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Indians have been plugged into the Anglosphere & Western Democracy for centuries at this point, plus there's a level of gamesmanship that comes from sheer population scrabbling for limited resources that seems to outstrip Western equivalents.

I've got a young child and my parents live interstate in the Australian equivalent of a Floridian retirement community.

We're fortunate to have the resources between us to enable visits back-and-forth with minimal stress, but I do definitely feel that it makes it hard to ensure the grandkids have as deep a bond with their grandparents as I'd ideally like. Also in my case my parents moved away a few years ago before grandkids were 'on the table', and as an unfathomably young parent in my demographic of 29 years old, that has to be somewhat increasingly common these days. I'm pretty sure if grandchildren were an ongoing concern prior to the move that it would have been enough to change the plans.

Had the most aggressive attribution modelling, the highest population of US citizens, incredibly fallow grounds in terms of the vulnerable (More obese, elderly, immunocompromised exist today than at any other point in human history). It was the biggest in a while (though I do think if the same laxitude of attribution was extended to other historic bad flus it'd likely be very similar), but was hardly an outlier.

The point of COVID was the noticing more than it having any insane outlier effectiveness as a disease

NBA players are still massive by ordinary person standards but there's less rewards for assembling stationary 7-footers.

I work in the gambling industry, and having seen more than my fair share of 'man deposits $1k, runs it up to $1.5M, ends up in the negatives' I think it's a fundamental truism that the sort of person who gambles sufficiently to win the lottery tends to be the sort of person who is going to be then gamble that money.

This goes for venture capital and the like.

Also in the above case I'd probably expect it'd be more a product of taxes/ongoing costs of shiny new things/investment ideas than strictly burning a huge lottery jackpot on 'lifestyle expenses'

I've always felt similar about Australia's Superannuation system. There's definitely ways of deriving a tax advantage, but as a 29 year old now I'm not super confident in the withdrawal ages and sanctity of the product for the next half-century.

Yeah but if they're not liable what relevance does that have to their share price?

Betting markets think it's most likely Harris

What you're describing is essentially the modern NBA, though. Curry brought an era that made spacing and mobility more important than pure height for various reasons. NBA height & weight peaked in 2013, just before the Warriors and Rockets made the 3 pointer so much of a pivotal part of the game. We're now starting to see true ridiculous freak 7-footers like Wembanyama who have the ability to shoot 3's/move dynamically whilst still being gigantic, but you're essentially criticizing a NBA product that hasn't existed since Jordan's era.


A huge part of Phelps was his frame, though. Guy is 193CM tall, 200CM wingspan and would not have been anywhere near as dominant without those two things. Usain Bolt 195CM and had probably the highest topspeed ever as a result of it.

Modern NBA's actually cut down quite a bit on the slow moving, lazy tall players, largely as a result of the 3 point revolution that Steph Curry was a large part of.

Also what raises the question of what is greatness?

Steph Curry optimized the hell out of middling (by NBA standards) physical gifts and redefined the game. A Lebron has way better hardware but arguably achieved more as an individual. Also how do you calibrate a Shaquille O'Neal (absolutely absurd frame, middling work ethic, great career) or a Wilt Chamberlain (S+++++++ athleticism relative to peers but noted asshole and not particularly winning)?

Yeah but realistically most of the candidates here would be using something.

Usain Bolt an outlier upon outliers in a very simple/easily-optimized sport in which most of his contemporaries popped for doping at some point? Either he's like 3-4 levels of outlier from the fastest people ever, or he was doing approximately the same stuff and was only a tier ahead.

I feel a lot of sports would not get any traction if they were debuting for the first time ever now in this media and attention environment.

I think if you pick the right subcultures of active/adjacent criminals you'd reach that kind of number. Certain rap scenes feel like that'd almost be an understatement of the shooting risk.

Last rally before the RNC might have been reason enough to send a high-profile photographer

That pivot has to have some correlation with perceived likelihood of him dropping out, though? There were whispers, they quietened a bit, and now they're back in action so I think there must be some sort of potential weakness displayed by Biden.

Trump is not highly replaceable and this was the first serious attempt on his life.

Trump is relatively unique in this respect, though.

I feel the continuing push from the party has to be indicative of somebody thinking there's a vulnerability there.

Trump shooting really should have been Biden's deliverance. If they're still pressuring despite that, hard to see him clinging on.

Blue Tribe still believe in the power of COVID, though.

Now it seems like every woman absolutely hates the entire Harry Potter franchise because of the whole Terf thing with its author.

I'd say it's firmly in the guilty pleasure channel for most young UMC women, but definitely get a lot more 'literally Hitler' from those born before 1997 or so.

Yeah. Vibes-based but I feel like the last 3 books contained like a tenth of the worldbuilding and new magic introduced compared to the first 4, especially since Goblet was very much 'Look at this vibrant world of wizardry' then 'bang we must gaze at our navels and be sad for 3 books'

7 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by JK Rowling. This was where the series peaked, the next three books suffered from mistakes made here, but this was her best world-building and swashbuckling.

Back when I was dating I used to frequently use 'do you prefer the first half or second half of the Harry Potter series' as a conversation piece, and I found it very interesting that men seem to be very inclined towards the first half and women very inclined towards the second half. Over a good sample of educated women who felt very passionately about Harry Potter, plus general social occasions for men to chime in. Personally feel the whole enterprise goes off a cliff as the word counts expand and the magic contracts from Phoenix onwards, but also potentially a good indicator of women preferring a more emotionally-driven story.