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Why do leftists seethe at the mere existence of a tiny irrelevant forum where people might be saying things they don’t like? We had to move off Reddit, eventually the userbase will dwindle and disappear and we have no larger cultural influence.

America is diseased, rotten to the core.

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Avoid low effort comments that only add heat and no insight. "I Hate Thing" is not a meaningful contribution.

Hi dear mod,

This is in fact a funny quote from this famous meme

So I was being light hearted which contrasts with most of my hyper-serious longform comments, besides even literally this is not hate speech per se, one can diagnostic flaws in America as a "disease" from which it needs solutions/healing so it should be seen as an empathic statement that strives compassion towards the state of America and also could feed subsequent thoughts about what exactly are the problems and how could we solve them?

In case you think this is off-topic, the rise of censorship is a political, social and cultural problem.

It's not off topic, it's just low effort. Don't expect the mods to be familiar with all the latest memes.