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will never run my best marathon.

If you ever run a marathon, you will have run your best marathon.

The men who followed him, chose to do so,

AFAICT Napoleon drafted 60k-120k people every year during the wars.

Stereotype threat probably does not exist. It's publication biased to shit and what is published likely does not replicate.

I had to wait 1:45 until Minhaj said something that sounded like it was intended to be a joke ("hate crime barber shop").

Come on, 17 seconds into this he jokes about rubbing off his skin color. It's a dumb joke but it's clearly supposed to be a joke and the audience laughs too.

Of course then it's another minute and a half of seriousposting.

Edit: I realize you posted this a month ago but I ran into this again following another link.

Detroit pizza is probably my favorite pizza style.

You cannot stop me; I spend 30,000 lives a month.

I'm a fan of detective games myself.

  • chronicles of crime

  • Watson and Holmes

  • Sherlock Holmes consulting detective (lots of reading) (variable quality across releases) (lots of depth)

There's been several occasions in history where the guy in the silo did not push the button.

Ostensibly POTUS has sole discretion in ordering a nuclear strike, but obviously that's not necessarily how things would go in a real situation. I don't know if the nuclear football relays an order directly to a silo or whatever or to the joint chiefs, but in any case someone who isn't trump needs to decide to push the button.

What makes it obvious?

Skinfold measurements at a few sites get you pretty close with the right formula. May need a friend to help you take them though.

I had a bunch of Persian electrical engineering profs and worked with a couple of Persians. They seemed like they immigrated in the last few decades.

Philippines is #12 in population. In 2020, the country sending the most immigrants is Mexico and the Dominican Republic, #87 in population, sent the fourth most immigrants.

Iranian immigrants are, in my experience, extremely intelligent and definitely a net positive.

30 year mortgages have had a remarkably long life and I don't see them going away any time soon.

33% of homeowners have paid off their mortgages. People are not going from mortgage to mortgage perpetually all their lives - this claim has no basis in reality.

To put it another way - 30 year mortgages have been mainstream longer than six year mortgages were. unless fuckduck thinks that price/income ratios are going down to 19th century levels, the 30 year mortgage is here to stay and yeah the monthly payment is the important question.

You seem to be implying that back in the day people paid off their mortgages before the thirty year term was up. Is this actually true? If not, then holding the term constant, yeah I'd prefer the lower payments, thanks.

Interest rates going down will likely mean the economy is in a downturn. It's anyone's guess what that will mean for prices.

Violence accounts for only a very small share of deaths.

Overall I liked it, but the weird side plot about the queen of Denmark's sex life bordered on prurient.

AFAIK this is not true. There's been lots of progress in reducing cancer deaths too. Brief overview: https://ourworldindata.org/cancer#is-the-world-making-progress-against-cancer

You gotta watch it. If only for the hilarious french accents.

Mad Max: Fury Road?

Master and Commander?