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I'm guessing if I knew what you meant by this I wouldn't have had to ask my original question.

Thanks, it does work!

Someplace where I won't get a virus, and accessing it is easy.

How can I watch the 2022 TV series Pantheon without risking getting a virus on my computer?

I've come across the term "Longhouse" a lot. Could someone please explain it to me in a straightforward way.

One of my crazier ideas is that the US should pay the government of Singapore to run our health care system.

That's a hard question, especially without specifying the number of people in the set called "powers-that-be". I like the term because it is clear that I am not pretending to know exactly who is in the set.

My understanding is that a low level government worker who did what Trump did with classified documents would go to jail, but an important politician (e.g. Hillary, Joe Biden, Sandy Berger) likely wouldn't.

The real games the powers-that-be care about are foreign policy and the distribution of money. The Supreme Court mainly handles the cultural wars kayfabe stuff that keeps the masses entertained.

Yes if you are a man and therefore think about Rome every day.

Trump is Tiberius Gracchus

On which of these other places would you see a comment like this implying that readers know who Tiberius Gracchus was?

Or "AI has two letters, my plan for alignment."

Trump is given a choice: Go to prison for the rest of your life or with probably P get assassinated. For what value of P is Trump indifferent? If it's for a P>.9 the two are very similar.

What they are openly trying to do to Trump is as bad as an assassination attempt, is my point.

I'm imaging life in prison for a rich 77-year-old is likely a worse-than-death outcome.

Putting a 77-year-old in prison unjustly (if that is indeed what is being attempted) is on par with assassinating him.

The Powers-That-Be will likely be sending Trump to prison if Trump doesn't win in the next election. Don't just look at US history, but all of human history when considering the possibility of the elites killing the guy at the top. The US has been extraordinarily lucky in nearly everything since the Civil War, so expect reversion to the mean and don't consider past US history as a good bases for your Bayesian priors.

Would be too obvious, and might seriously threaten the stability of the US.

Because Biden is more likely to beat Trump than the alternatives.

Conservative Mike Cernovich (1.2M followers) Tweeted "Trump needs a VP that will make him assassination proof. Anyone saying otherwise has no understanding of the time we are in. Tim Scott as VP? Trump's survivability will drop to zero. It's incredible to me that more don't understand this."

How seriously should Trump take such a threat, and how seriously does Trump take such a threat? Yes, the powers-that-be truly hate Trump and if he became president and had Scott as VP many would rejoice at Trump's death. But by what mechanism might they kill him? Obviously, it creates horrible incentives if Trump believes the threat and it causes him to consider someone such as Kari Lake, Marjorie Taylor Greene, or Sarah Palin for his VP nominee. In sort-of support of Cernovich, part of the reason that Biden might be sticking with Harris as VP is to reduce the chances he gets removed from office for senility.

If the nuclear facilities are out of reach, Iran's power generators are not and destroying all of them would significantly damage Iran's economy and hence its military capacity.

Israel probably bombed the consulate in retaliation for what Iran's proxies did to Israel. International relations is not governed by rules treating agents symmetrically.

Iran just gave Israel the option, but not the obligation, to launch a massive attack on Iran without Israel losing the support of the US.

Did Iran really know the drones were going to be easily shot down?