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Small-Scale Question Sunday for September 04, 2022

Do you have a dumb question that you're kind of embarrassed to ask in the main thread? Is there something you're just not sure about?

This is your opportunity to ask questions. No question too simple or too silly.

Culture war topics are accepted, and proposals for a better intro post are appreciated.

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it was suggested that we have a cute animal mascot. I propose Quincy the heavily armed Quokka standing atop a castle’s battlements.

This was like my second try with Stable Diffusion. What a time to be alive.


I love that his rifle is sprouting mini-mottes -- we have more mottes than you can imagine, motherfucker.

Yep, that’s what I was imagining. I’m making it my “site image” in my settings, thanks!

Any community I see with that as a mascot I would get an automatic instinct to bully.

I mostly jest but I think we need something more.....less cartoony.