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What reason do you have to say that they aren't going to do it?

"But GW isn't introducing female space marines. So that's a non-issue." is the "it's just a couple of kids in college campuses,..." of tabletop. Anyone paying attention to the hobby culture wars already knows what is the next step, especially after the "Warhammer is for everyone" message.

the main conflict in W40K right now is female Custodes and female space marines. Black people was more an issue in D&D where the racists insisted that orcs were representation of African Americans.

yeah, I forgot about it. Comics gate was so long ago I just remembered it now.

My humble opinion is that they (the wokies et al) notice, and they will continue and double down and berate you if you point at it at all. They simply don't care if you watch or not, its their vanity project, but that is ok because they are making it better for their people (hint: not you). They are the middle management, the marketing people and the danger hairs with liberal arts degrees.

So far they have been getting their way because they were propped up by pension funds like Black Rock and Vanguard, but now that there have been significant outflows of capital there have been some purges, but it won't be enough. Looking for example at Hollywood, the writers guild's strike looks to have been successful in getting concessions from the studios (chaperoned AI [meaning, AI can only be used by the writers themselves, not the studios to replace writers] and a minimum number of writers in each writer's room of 5 I think).

Battlefields I have seen:

Tabletop Games (W40K)
Novels (Nebula award)
Localization of Japanese Entertainment
Gundam Model Kits (This one I think is more a product of the imagination of the antiwoke people, as yuri is an staple of Anime/Manga)

CoC's in Software Dev Projects (This plus the ousting of Linus)
The push for Woke language in programming (example: the Master/slave controversy of a few years)

Marketing in general (Always mixed race or minority pairings, sometimes ads not even related to the product but for the purpose of browbeating their core demographics, the Budlight fiasco, the Gillete ad of "boys will be boys")

The point of it is trying to change the culture from the middle down (remember they are the middle managers and their minions, while some CEO's are probably true believers like the Ice Cream dudes Ben & Jerry, the majority are only looking up to enrich themselves and their cronies like with Bobby Kotick), and if you have any objection it just means you are an enemy and your opinion doesn't matter to them. Just look at the bruhaha that is happening right now with the female Custodes or the Blowback the Lovely Complex Localizer got for giving ammunition to their critics when he went mask off.

He'd just seem very strange.

pre op. Post Op he would have a clear and visible signifier of his weakness(Virtue), easier to grind with costly signals than with just bend fingers and a grumpy disposition.

The attitude "fuck, why not" goes completely against how the medical profession ought to operate and if followed by doctors in practice, it should come with professional penalties.

I think this is what happens when status and money is highly placed on a profession. After a certain amount of time there will be people that just want the associated benefits and resources that lack the mentalscape desired for the profession. Add to that societies of very low trust like India or Latin America and its a recipe for disaster unless you thoroughly vet your doc.

it's just that I already had an example in mind for one of the points of your so called "illuminati theory", for the one that is the most outlandish at that. The others are results from the functions of the government, so I don't know why you think they aren't controlled by it, reports of WMD for war and lowering or rising interest rates through the federal reserve for the stock market and inflation. The only tricky one would be Pandemics, but as COVID19 shows, you can fund your illnesses abroad if the local laws prevent gain of function research where you are.

The idea that "TPTB" can control literally everything, including ... social unrest,

well, according with that article, with the magic of a Zoom call they can. No idea why would you ask about it, unless you forgot that article.

hmmm, my ingroup may consist only of me then.

The only saving grace (excuse the expression) is that the internet has led to an explosion of amateur erotic writing, most of which is terrible, but which is at least more creative than most of the soft core era.

You may want to know that all the major platforms are clamping down on anything horny:


Sorry it is a link to a youtube video, but it looks like this more recent push isn't being reported on the news.

thanks for the heads up, added another link.

One of the big complaints about the modern trends in gaming is the disappearance of the "AA" game. That sort of middle-ground between budget/indie and AAA. I think Alan Wake 2 should have been an AA game.

I think that is more the realm of the Japanese and other Asian devs. Things for example like the recent Unicorn Overlord.

interesting that they gave her rosacea, or at least it is more pronounced in your link. At 3:21 she still looks like Nicado, at 3:23 not so much, so lighting may be a contributing factor to the imitation.

from the first one to the second one, yeah, she got fat

EDIT.- Alternate link because the other one got mangled. Sorry that its to iFunny.

And considering that Alan Wake 2, IMO was actually pretty good,

that may be your (and game Journos) own bias, it looks like thought it is Remedy's fastest Selling Game (at least according to estimates), the last news about the topic is that it still didn't turn a profit.

2 points:

it's uglyer, if the word was ugly you would have a point.

she now looks like a wester Muk Bang Youtuber

translation to English by professional translators who also do books and TV scripts usually improves the writing quality of bad game writers

except that they aren't translators, they are localizers, and they proudly declare themselves as such. Jelly Donuts is their work's infancy. You may be interested in the current Unicorn Overlord drama brewing on X.

Your theory is that the pretty women in the google images for characters like M.J. in the recent Spiderman II or Alloy in the Horizon Forbidden West games are just fat with good fashion sense? How does that square with Stellar Blade?

Andy Warhol's Brillo boxes, or his prints of Marilyn Monroe - turning the concept of mass production itself into an aesthetic phenomenon.

is modern art really art?, or is it just a Banana taped to the wall?

you think Random meant that they were reactionary conservatives instead of only conservatives?

godamn if that wasn't entertaining. have you ever had repeat customers? if yes, what was the situation like?.

I wonder which part of the incline belongs to the different Intersectional consulting services so ubiquitous now a days.

nowhere is this more prevalent that with the Doomers obsession with Skynet.

maybe they are in the closet? wouldn't surprise me, with the vitriol any whiff of right wing gets among lefties.