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that is against the rules of speak plainly.

there is no /s at the end, so it's better to err on the side of not assuming things, it's 3 AC after all and Poe Law is in effect.

yeah, I agree that consumers having imperfect information and mistaken beliefs is one of the many distortionary factors that make capitalism not work so well in practice. But hey what can you do, consumers are going to act on their beliefs, true or not..

with this do you mean that the government is the consumer of X?

Could be. In this instance time will tell. I'm just waiting to start the series when the last book comes out.

Is that or no final book (and the publisher won't leave money in the table, I bet they already have the eulogy written and the contract with Sanderson drafted). Your choice nerds.

but also special in that thousands of people with PhD's, from Montana to Mongolia, overwhelmingly agree that its possible to model climate usefully.

Well, they have a vested interest in it, no?

What reason do I have to disbelieve climate science that doesn't also apply to designing bleeding edge microchips, or medicine, or applied physics

that they at least produce the predicted results, be it a bleeding edge chip or a failed attempt at one, weather forecasting as I see it isn't much better than an old man and bad knees.

What makes climate science different?

That is trying to understand a really complex system, that a myriad of special interest have their hands in all kinds of places, and that the system as such began a long long time ago and we don't know much about that period.

I'm back at special pleading that science is a liar in this case in particular.

not this case in particular, you can add Psychology with its replication crisis to the pile and whatever the COVID clusterfuck was.

You sound weirdly confident for someone that just admitted to not knowing about the franchise. But to each their own I guess.

A collection of somewhat disassociated thoughts in the matter:

Fate these days is a waifu gacha game before all else.

it's between a gacha game and a visual novel (as was the original). Being a gacha game doesn't preclude it from good writing either, even though I must admit the first part of the story is rough (explained I think by being a project that wasn't expected to be as successful as it was). Shimousa, Camelot, Babylonia and the lostbelts are worth it to slog through the Orleans (even if it had the Mozart speech to Mash) and Oceanus of the game.

As for Eva, yeah, it's a shame that the movies weren't as iconic as the original works, but considering the story, it would be difficult to follow up on it after EoE. It would be difficult to gauge the interest of the fandom in side stories in the same universe, considering the apparent totality of Seele.

And something more appropriate to compare 40K or MTG to, would be to gundam, where there is a physical and collecting aspect to it.

On the topic of western franchises for every Eva over there, we have to contend with our own star wars and Marvel/DC shenanigans. It's a fact of life that greed seeps in and properties can be mismanaged (the Final A Song of Fire and Ice book will have Sanderson in the cover, mark my words) or corpos can Virtue Signal and toss under the bus iconic artists that worked for them.

Koreans tend to be more attractive

isn't beauty in the eye of the beholder (or attractiveness in this case)?

chess, engineer billions of transistors per sq in, manipulate genomes, program LLMs with billions of tokens, perform a million-trillion operations every second.

All of those are discrete (except manipulation of genomes), chess has an finite number of movements and we are barely understanding the genome; grouping it with something simple as chess is disingenuous. By contrast the climate has a number of inputs that can't even be comprehended, are analogue in nature and affect it in variable ways, from mayor ocean currents and wind fronts to cow farts and the movement of people. We can't even predict the weather from one day to another, just forecast it with probabilities.

I would prefer we keep only the pretty ones.

I assume that is due to ignorance, as there is no Disney movie with the horrors of pre-colonization life, it must have been rainbows and flowers and all that noble savage jazz.

allow people to answer the widely debated philosophical question of the moral worth of a fetus for themselves,

just a hat tip, to pro-lifers there is no debate, murder is murder; that is what everyone else always get wrong about them.

well, everyone is gay for Bridget.

It sounds like now you are the one assuming facts not in evidence.

Well yes, if you can do it so can I too. My rules enforced > your rules enforced fairly > your rules enforced unfairly.

Given who these guys are, it is very, very likely that portions were excluded at the behest of the defense, because they included the defendants using epithets and the like.

Objection!, your honor the plaintiff is assuming things not in evidence.

Tell me, have the defendants or their attorneys complained that they were not permitted to introduce exculpatory evidence?

Publicly not that I have seen, privately between the parties involved is another matter.

so, just an edited portion is shown to the jury. Doesn't pass the smell test for me, but it doesn't surprise me anymore.

it appears that the footage was entered as evidence but not shown to the Jury, from the link in the OP

We have previously reported on how the groups cell phones were given to the FBI by Coeur d’Alene Police, pursuant to a Federal Warrant that has not yet been seen by the Police, the defendants, the Judges in the case, and has not been entered into any court records.

The group’s leader, Thomas Rousseau, has alleged in a motion that those phones contain exculpatory evidence showing a “dress rehearsal from the day before” as well as body cam recordings from the day of the arrest.

The Judge granted Rousseau’s motion to compel.

In a video posted on the groups’ social media account 5 days after their arrest, some of that bodycam video is shown. According to notes taken by Casey Whalen during the trial, that footage was admitted into evidence, but not shown to the jury.

that footage was admitted into evidence, but not shown to the jury

Yes, but a jury that has seen all the evidence is much more likely to be right than some guy on the internet who hasn't, especially when that person has an obvious bias.

Wasn't part of the controversy the seizing of the phones? Doesn't look like your theory of juries applies to this case at all.

What would you say is the national identity of Australia in modern times?

he is that good of an Actor. Part of the old guard.

I would assume they become the activist class, agitating for tearing down the system and instituting Marxism.

hence the Quokka meme that is so richly deserved in the rat community.

"My rules enforced > your rules enforced fairly > your rules enforced unfairly"