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In a way that makes you Jewish. The true essence of being a jew is that whichever way the world turn you are always the one in the least favorable position. Sources - let's start with the old testament and then move to history books.

Since I am not that good with european jewish names - how did you figure that out? Aside from the Levi and Levines that are somewhat high profile.

Personal life - always, Personal life as consumer - always as long as it is not in your face too much - aka it is ok to avoid purple owned businesses, it's not ok to explicitly demand to be serviced by the only green employee there. Professional - you can go like Cristal brand to tell that you are amused that this rap guys are buying so much Champaigne, they get offended, and you know that your real customers - can freely drink without being associated with the likes of Jay Z or 50 Cent

Asking what are you doing about X implies that X is both your responsibility and you have obligation to do something. But it is obvious that they don't have that obligation - otherwise she would have just cited the required law.

Also she seems to be doubling down with one of her letters.

"...it is concerning that Beverley Turner, who described Mr Brand as “a hero” and invited him to appear on her show, subsequently fronted GB News’s coverage of the allegations regarding Mr Brand on the morning of 18 September. During that broadcast, Ms Turner announced that “if he’d offered to come on this morning, we’d’ve had him, let’s be honest”. While Ms Turner was challenged on her comments at length by her co-presenter, Andrew Pierce, we remain concerned that having a presenter so clearly supporting an individual who is the subject of intense media coverage, including seeking their appearance on the show, undermines any perception of due impartiality in the broadcasting."

My explanation moves to - she is the one woman in UK Brand refused to fuck. Or he fucked her and she caught feelings but he threw her away as a napkin.

She implies her desire to see him demonetized without having any kind of lawful reason to. I am fairly sure that the state wanting to harm someone without any kind of trial or court order breaks at least some kind of british principles. Britain is going crazy on wokism though - even more extreme than the US so who knows.

You omit one big fact though - Russel Brand has raped and harassed no one.

The point is that the politician have absolutely no right to even ask such question in official capacity. Especially the make sure they don't monetize. Which implies some kind of social media obligation to comply.

My wife and I recently binged this show and absolutely loved it. Hugh Laurie is a treasure.

Blackadder and Jeeves and Wooster are strongly recommended. Just don't watch the last episode of season 4 of Blackadder. It is the best piece of television ever made.

  • Like this has always been the case, and has been applied in a politically neutral way.

We have always been at war with eastasia ...


Social media site X has been asked by a senior MP if owner Elon Musk, who changed its name from Twitter, “has personally intervened in any decisions on Russell Brand’s status on the platform”. Following rape and sexual assault allegations being made against Brand, online content platforms that host his content including YouTube and podcasting company Acast said that he will not make money from advertisements on their sites and apps. Culture, Media and Sport Committee chairwoman Dame Caroline Dinenage has written to other video hosting sites and social media outlets on Wednesday to ask whether Brand can make “profit from his content” on their platforms.

In the communication to X chief executive Linda Yaccarino, Dame Caroline said: “We would be grateful if you could confirm whether Mr Brand monetises his content and, if so, we would like to know whether X intends to join YouTube in suspending Mr Brand’s ability to earn money on the platform.

“Given Elon Musk’s response to Mr Brand’s tweet regarding the allegations, where he wrote ‘Of course. They don’t like competition’, we are also keen to understand whether Mr Musk has personally intervened in any decisions on Mr Brand’s status on the platform.

“We would also like to know what X is doing to ensure that creators are not able to use the platform to undermine the welfare of victims of inappropriate and potentially illegal behaviour.”


I think that it is important. But I am at loss of words so I am not even sure where to begin to make it effortpost. It is outrageous, indefensible and at first I though it was satire.

Do think this is rogue action? (my guess no), Will there be punishment for the MP for overstepping greatly any boundaries? (also no).

I was viewing mostly your paragraph about how fast modern cars are at factory defaults hurts the hobby. It doesn't in my opinion. Sorry if I wasn't clear. The same way a sharpener takes a cheap knife for fun - he knows it won't beat the Shigefusa or Sakai Yusuke - the high come from the improvement of the original car. It is the relative not the absolute performance of the car that moves the tinkerers.

Isn’t the engine light strictly more information than you’d have had in an older vehicle?

No. While the ecu has a lot more information it is hidden. In the old soviet lada and moskvich you had a oil pressure gauge. The design was a lot more in your face.

The check engine light is like your wife being angry with you. What is wrong - if you don't know, no need to tell you. But something is wrong. Give me the fucking error code in plain sight. It was the same with windows when they changed the BSOD to smiley. Why ?

I bet it’s easier to hack new washer cycles, too. Back in my day you only had one knob and one button.

I doubt it. Manufacturers go to great deal to obscure the raw parameters - like RPM, duration and so on. Why?

And it's Mini. Worse it's BMW Mini. While the original is absolutely cool, after 2000 it is the car for Golddiggers that can't land the properly rich guys.

It's not that it is skill, it is the equipment for the rimjob (pun intended), but lifting a car, unscrewing 4-5 bolts, changing, putting bolts again, running till you get to the closest shop is useful. And it requires less than 60 seconds of learning.

From my experience modern cars are reliable until they aren't and they make sure that in that situation you are completely helpless.

I'm actually curious, what exactly is the brag here they were making?

It went something like this - I had flat tire (due to stupidity on my part), the girl I was in the car with posted some kind of story on the social media. Some fuckboy wrote something among the lines her - hey hun, do you know how to change a tire. Her answer was - no, you? . His answer was - no I have guys for that.

For the other part - it was the damned iphone. Because android was open for learning and still is. But apple are actively hostile towards viewing their device as something different than magic.

And this is what I do. But once again - it shows the attitude towards the driver and the owner.

I think you got it quite wrong. It was never about pure performance. It was always about the rush of the wins during the journey.

Do you know which is the most condescending, obnoxious thing in modern cars - the check engine light. It is the equivalent of the ban on twitter of old and Facebook - with you break our guidelines without telling you what is wrong. Not only it doesn't refuse to tell you the error - with 2 screens in my car there is not a single place, submenu or whatever where I can read the code, let alone the description of the error. You the user are unworthy of even knowing what is wrong with your property.

There is this meme/observation - in the 60s the car manuals included how to adjust the valves, Today the warning is to not drink from the washing fluid.

https://youtube.com/watch?v=yYAw79386WI - this is ad for Chevrolet from 1937 that gives the best explanation how differential works. This is a culture that creates petrolheads.

In days of old it was basic expectation of masculinity to know how a car works in detail, to be able to repair it (or at least keep it moving until you get to repairman) and maintain it. Nowadays there are guys that brag with their inability to change a flat tire (true story).

We don't live in a culture that can generate interest in cars. Or PCs for that matter. While the PC is still quite open it is too monoculturish (or oligoculturish) to actually generate deep interest in custom builds. The society tries its best to discourage the tinkerer, the inventor. Except in the confines of the big corporations. We don't want people to actually interfere with our plans for planned obsolescence I guess.

My washing machine has 12 programs. And there is absolutely nowhere info to be found about what time they take, the rpm and difference between them. Let alone regulate it or change it. My customer steam oven has all kinds of awesome fancy programs and yet not a simple way to create my custom one.

Nowadays we live in the opposite culture - knowing is discouraged. The car works by magic, the iphone works by magic, the washing machine too.

And what does James Bond do? He sleeps with every woman he sees, "as part of the mission." One can see the logic, if these OUR operatives were in an undercover role pretending to be a couple, that making love would be important. Blowing their cover could cost their lives, could endanger the children they are there to rescue, so whether they want to is irrelevant, they have to! But that was also part of the fantasy for him: he wanted to have to, he wanted an environment where he just had to sleep with these women, which he would then enjoy. No doubt, in his mind, the women involved shared the same fantasy. After all, while else would they join OUR and put themselves in these operations?

Ballard never meant any harm to anyone, he never meant to take advantage, he just thought he had found a moral loophole, an opportunity to enter a morals-free zone for a good cause. Apparently the women involved, the rest of the organization, and the Mormon church disagreed.

We should be wary of our fantasies of righteousness, as men. Engage in self-criticism, when we want to have a reason to use righteous violence, sometimes we just want violence. Which itself isn't necessarily a fatal flaw, there is value in harnessing masculine urges in positive ways, that can be seen as the basis for all social function. But we can't let our fantasies obscure our real mission, or harm those around us.

That is definitely stretching the charitability principle to the max. A much more mundane and often happening in the real world is that men just try to convert attraction to the cause to attraction to them. Has been happening forever, will be happening forever.

It's complicated. You store around 2000 (IIRC) calories as carbs in your body. People regularly overestimate how much calories running consumes - aka you can't outrun a bad diet saying. So if we take 700 calories per hour running in normal times you have almost enough carbs for a three hour run. Of course your body changes the mix the more run progresses - it tries to stretch them. So the ratio of carbs you burn constantly decreases.

if you are on keto (and you are not used to being on it) - well you don't have your preferred fuel to burn. And fat usually takes time to be activated. On top of that by memory - on keto your endurance barely decreases but the peak performance and max load does.

So I think that your experience is absolutely by what science says on the topic.

I think it depends on definitions and perceptions. I would never consider expats, permanents residents, people with dual citizenships or ones obtained by means other than blood as equal, so in my mind they deserve less protection - so their own country whacking them is not a big deal. If you subscribe to the idea that all people deserve equal protection - then of course it is outrageous.

Never really understood the pearl clutching on this matter. Litvinenko, Khashoggi, Georgi Markov and whatnot - who cares.

That is how Gods punish people that they really hate.

Sorry but the fact that something is not a crime doesn't mean it is not a serious problem. The problem is that half of the solution - use your judgement, don't put yourself in peril, listen to your mother and so in is anathema to the modern safetism feminists. The other half is to actually have men abide to some semi formal dating rules (if you didn't get to second base outside of the house, don't be pushy inside for example) and dating language. This will minimize the communication errors and unpleasant experiences.

So for one we have the receipts, the other 3 are plausibly bad. So not good for him, and even if two of those are Christine Blasey Fords, he is in deservedly hot water.

But why after describing four rapes you waste our time with bullshit like this that diminishes the allegations.

In December 2007, another serious complaint was made by BBC staff to Douglas about Brand’s behaviour in the Radio 2 studio. Sources who were involved said the complaint was made after an “alarming display of aggression and disrespect” by Brand in the studio, which included Brand hurling objects across the studio “in fits of rage” and “urinating in a bottle in full view of everyone”. Brand had done this, the sources said, in front of production staff and guests, including a young person who “appeared to be a minor” and had been sent to appear on Radio 2 by a charity. This alleged complaint and any others that had been made were not mentioned in subsequent official reports into Sachsgate.


During other Radio 2 episodes, Brand made a series of sexual remarks about the newsreader Andrea Simmons, describing her on air as “erotic” and a “sex bomb”, and telling listeners that he would like to “go under the desk” while she was reading the news. Several times after this it is implied that Brand was forced to apologise by BBC production staff.

He is already rock star cool, no need to try and make him cooler ...

I much more prefer some guaranteed sort of right of participation in the financial system then the ability to be opaque. LLC goal is to limit the downside risk of starting and running a business. Not to hide assets.