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I have been to night clubs where they obviously wanted to limit the number of straight regular white men, but this is in a country where face checks are just not a thing and would really enrage people. So they put an alt black female security at the door who would have a short chat with you at the door asking questions like "what does tolerance mean to you". Unless you really believe all the bromides (or you have an autistic level of cynical knowledge of social justice thinking like me and my friends), it is very difficult to give a fake correct answer.

It is also the ice in drinks or the water that the vegetables in your dish was washed with or the water you brush your teeth with or... Water can get you in a lot of ways

That is an interesting write-up because as someone who played casual football my entire life I have never thought of it in these terms. It has always been more of a casual brawl over a ball with limited rules of aggression. But then I always play as the dirty defense who either stops the ball or stops the player so maybe that is just my perception.

I did mdma with my girlfriend early on in our relationship and it was pretty great. It’s too easy to spend years with someone falling into a routine and putting a lid on risky and vulnerable topics. Sometimes drugs are an actually very effective way to connect deeply with someone.

Is there any example at all of a modern country that kept large migrant populations in rural areas with coercion?

When I was still dating, I had the impression that certain piercings strongly signalled promiscuity in women. It was usually very accurate.

How do you discover new music when not surrounded by people who are into discovering new music?

Conscription in Turkey used to be universal and quite tough. This spawned about a million ways anyone with connections or money could get their sons an easy deployment or even an exemption. Meanwhile the average peasant would have to endure near slavery conditions in the hands of commanders. Also certain deployments in the Kurdish areas could be genuinely dangerous with serious casualty rates.

Nowadays anyone can legally pay some amount (not low, not crazy high) to do only a one month training course and be exempt from the rest of the service. The actual fighting army is a professional force and it pays a pretty decent salary for a stable job requiring no education.

The conditions in the training and service are much much better nowadays. Some of this is because Turkey is a wealthier and more middle class country now so overall conditions are better anywhere. But I suspect a big part is due to the need to recruit contract soldiers from the conscripts.

My lesson from this change is that without a very established civic culture and a homogenous society (not necessarily in terms of race but broadly in terms of group identity) it doesn’t work to try to take elites hostage in the system to force skin in the game. People with means almost always find ways to work around the system, and they cause enormous inefficiencies and dysfunction while doing so.

but the Holocaust represents more than just Jews getting killed in Germany. It's cast as the center and most important aspect of WW2, the reason for sparking it.

For the grandchildren of the Anglo soldiers who fought in it, yes, this is true. But I don’t think this applies to the grandchildren of the people’s liberation army militia. Why should the holocaust mean anything to them at all? It’s just historical trivia that rape of Nanjing and auschwitz happened at the same conflict technically.

I always found it weird to do too much for a first date. The point is the conversation right? But then I have never really been into serial dating either so maybe if your target demographic is people who go to multiple dates per week then standing out and being memorable is more important

I think mainly the demographic change in elite Western circles and the accompanying ideological shifts. South and East Asians are taking over in astonishing pace. This comes at the expense of Jews and gentile whites who have a direct cultural line with the WW2 and associated traumas. The newcomers will assimilate the local sensibilities to a degree but ultimately it’s difficult to convince these people why the holocaust is so special compared to countless atrocities their own ancestors suffered.

Put things on the safari read list instead of keeping them open as tabs. If I didn’t read something after a month, delete it since obviously I am not actually that interested. If I find an article genuinely interesting and worthy to remember later, save in pocket and/or send it to my girlfriend so we can discuss it later.

Also helps to read less and skim more, and be very strict with what’s worthy of your time.

I get the impression that regular holocaust narrative, where it’s the most heinous crime in human history bestowing endless moral authority to the god’s chosen people ultimate victim, is on its way out. It cannot survive pop intersectionalism. There are too many victim groups with a stake in the pie and they don’t have the baggage of having to defend Israel’s right to take over a land by treating its inhabitants as untermenschen and concentrating them in ghettos.

In the near future any slander against the holocaust narrative from the wrong people will still be a big taboo but it will be the “allies” with their own holocaust claims and grievances who will dilute the moral authority of the holocaust.

Would be funnier if social media also wasn’t the cause of their monomaniacal obsessions. I would rather not have too many people with monomaniacal obsessions in polite society

The base instinct underlying most modern white nationalist sentiment is a disgust towards the white liberal female archetype. Many Latina or Asian women (who aren’t already 2nd+ gen immigrants) actually don’t fit that archetype at all when it comes to their values and attitudes. So ironically in a cosmopolitan environment (full of recent immigrant women and the most insufferable type of white liberalism) it is easier for such men to date foreign women than the local white women.

You had enough money in your bank account to pay a condo without realizing??

Damn that is sad. I will download and seed a bit from my new fiber internet connection torrent-safe country (TM)

I am pretty far away from Christianity personally but aren't most Orthodox churches essentially ethno-churches? Can you just convert into them and start going to their sermons?

Wait what loss? It still works for me with links at https://rarbg.tw

I have the same question, but for Europe. A lot of online advise is very tailored to US tax quirks

It mostly just introduced me to new ideas about subjects I have never seriously considered before. Very useful in this regard

Is there any example of a school system anywhere in the world being able to fail kids below standards en masse once the expectations of universal high school education sets in?

I get the feeling that once we agree everyone should stay in theoretical education until 18 standards have to fall inevitably

I don’t want to imply anything weird but isn’t “woman asks man’s help with very easy thing” a common flirting tool?

Altered Carbon was incredible at how strong it started and how utter dogshit it became after a couple episodes. We watched the season finale drunk and jeering just for the fun of seeing how stupid it can all get

Chatgpt does a fine job with SQL