively you are lying about not being an identitarian.

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it really would be an astounding bit of luck.

Or not, that's kind of the problem with the base assumptions behind the Fermi paradox even if one sets aside the whole young universe theory.

At the same time an alien society on the level of Ancient Greece or Rennaissance Italy would likely pass unnoticed at interplanetary distances nevermind interstellar ones, so we could be facing a situation such as that in the Path Not Taken where intelligent life is reasonably common, but Homo Sapiens were the only race in the local galactic cluster to develop radar and radios.

I'm going to reiterate what I've said the last couple of times this has come up...

Guys like Bob Lazar, David Grucsh, and John Podesta, strike me as smart but also kind of on the spectrum. IE the sort that might not realize they're being messed with.

I can assure you that the guys who work at Groom Lake, Tonopah, and the various other test facilities scattered around the western US are well aware of the memes and not above posting a few themselves. When you're a service member or defense contractor assigned to a special access project, telling the truth when someone asks "what are you working on?" or "where've you been for the last 3 days" can get you into some serious trouble, but if you say "I've been collecting xenobiology samples out at Site-4" everyone chuckles and goes on with their day.