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If this was happening it would show up in the stats as drastically lower life expectancies for gay men.

You're right. Bottom half was too aggressive. I'll edit it to say bottom fraction.

No. I was just speaking in shorthand. You don't have to say you would be hungry. "I probably still wouldn't be hungry even if i skipped breakfast because i often don't eat breakfast" is a perfectly fine answer as well. "Bad" answers are those that reveal that the person is incapable of embracing hypotheticals. Ie people who say things like "what are you talking about, i did eat breakfast"

Sooner or later, every reader will cotton on to the fact that whenever the MSM report on a violent crime commited by a white native man, his skin colour will be mentioned prominently (either in the headline or the lede); ergo, if you see an article about a violent crime which doesn't mention the assailant's skin colour or nationality, the only reasonable assumption is that he is black or Arab or Eastern European (optionally Muslim)

Sadly i don't think this will ever happen. Remember, the bottom fraction in terms of intelligence has trouble figuring out that theyv would probably be hungry right now if they hadn't eaten breakfast this morning. They certainly aren't going to intuit chains of reasoning like this.

They're not saying who it is that was arrested because he's black

Just install competency tests.

And then get sued for disparate impact

Eat more calories to gain weight and less to lose weight is pretty solid.

That's not what he was asking since black women still have a lower rate than black men

there hasn't been a new prestigious university created since Stanford

CMU was founded 15 years later and is very prestigious in the CS world. As AI becomes more important its profile should rise even higher

It's still lower than a good chunk of the people here. It's not like a 1400 then was harder to get than a 1600 now

I agree with you that, with a few exceptions, the current crop of Republicans are a bunch of clowns. But unfortunately my only alternative is voting for people who actively hate me for who I am and my beliefs. I say this as a white male who believes that racial disparities are primarily genetic and that many of the differences between men and women have a biological basis. These are scientific beliefs that in a sane world wouldn't be controversial. Sadly, in our world they mark me as scum to anyone on the left half of the country so I'm forced to throw my support to the other side. And if that other side is a bunch of clowns then I'm giving my support to a bunch of clowns because i sure as hell am not going to give it to the people who hate me.

This is Black History Month

No it's not. Black history month in America is February. Look it up

Don't read too much into it. It was 50/50 that the better person would have been more attractive and if it had gone the other direction he just wouldnt have brought it up

Is it confirmed that he killed himself? The OP seemed very uncertain

Tren is not something we should be advocating for mass consumption

since it does cause an apparent decrease in muscle mass

Is the decrease in muscle mass worse than what you would expect from just eating less calories?

I don't think this is an issue. Opting out of benefits is effectively equivalent to choosing to pay extra taxes. That's not something many people want to do.

That statistic is net gain in employment. If 100 whites are hired, 20 blacks are hired. 99 whites retire and 10 blacks retire. Then 10/11 or 91% of net jobs created went to blacks but the hiring situation isn't nearly so dire.

You should also try actually reading the book. He goes into detail about how it is not the plain reading of the laws that matters but a series of precedent setting cases and executive decisions that have shaped their enforcement.

If that's the goal AA supporters haven't been very honest about their goals. The stated goals are to uplift blacks to make up for their lower preformance due to the legacy of discrimination and to improve the educational experience through increased diversity. I think unwavering acheivement gaps showed that the first goal has failed and while AA does increase diversity (this is almost tautological) I'm unconvinced that this actually has an educational benefit, the surrounding studies are highly manufactured.

What "predictibly good" outcomes are you thinking of when it comes to affirmative action? From my perspective AA has been a massive failure. The acheivement gap on standardized tests is as big as ever despite 2 generations of institutionalized discrimination in favor of blacks at our nations universities. From my perspective this makes total sense. The reason for mean scores amongst blacks has never been lack of educational opportunity, it's genetics, so it can't be fixed by increasing educational opportunity. But i suspect you believe something else.

I disagree. I recently bought a Mercedes E class from the late 00's for $4500. It runs great and didn't need any work. Oil changes are a little more expensive than they were in my camry and it takes premium gas but overall i wouldn't consider it expensive to maintain. I don't know if it's exactly what teenagers would consider "cool" these days but it's certainly cooler than my old camry. It's a luxury brand, and it rides very smooth.

I don't have a conclusion here, but all the "exercise doesn't help that much" takes run counter to everything I experienced.

I think people say this because to the average sedentary person. "Exercising" means jogging for 20 min, 3 times a week. And it's true that just doing that doesn't burn a whole lot of extra calories. An actual long distance runner who's doing 100 miles a week can of course eat a lot and stay slim

Well yes, the base rate is important but you don't just look at the base rate and then stop your analysis. what /u/gillitrut is saying is that in order to properly judge this case we need to look at the actual facts on the ground too.

There are laws against taking certain types of anti union action. It varies by state but these laws give unions a lot more power than they would have in a true free market.

The richest Americans (Gates, Musk) are 10^11 dollars per year.

Not consistently. Maybe in a year where their stock surges but 10^11 per year for a decade would be a trillion total which is far higher than either of them. Averaged over a career they're an order of magnitude lower