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lol. I still can’t believe I got stuck with such a retarded stereotypical username

Do keep in mind that our brains have specialised circuitry for language learning that it doesn’t have for say aerospace engineering or history trivia facts. Ideal language study methods are also very different compared to any other field of knowledge. So it’s not the best field to focus on when discussing this topic

Look into a thermomix? (70s solution of engineering societal problems away)

Or just hire a cleaner? (Modern solution of importing cheap labour)

This is a world history shattering fact for me

If they botch GTA6 then I will completely lose any faith in western civilisation. It started with a relative passing me a CD of GTA3 when I was 4 and it always symbolised the total superiority of American cultural production for me.

Now after Bernanke’s central bank we can basically achieve the end of recessions (and inflation

What? how?

And on the internets!!!

I have shared this exact article with my girlfriend years ago when she was having a bit of a crisis about her body and it was quite a revelation to her. Sample of one of course

Always amused and astonished how determined most western governments are to make any economic activity apart from finance and working for the government totally impossible.

Doesn’t this guy believe AI will likely kill us all? Why is he influencing people to work on AI?

Why not pay for some good photos instead?

Also there isn’t much magic to small talk on the apps. Very basic opener, move off the app asap (instagram or facebook gives the woman a bit more confidence you won’t murder her if you have a normal profile), don’t keep texting for long and ask her out for a date. Also get used to being ghosted at any step of the way.

Once you have decent photos you should definitely pay for the apps.

Also the good apps change a lot depending on your region. All I know is that tinder became an absolute cesspool in most of developed world and there are some competing alternatives. You need to find the app(s) from which the middle class young women don’t get the ick yet.

This is one of the best write-ups about a topic I have ever seen on the motte and I can’t believe it’s just a reply to my 2 upvotes comment in a 14 day old thread. Reported as a quality contribution of course and hopefully it gets picked up.

Also I am still in Singapore actually but I’m not single and here with my girlfriend. She would definitely be okay to check out interesting establishments if it won’t get too seedy or awkward. We take a walk around Amsterdam red light district every once in a while when bored and it’s a fun couples activity somehow. But things are a lot more public and windows shopping friendly there

Similar topic, I still have absolutely no clue what all the rust drama of some time ago was about. It’s just endless word salad and nobody says openly what the hell is it that they are upset about. It reminds me of when girl factions in the middle school would have public fights overs Facebook and none of the boys would have absolutely no clue what was being fought over

Typically some mix of prostitution, protection rackets, recruitment of purposeless young men with non-monetary rewards, carving out parts of state power for yourself, exploiting legacy social structures for creating personal loyalties etc is how others do it.

I don’t have any original ideas but you can try starting from these first principles

That’s why lifting forums all recommend progress photos! It’s difficult to notice changes in your own body but you are surely getting there and other people do notice :)

Has Zizek ever put out any idea that had any tangible effect on the real world? i.e. some people read him and got influenced by his thoughts and imposed them onto some political structure with some non-significant effect?

His whole shtick seems to be to impress midwit social sciences students who don’t quite understand what he is trying to say but think he must be important because of this.

Also his jokes are funny once in a while

I always feel that everytime I read about East Asian social problems, it’s extremely focused on highly educated upper middle class striving part of the population. But then what about the remaining 80%+ of the population? What do Koreans who don’t do well at school think? The ones whose parents just run a shop or works for the municipality or something? People who never thought about buying a flat in a good area anyway? Surely there is also a real massive drop in the fertility rates of such people as well and it’s not because they are off studying or working 80 hours a week?

Is a Korean coupon clipping forum literally a place where Koreans talk about coupon clipping (and also apparently domestic drama???)???

Fried ice what?

Why? That’s not much money for a high earner and seducing a very desirable woman for a night and then moving onto the next one definitely beats almost any other alternative spending option in terms of satisfying the male psyche

Apparently I made the mistake of wandering into one in little India on a Sunday afternoon. Since then avoiding the Indian areas a bit. But I was told that it’s the migrant worker off day and it’s normally not so crazy chaotic.

I am in Geylang this very minute

Edit: Either this place is severely hyped online or I came here on the wrong day of the week. Was expecting crazy Asian red light district. Found a bunch of karaoke bars and some working girls having drinks with prospective clients. Food was great though

Any tips for Singapore? First time in Asia. Here for some weeks but mostly busy with work

Wait doesn’t everyone do this?