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Why does the site suggest getting a web app?

Do you have some separate web app? I don't really see what the difference is between this and something with Angular or whatever.

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I created a The Motte webapp on my phone, and moved it into the position previously occupied by the 'reddit is fun" app button. So in that specific way, I've almost 1-to-1 replaced my browsing of Reddit with It's definitely been beneficial for me.

What is a "web app"?

So, two answers.

(1) The site we forked with did that, and we didn't remove it.

(2) I actually think it's a good idea. People really like webapps for . . . some reason, I actually don't know why . . . and this is the only plausible way to implement one with our available resources. It also leaves us immune to Apple or Google deciding to remove our app; we don't have an app to remove.

The advantage of a web app on mobile is it's easier to access (clicking an app icon is much easier than navigating to a url and/or opening a browser and navigating to the bookmark)

The advantage on a computer is that I can cycle between 5 applications instead of 50 tabs (though some day I hope to burn the "cmd+shift+a" tab-searching hotkey into my mind).

Is there a mobile app?