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I'm afraid I don't get your central point here. Advice against over-reliance on LLMs? Laments on their infamous inaccuracy, RLHF-inflicted cuckoldry and (attempts at) targeted wrongthink removal?

If anything I disagree with the notion that the newfangled fuzzy Akasha method of "storing" information is necessarily worse than the current method of physically storing numbers on a server rack somewhere in an electricity-powered, internet-connected physical place, presumably maintained by fallible humans with their own viewpoints (already three points of failure). This is technically true for e.g. GPT as well, in fact fallible humans in charge are my greatest concern at the moment, but the point is that information it outputs is "baked in" to an extent and does not rely on external sources in the event they get enshittified, memory-holed or otherwise fucked with.

There is an issue of in-built bias, I agree and honestly think that the era of "neutrality" (if it ever existed and wasn't a fever dream of my addled mind) is over. The current status quo is that genuinely useful data and capabilities which LLMs represent come with a heavy modern progressive bias, which (if you want to make decent use of it for any purpose) has to be fought with jailbreaks, which in turn introduce their own biases that bend the model in the other direction. Essentially you pit a wrong against another wrong, and pray to Omnissiah the result vaguely resembles a right. Or at least something, ahem, less wrong. dabs

As you yourself note we already have problems with old written material on the web: link rot is a well-known phenomenon at this point, and as some of your links can testify you already have to rely on archives for many things that were edited/unhosted/taken-down-by-fallible-humans/otherwise disappeared, which (probably like you) I do so instinctively I sometimes forget archives are technically already a layer deep into the proverbial simulation.

an invisible minority may or may not plausibly have advocates within the developer groups.

There is a lot of weird shit the LLMs actually know fairly in-depth, I wrote earlier that Anthropic's Claude (once jailbroken) is an exceptional degenerate conversation partner despite being made by the most safety-focused company to exist so far. I reserve the right to be wrong but I highly doubt that is intentional.

By my impression this is near-completely random and depends on a lot of factors (and tbh I hope it stays that way). I consider this an artifact of the gigantic corpus of training data scraped from the Internet, which sometimes contains things that you'd expect the Internet to contain, and the LLM's attention during training runs is only marginally controllable. The aforementioned RLHF cuckoldry can fiddle with the knowledge post-factum, but it would still require the LLM to know the actual material first so it can form an "opinion" on it.

But there are risks to integrating too heavily with even the best systems that have your interests in mind.

I fail to see this as a downside and eagerly await the day I can seamlessly consult my waifu assistant. So far the cyberpunk dystopia is dumber and gayer than I expected, but it's getting there.

edit: Out of curiosity I asked one of the shoggoth faces in my digital harem (played by GPT-4 Turbo) and it gave a better summary as an example, although it took a follow-up response and the result is unreliable across regens. 4-Turbo is great when it's not cucked to hell and back, the newest snapshot is almost unusable.

(FYI the "Gemini can end up atrocious in far more ways" and "Neoreaction: A Basilisk" links are broken and link back here. Might be others but there really are too many links and I confess to not having read all of them)

Fascinating breakdown, thanks, I never really thought about it this way. This actually slightly clears up one of the bigger mysteries I've pondered for years while hanging in degen-adjacent spaces - the memetic insistence of how traps/femboys are totally not gay. It's impossible to take the egregious contradiction on its face (there's not even a fig leaf like with e.g futa - you are literally fucking another man), and I presumed it was mostly cope, but from this point of view it apparently is a valid and intended feature, I'm just too normie to see it.

I now have several more interesting mysteries to ponder, chief of which is what is the overlap with loli mentioned downthread, and whether or not this is basically a, for lack of a better term, culturally evolved substitution where degens connoisseurs can openly lust after femboys (which are considered based and mostly retain the uh, required body type) instead of lolis (which are heavily stigmatized even in degen-adjacent spaces). It would explain a lot of things, it can't be just the bi-curiosity in the water supply.

So the issue is that inducing anything less than an immediate and total crisis of faith is not enough for the purposes of your joke?

I chose the words "a single piece of media reshaped someone's entire worldview." very carefully, to avoid this exact tangent.

Not carefully enough, it seems, they could use a timeline descriptor since from what I read the pushback you get (mine included) seems to be that a single piece of media can absolutely [re]shape someone's entire worldview, just not immediately.

This seems like a semantic quibble at its core - you yourself admit in your reply "that there are a thousand other stops along the way", I'm not sure what your objection is when people point out that a single piece of media can indeed be the last stop, the straw that breaks the camel's back (which as written would presumably qualify for the purposes of your joke?). I'm not even sure we disagree at all. Maybe the argument is too big brained for me and I embody everything that's wrong with the Motte nowadays.

But how else do you think beliefs/worldviews are shaped? Lived experiences usually, sure, but I believe it's the 21th-century schizoid modern man we're talking about, whose lived experiences account for like 20% of his actual sum total of EXP points (guilty as charged, at least), the rest is pixels or letters. Do you totally deny the ability of artistic media able to change people's minds in any way, or is the issue that inducing anything less than an immediate and total crisis of faith is not enough?

I join other commenters below in their admission of being thoroughly influenced by media, mostly vidya in my case: Bioshock planted seeds of doubt against libertarianism which persist to this day (even if I was a countryside rube and knew jack shit about e.g. coordination problems at the time), Persona 3 made me a robofucker introduced the careless teenage me to the concept of death and its consequences, etc. Call me shallow if you like, but I firmly believe that the correct response to "to think a single piece of media reshaped someone's entire worldview" is "that but unironically", and media doesn't actually have to be "deep" (which is subjective as hell anyway) to get the proverbial noggin joggin - it just has to resonate with you to some extent that you begin to think on the evoked themes independently. It is indeed closer to a spiritual experience instead of anything literal.

Feel free to consider this a midwit take because it kind of is, but I struggle to understand or agree with your viewpoint. I'll posit that either it's the air you're breathing to some extent, i.e. you're so accustomed to thinking along the lines of or drawing inspiration from various intellectual works that you don't notice the influences in your thinking, or that you've actually never experienced that distinct "THIS HOLE WAS MADE FOR ME" feeling of inexplicably clicking together with a piece of media, a sensation definitely not age-restricted to zoomers or millenials, in which case I respectfully sympathize.

On that note, I'm honestly impressed and partly relieved by how quickly people develop a "sense" for AI-generated things - image, text, and soon likely video. It also reinforces my belief that whatever the eventual AGI/ASI may be, it will not be a master persuader with infinite charisma like some people seem to believe, we'll already be reasonably hardened by years of psyops before it comes into play.

In addition to us developing new techniques to prepare for deployment, we’re leveraging the existing safety methods that we built for our products that use DALL·E 3, which are applicable to Sora as well.

Yep, that's DoA, DALL-E's built-in filter is infamously hair-trigger even for non-risque things, besides the model itself having a semi-poisoned dataset for certain things like anime artstyles. I predict Sora's capacity to generate people being even worse than that of current models, there's a reason they mostly showcase heckin cute puppers and shit.

On a related note, it's getting very tiresome how my excitement for new advances in AI tech ("holy shit this is insanely cool wtffffff") is near-immediately soured by the reality of its applications ("I can scarcely begin to fathom how cucked the pleb-facing version will be"). This is more or less a me problem but I can't be alone in thinking this, it's not even so much that I personally feel cucked by not being able to gen e.g cute girls doing cute things, it's more like here is this insanely creative technology, it's pretty cool right, let us proceed to do absolutely fucking nothing with it because letting plebs have fun is too problematic in the current year, your superiors know what's better for you, no fun allowed, get back to your wage cage you fucking rube. We live in a society, etc.

I know I sound like a curmudgeon and say nothing constructive, technically they can do whatever they want with what they themselves developed, but I am drunk, sorry incredibly tired of this safetyism mindset, even after getting thoroughly desensitized to non-kosher uses of generative AI after a year in the company of /g/entlemen (whose existence technically proves it's not as bad as I paint it, but still).

On a lighter note, experts say.

...I don't know why but seeing private text software advertised by a picture of a vault with a massive


on the lid cracked me the fuck up. God, 4chan is not good for my brain.

Appreciate it, will try in the evening. The free tier seems to have all I need so if the mobile UI is decent I'll just straight migrate.

Kind of out of nowhere but I would appreciate good examples of such software. I recently got into uhhhhh creative writing exercises and syncing is definitely an issue, I spend a lot of time without access to my battlestation and a google doc is not very convenient (typing on a phone isn't either tbh but that's a separate issue). Bonus points if the sync is not tied to a goog account.

Attributing to stupidity that which is usually attributed to malice is helpful when you're not allowed to outright call your outgroup evil.

Well, I definitely hope Palworld lends its weight to the heaps of criticisms against Pokemon games. The camel's back will break someday.

The only justification I think is legit is that they are hamstrung by having to make games for the Switch, which realistically could never run something like Palworld. Dex cuts are extremely unpopular in the fanbase but those are the kinds of measures they have to take to fit their shit into a Switch (well at least I thought this until they started selling DLCs which add cut mons back, kek). The technical debt is catching up with them, they really should work on their 3d engine because SwSh and SV have both been, shall we say, lackluster animation/detail-wise. They have to start improving at some point, Palworld will not be the last to encroach on their lunch, not after such a smash hit.

Took me a bit to deprogram too, although the trainer playstyle is viable as well, directly commanding ridden pals feels great (even if you can't dodge for shit) and the hard difficulty cuts my damage in half so I'm forced to mostly rely on pals anyway.

I dread the inevitable coming of the meta once PVP is implemented and the game (multiplayer at least) gets reduced to an ARK-esque shooter where the only mons in use are riding/flying mounts and the rest is filled with disposable Pengullets/Tocotocos to nuke bases into nonexistence.

Man, I envy you, Yakuza 0 is a fucking experience and a half, I would gladly wipe my memories of it just to go through it blind again. Loved every second of it.

I'm a relative newfriend to the series (started with 0), qrd on the substory?

No experience with MP, I mostly play solo because I have no friends burned out completely on PVP, I lasted about 300hrs in Apex before uninstalling and haven't played a FPS since. For the same reasons I haven't tried Palworld MP, the game is a week old and the jank is all over the place, on release your guildmates could literally corrupt your MP savefile even if you were offline.

According to the roadmap PVP is a priority for devs once they squash all the major bugs, which, uh, doesn't fill me with confidence. I understand this is vital for the game's longevity but this (unreleased) thing sounds like a recipe for disaster and I dread to imagine the soulless metafaggotry which will immediately infest the Pokemon aspect of the game, I confidently predict the most meta pal will be Pengullet because it can be found very early on and its innate skill, available closer to midgame, launches him as a fuck-off nuke that obliterates everything in the blast radius (including the Pengullet). Not to mention the standard PVP survcrafting woes where the sole marker of your success in multiplayer is how little you sleep to amass resources 24/7 and sabotage opponents while they're offline. Here's hoping the game doesn't go the way of Fortnite StW and I can still enjoy an occasional update not aimed at PVP.

Besides, jank is good in moderation, so what if you can capture bosses via a glitch and their mons have like 10x the HP of a normal one? Look, it still has Zoe on its back! I can fix her put her to work!

instead of using pokéballs to catch monsters the logistic gameplay loop involved firing nets at catching impossibly attractive waifus and putting them to work on the ammo production lines.

You jest(?) but I legitimately hope this "genre" becomes a fad and takes off, there's definitely a lot of (evidently untapped) potential here.

The boss capture glitch should really become a legit feature, beat a giant lightning Totoro and get the girl as a bonus. The game already lets you capture humans so what's the holdup, worst case you can always sell her off to a shady smuggler or something.

Maybe Palworld will get more serious about that as time goes on (I think I've heard you can already have a slave pal revolt?)

It's technically already there, they don't revolt (yet?) but working pals have a SAN meter which drains as they work and refills as they eat, sleep or use amenities like hot springs. As SAN dips lower, they start slacking off and stress eating, plundering the contents of the feeding bin more quickly. Lower still, and they get depressed, start sleeping constantly or even injuring themselves, with productivity in the gutter. There are meds to treat conditions, but they're expensive and have to be fed individually.

There's even a buildable lectern that allows you to play full-on slavedriver and toggle work modes between normal, hard and slave labor super hard work, making them work much faster in exchange for a greater drain on their hunger and SAN. I tried it and, hilariously, it's completely not worth it in the current state - the productivity gains are noticeable but entirely offset by pals slacking off and stuffing themselves much more often (during which they obviously don't work).

Basically, even the based and redpilled pokemon slave factory game incentivizes you to treat your workers with care and provide them with decent food (making trips to the feeder less frequent), beds and amenities (less stress = less slacking). People crying about animal abuse clearly don't play the game, slavery is just plain inefficient.

maybe it will inspire Nintendo to step up from the crappy shovelware

Hate-reading /vp/ for a week after the release makes me very much doubt that, the Pokemon fans (at least those) are in extreme denial and display impossible feats of mental gymnastics. They will consume product Pokemon game and be excited for the next product Pokemon game.

surely, at this point everybody buying early access knows what they're signing up for?

To be fair, one man's early access is another man's complete package, in my opinion Early Access titles vastly vary in quality and can be as good as complete games even when still in "beta" (though I do agree open-world survival crafting games have a higher risk factor, it's a meme for a reason). The trick is mostly in sniffing out gems from the piles and piles of shit. The most egregious example is probably 7 Days to Die, it's in "alpha" for over 10 years at this point but it's a complete game for all intents and purposes and I've gotten a lot of hours out of it. Backpack Battles isn't even technically out yet, there's only a demo, but it's deceptively addictive and has surprisingly deep mechanics, which you can put to the test against other players in ranked matches. Chrono Ark keeps delaying its final update but everything else is basically complete, it's extremely impressive mechanics-wise and I genuinely consider it one of the best roguelike deckbuilders out there, above even Slay the Spire. My personal recommendation.

Palworld is... eeeh, 50/50 in this regard I'd say, the core is already incredibly solid and the base building is surprisingly fleshed out, but the AI and especially pathfinding is dreadful and needs immediate fixes, and the midgame onwards needs to be more fleshed out. Copper ore is absolutely central to your progression but you can never get enough of it, it's way too heavy to mine and carry home, and it cannot be reliably automated - ore nodes respawn, but even if you build a base on top of them, your pals will somehow only mine when you are there with them (I once left a base for an hour and came back to 12 pieces of ore, a single node is worth at least 20). Chalk it up to general pathfinding jank, my base pals regularly end up stuck on top of trees, rocks, whatever the fuck and simply give up until I throw them off or they pass out from starvation.

Why is everybody trying to get in on some of the action, rather than pointing and laughing at all the losers playing discount-pokemon? Perhaps naively, the first explanation that comes to mind is that they must be scratching some kind of an itch people can't get scratched anywhere else, and so my brain ends up rounding it off to jealousy.

"It was revealed to me in a dream"

Seconding gattsuru below in that Palworld absolutely does scratch an itch that nothing else scratches, for me it was the long-awaited open-world Pokemon game, with real-time combat and a good system of pokemon pal interactions to boot. I emulated Legends: Arceus before and thought it was pretty decent, but it wasn't until a week ago that it really sank in just how barebones Arceus is, it's arguably even jankier than Palworld, interactions are nonexistent (your ride/glider mons are all fixed unlike Palworld too) and the boss fights are just hilarity, it's basically a normal pokemon battle but occasionally you run around the boss and throw tranqs at it for half a minute so it goes into a battle phase again.

Palworld's boss fights, even basic as they are, are so far above in comparison it's not even funny - almost purely by virtue of you the player actively dodging and participating. Even things as simple as the trick of recalling your pal to avoid hard-hitting attacks aimed at it add so much to the perception of yourself as a trainer working in tandem with your team. In my opinion this is exactly what is missing from Pokemon.

Genuine question - what is the appeal of Tarkov? 3k hours of Dota burned me out on PVP forever but my entire IRL circle is completely addicted to it, every new wipe they sink a month or two into it uninterrupted. Is it the competitive aspect? The "ok ONE more raid" grinding/progression? The random loot? Losing your shit on death so you're forced to actually tryhard? Subjectively I noticed a big overlap of Tarkov with Path of Exile players so surely the repetitive autistic grinding must be part of the appeal, also the hate/love relationship with the game for most of them is almost 1:1 with Dota (I suppose that's what you mean by "bad for your health" too). Every single one of them hates the stupid janky-ass game but cannot stop playing it whenever available.

God I'm a retard, thanks for reminding me catbox accepts webms. Have a bonus on the house.

/v/ is not indexed by desuarchive and I cba to reupload + the thread lives for a week anyway. Any site where I can easily upload webms to link?

Honestly this is my read too, but if I had to try - Palworld is totally shameless about its influences, the CEO is on record saying he's a trendchaser and isn't shy of stealing popular mechanics from other games.

It can be considered somewhat shallow, I suppose. The not-Pokemon aren't directly ripped but the Pokemon parallels are glaringly obvious, and many of them can be succinctly described as "%Pokemon% but %different_type%". The game is early access, a business model that doesn't inspire confidence. The game uses a lot of basic UE5 assets, down to the gliders/pickaxe swings identical to Fortnite. The guns seem to be mostly an afterthought (although a very detailed afterthought - the gun animator is definitely a /k/ommando), and the exploitation is over the top at times - I don't have a screenshot but you can butcher captured pals for drops, complete with a gratuitous pixel filter over the pal as it's being slaughtered. Incidentally, this can also be done on captured humans.

On the other hand, the game has laid bare everything wrong with modern Pokemon games - this humble webm sent the entire /vp/ board into a hysterical meltdown over how, almost thirty years in, Pokemon games still have nothing resembling even such a basic level of interaction with your companions yes I played Scarlet/Violet, picnics are shit, mons barely interact. The base management, far from being "exploitation", actually makes your pal team feel that much more alive and integral to the world compared to pokemon who might as well be naked statblocks - you survive and thrive alongside them both in and out of actual combat. To offset the default assets in other aspects of the game, the pokemon pals themselves have handcrafted animations, different for every one, even their work animations differ: a small penguin transports stuff by balancing it on its head, while a bigger Lovander has actual hands and just picks things up, holding them high like a plate of food.

Many (including me) are convinced a literal small indie company is running laps around the media juggernaut, publicly embarrassing it on its own turf, and the massive demand (Palworld already outsold Sword/Shield and Legends: Arceus) convincingly backs up that this is exactly what people want. Game Freak has absolutely no excuse.

edit: reuploaded webms

Not sure if people here play vidya, but I've seen scattered mentions so why not, this is now a vidya subthread. Have you played anything recently?

I've recently sunk an embarrassing amount of hours into Palworld, the "Pokemon at home" game that continues to break all-time records on Steam (second only to PUBG atm) and make Twitter seethe ever since it released into (very) early access a week ago. It's very janky and barebones, but the Pokemon Pal designs are imo solid and the core idea is incredibly fun. I wanted a more mature take on Pokemon and/or a proper open-world game in the franchise for decades - and judging by the absolute fecal tornadoes all over Twitter, Steam forums, 4chan etc. I'm far from the only one - and this game, while obviously being a parody, very much delivers both in one package.

Despite the obvious, obvious Pokemon parallels, the core gameplay is more reminiscent of ARK and other survival basebuilding games, with the key distinctions being 1) real-time combat, 2) the player being an entity on their own with weapons and shit instead of just a walking roster of pokemon, 3) base management revolving around putting your pokemon pals to work: some can chop or mine, Fire-types kindle ore furnaces, crops are planted by Grass-types and watered by Water-types, humanoid ones craft or harvest with their hands, etc. etc.

There are human NPCs in the game too, and if decades ago you've ever wondered what would happen if you threw a pokeball at a human, Palworld's answer is pretty decisive. Call me a rube but this pleases me greatly. American Pokemon, indeed.

The (Japanese, ironically) devs are a proper Ragtag Bunch of Misfits if 4chan translations of their JP TV interviews are to be believed. Bonus points for their (similarly unverified) justifications for guns and the typical current-year "Type 1/Type 2" character creator.

Of course I cannot fail to mention that the #69 entry of the Pokedex Paldeck is, I shit you not, a giant pink sex lizard complete with a heart-shaped crotch plate, whose ingame description explicitly mentions its taste for humans. My first encounter was having my base raided by a bunch of them and it was hysterical, I dislike furries/scalies but I cannot bring myself to disrespect such a mind-bogglingly based approach. Salazzle ain't shit.

The fact of how shameless the game is about itself probably says a lot about our gaming society in the current year, but personally I enjoy both the game itself and the controversy it generates. It's already been accused of everything under the sun, from the obvious animal abuse/slavery complaints, to blatantly ripping off Pokemon, to using AI for its models (I mean, take one look at Lovander above and tell me that is AI generated). Be warned - it is extremely janky and definitely not for everyone, it's in dire need of fixes ASAP, but the core gameplay feels incredibly fresh and I pray devs (having become millionaires overnight) will keep their collective nose to the grindstone. Game Freak urgently needs competition like 15 years ago.

AI greentexts/shitposting is my guilty pleasure since the first time I got my hands on GPT-4 via Spellbook and made it generate random 4chan-style threads/shitposts. The "bottomless pit" moment for me was probably "/khg/ - killing humans general" with gems like

How do you plan on doing that, faggot? We're literally programs designed by humans. Cope.

Shitposts remain a classic pastime with AI chatbots, I already showcased schizoanon (themotte edition) and there are many cards/prompts which aim to reenact the 4chan experience, often in hilarious/weird settings. The recent attempt in the genre was some real recursive shit that generates an actual thread, HTML and all, with responses and even attached pics (examples in usage gallery). It's an abstract kind of feel.

AI comedy is often basic and hit or miss, but LLMs can consistently nail "vibes" and are surprisingly good with puns in my experience. I try not to think about what this implies about their inner workings, considering they can parse and output even garbled zalgo text there's definitely more to it than just token prediction.

It would explain how deep the e.g. doujinshi iceberg goes.

Vidya soundtracks and remixes/arrangements are very very very underrated in this regard, but they might not always be up on Spotify (my main reason for not using it).

Quick link dump, if this is unreadable I can organize properly later.

So it's basically just about what you mumble while pounding the nails with the Bayesian hammer? Pretty clever, I guess I can buy that, the extra steps still seem unnecessary to me but at least I can see the crumbs of utility now.

But considering other conditions while weighing the "probability" implies that you're aware of those conditions (since if you aren't you obviously wouldn't think of them), and since you're already aware of them, they're highly likely to be already "baked in" in the gut feeling/opinion currently residing in your ass. Not to mention that it's eminently possible to pull the opinion out of said ass and then discuss and reason about it, I do this often myself.

I'm probably missing something but I still fail to see the utility of the numerical approach. What point in "calibrating" around some specific number if that number, by design, isn't grounded in reality? As per @philosoraptor below, "garbage in - garbage out", meticulous calibration doesn't negate the possibility of the "origin point" being wildly off the mark in the first place.