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The Mirage of America's Special Sauce Theory
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At first I thought the article was fine if a bit rambly. I then read some other articles from the same substack, and noticed that if I don't already agree with it anyway the rambling style was very unconvincing. Now, I tentatively dislike it; I think my initial assessment was biased by me agreeing with the conclusion beforehand.

A much simpler argument would be that the US clearly hasn't done such a great job integrating immigrants (actually racial minorities) - see the huge Floyd riots which were basically the same thing!

AADOS are pretty integrated, though.

How much of that was organic and how much was driven by elites, particularly in the media? My impression is that the latter had a non-trivial part in the unrest.

Based on the image, I was expecting this article to debunk literal 'special sauces' as a marketing scam, and perhaps provide some easy at home copycat recipes. Disappointed.

Recipe: Mix 2 parts mayo with 1 part ketchup or worchestershire.

Good article, although I think the author would do well to really interrogate the word 'integrate'. It tends to get used to mean different things.

Compare Australian Aborigines to Chinese Australians. The former are mired in poverty and alcoholism, is this a lack of 'integration', even though they've been there since before the Europeans turned up?

Meanwhile, the Chinese arrive, do very well at school, earn lots of money, obey the law etc. They do this to such an extent that their outcomes are better than the Anglo-Australians that preceeded them. Is this integration? Is it even logically possible for an immigrant population to be more integrated than the population they're integrating in to?

As I see it, integration is orthogonal to making good citizens. In the UK, Sikhs are very good citizens by all the usual metrics, but they almost never intermarry because their religion forbids it. Meanwhile, Afro-Caribbeans 'intermarry' with the native underclass and their children remain in that class.