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Where are the Snowdens of yesteryear?

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Where are the Snowdens of yesteryear?

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the US for not letting Ukraine negotiate a peace

US hyperagency/rest of world hypoagency is not just for left wingers it seems.

This is the first gattpost that I could actually 90% understand if I read slowly, which makes me wonder if I should touch more grass.

This is peculiar and points to the GHE being weak

So you are admitting that the GHE exists and we are merely quibbling over effect sizes? Otherwise, I still don't know why we are talking about greenhouses.

If the atmosphere is warmer, it seems straightforward that the ground becomes warmer than it would be if the atmosphere was colder.

I don't get it.

The key is that Tyndall showed CO2 absorbs IR, but this in and of itself isn’t the greenhouse effect. The effect is the (extra) warming a surface undergoes as a result of said absorption.

If you agree that CO2 absorbs IR, and therefore an atmosphere with more CO2 gets warmer than an atmosphere with less CO2 given a constant heat input (as far as I can tell this is experimentally verified), I don't see what there is to discuss.

The digression about how greenhouses don't work this way appears to be totally irrelevant to the question of whether the greenhouse effect exists. A rose by any other name etc etc.

It's a little weird that the author repeatedly denies any experimental verification of the greenhouse effect but doesn't address the 19th century experiments that first identified it. Maybe there's something wrong with his results, but you wouldn't know it from reading this post.

Again, you haven't shown anything that hasn't been a thing for decades at this point, much before any of these policies. There sure isn't much to explain when there's nothing going on.

Especially when I suspect you actually do know and approve of it.

Tell me more about what a duplicitous wrecker you suspect I am, and the policies I get my jollies from.

So you've got nothing to back up your claims about competition or subsidies to drive profits? You're equivocating between the alleged grift being to destroy competition (benefiting producers) and to fund political cronyism (benefitting the cronies). Please speak plainly about who is benefitting and how, in particular how cratering demand for generators would increase profits.

As for the grants program you posted, community heating and cooling centers have been a thing for at least 30 years. Even in years without blackouts (and even in California blackouts are rare) there's people who e.g. don't have air conditioners and can't afford to install them. This isn't a result of mismanagement, the poor will always be with you.

I don't even disagree about the utility monsters point but I think you are wrong about other points.

Used car prices were flat until the pandemic and have not recovered, but are way less than 2x before: https://fred.stlouisfed.org/series/CUSR0000SETA02

So no, car prices didn't double in 14 years, even including until today (yes, these are used cars, but if new cars became significantly more expensive demand would increase for used cars and drive up the price).

Front blind zones are driven mostly by aesthetics and rules lawyering around emissions regulations (CAFE) as far as I can tell.

I don't have an index of car features off the top of my head, but electronic stability control (mandated since 2011) has probably prevented some accidents (although it's hard to get a smoking gun here, unlike seatbelts or airbags or crumple zones).

I'm saying that there's a reason artisanal mining is limited to the worst places in the world, and it's not because the Congolese have a comparative advantage in digging holes.

The safetyists say that you should wear a seatbelt, you agree, and yet claim.they are wrong about everything.

I think it's more likely that safetyism suffers from evaporative cooling. Most people who decry safetyism today still wear seatbelts (see this very thread), which was the safetyist perspective a hundred years ago (and remains the safetyist perspective in many countries today). Indeed there are some people who are never satisfied.

Tragic, but that really illustrates why being thrown clear is not a good thing.

There's a lot of safetyist excesses but people don't remember that until the 70s you'd be impaled by the steering column in case of a crash. There's been a tremendous amount of actually useful improvements by the safetyists that nobody notices or thinks about anymore because they've become the air we breathe.

Even seatbelts?

Competition? What competition? We're talking about two separate markets here. People with portable generators are never going to buy $40k units.

Same goes for subsidies. To be clear, you are claiming California will subsidize $40k gas generators?

And the perpetrators of this elimination of competition and collapse of sales are... Generator companies? The ones that profit from selling people generators? The ones that will sell almost no generators in California?

What's the profit in banning generators again?

Yes, the blue states will be crushed by their contradictions any day now, just as the dialectic predicts.

Nordic looking dark skinned Indian from India without an accent is probably just a joke.

Re: Rahul Gandhi - many Indians who grew up abroad and speak with e.g. an American accent code switch and talk with an Indian accent to Indian Indians. It's possible he just does that all the time for the cameras to seem more Indian.

"not how it works" applies to your claims that mining will consist of "handing someone a pickaxe, and feeding them insects".

Meanwhile the Germans are planning to run a cable from Morocco for that sweet sweet solar power.


Ze Germans are terrified of nuclear energy and nuclear waste. I don't think they are going to build another reactor ever.

Interesting, I wonder if there are emissions besides nox and CO2. Probably a lot of nasty stuff in that trash, but sufficient combustion should break it down.

I wonder if the Suomis really thought this one through, or if the winds just usually blow east over Finland.

My hatchback already gets 60mpg, so I think the storage is more valuable than marginal increases.

You see it's not enough that we eventually figure out robotic/AI alternatives to manual labor, and it's not even enough that they are strictly superior to human labor in every way, they have to be superior to devoting the same AI resources to something else while having humans dig the fucking hole.

And yet that's not how mining works in any country but the shittiest on earth, so it's not clear to me why the practice would suddenly spread.