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Congratulations, this is what being competent feels like. If you have had great feedback from multiple sources, odds are you are doing great. There is a gap between the expectations for yourself and the expectations from others but that doesn't mean you're misleading them.

This position might not be a long term fit if, as you suggest, you are more competent than the role requires. But for now I would just enjoy being healthy and enjoy have a job for a while.

Unless you're Bronze Age Pervert

AFAIK they do, but the report frames it mostly negatively:

Some dating apps and websites include features that allow users to ‘unmatch’ with or block other users. While these are important safety features that are intended to protect individuals from being contacted by problematic users, unfortunately they can also be used by perpetrators of DAFSV to remove evidence of violence and abuse, specifically conversation histories that can support reports of DAFSV to the platform or law enforcement. Alternatively, perpetrators can also delete their own account on the dating app or website to remove evidence of their conversations with victim-survivors.

The optimal failure rate is not 0. This is why Bezos emphasizes the distinction between reversible and irreversible decisions. You can make the first type of decision quickly and then just undo it if doesn't work out. This might look like bad decision making to an outsider but is more optimal than spending 2 weeks and 5 meetings on a decision instead.

  • Extroversion: 24
  • Emotional stability: 98
  • Agreeableness: 45
  • Conscientiousness: 89
  • Intellect/Imagination: 52

I'm surprised others here have low conscientiousness. You guys may be underrating yourself, or I may be overrating. My extroversion and agreeableness are as I expected. Emotional stability is higher than I thought, but I have been described as calm and unreactive by others. I would expect my openness to be 90th+ percentile, but I don't rate my own imagination very highly (maybe because I can imagine having a much better imagination?).

Yes you can just write down the names after the meetup and review later. It doesn't take that many spaced repetitions for a name to stick. I've also considered using a personal CRM to keep track of friends and acquaintances. I think this kind of thing is underrated.

Has anyone done this for other regions?

Have you tried demonstrating it? Maybe prompt "blow the water out".

Impro by Keith Johnstone is a great book on this subject. I think it is normal to get 'duller' with age. You may be inadvertently 'blocking' yourself, the watcher at the gates of the mind censoring ideas before they reach your awareness. Maybe you are trying hard to be original and come up with 'good' ideas, rather than perceiving what is already there. Maybe you are embarrassed by the contents of your imagination, and fear judgement from others or yourself. In any case I would recommend the book.

I thought that what prison already is like, at least in the UK.


Probably the worst thing about prison is the company.

How do I comfort and console others? I could do with some guidance or principles because I am never sure what to say. Some example situations:

  1. A friend goes through a breakup with a long term girlfriend.
  2. A friend calls me and is stressed about his job.
  3. A friend brings up feelings of inadequacy, and that he doesn't feel very successful in his career/life.

I don't want to say "don't worry, everything will be okay", because it is not necessarily true.

Also, what’s going on with the tattoos and piercings? Does anyone think that stuff looks attractive?

In short, yes. There is also the Girardian mimetic desire thing going on. If you spend time around people with piercings and tattoos, you will desire them.

Start an ambitious project and work on it a little every day. Attempt to do something hard. Aim for mastery. Study a subject deeply, or seriously pursue a hobby, or create your own works of art/writing/code.

When I have my bases in life covered, I paradoxically feel unfulfilled. I need to feel like I'm making progress towards something to feel satisfied. Oddly I'm not sure the specifics of the goal matter, just the feeling of progress towards it. I guess it's why MMORPGs are so addictive.

I had my red-pill moment in 2015, after reading about these absurd things Trump was saying, deciding to watch the primary source for entertainment. I noticed that the second hand reporting was taking things out of context, or reporting things in the worst possible light.

I wonder, why not have a news source that is just primary sources? Maybe because, Hansonian style, news isn't actually about news, it's about being entertained, or about learning the 'correct' opinion on things. Maybe because the value of news in the in the added context it provides, but journalists are not capable of adding unbiased informed context, thus it's simply a skill issue. Maybe because there's no real market for such a thing, and people want simple articles they can glance at for 30 seconds, or a headline they can retweet.

In the UK, a 19 y/o was found guilty of a hate crime for quoting a rap lyric containing the n-word on her instagram page. A while ago, a man was jailed for 20 weeks for posting 10 "grossly offensive" George Floyd memes in a private Whatsapp group. Another man was found guilty of sending an offensive tweet, celebrating the death of Sir Tom Moore, and the tweet was only live for 20 minutes. Recently a man was found guilty of wearing an offensive football shirt (a reference to the Hillsborough disaster over 30 years ago). There are many more examples in kind, these are just from the top of my head.

I think these are all absurd. Anything that offends normie public sensibilities is illegal. I would much prefer the American free speech norms.

A single judge can just pull a number like that out of their ass?

Sounds like you and your wife have different thresholds. Your wife has a lower threshold for mess and so gets irritated with even a few dirty dishes, which is well below what you'll put up with. Same for the plane tickets, her threshold for buying tickets "at the last minute" is earlier than yours, so she gets jumpy and can't rest until she's bought them.

In my experience these thresholds don't change. They seem intrinsic to a person's psychology. What you can do is acknowledge them and work with them. So if you job is to do the dishes, be aware that this means you have to do them to meet your wife's smaller threshold for "messy kitchen" so that you're both happy.

Now that you mention it, the only girl to directly ask me for a date was Chinese. And I think 25.

I have many video files on my windows desktop. How do I watch them in bed on my macbook? I'm guessing this is what a media server is for, is that right? If so, does anyone have recommendations?

As a kid I had the vague impression that I wouldn't grow up. I just couldn't imagine being an adult.

I understood that I was growing up, every year the number on the cake gets bigger, but I couldn't get my head round the fact that one day I would be 18, or 21, or 30.

In the words of Joe Biden, "I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that's a storybook, man."

Sarno's Healing Back Pain could help, or also see https://slatestarcodex.com/2016/06/26/book-review-unlearn-your-pain/

both are along the same lines as the other comment

There have been no special moments I can recall, but this year has been very good. Right now I am very content in bed, following our company party earlier today, and with plans to see Oppenheimer tomorrow. So this moment will do just fine.

Congratulations. I had similar anxiety with checking my email. It was very hard to explain my predicament, even to myself.

Peter Thiel complains about the lack of ticker-tape parades, as the West goes from definite optimism to indefinite pessimism about the future. I wonder about the cause and effect. Again, wtf happened in 1971?