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This guy gained so much street cred by telling his party to pound sand until he had a judge tell his party that they couldn't do squat. Not knowing anything else about the guy I'd say he's well placed for a very senior leadership role if the right alliance wins (up to supplanting the 28yo from RN).

Yeah, the responses to this kind of issue are really one sided. Female attitudes around this issue (at a societal level) will not change in your lifetime, so all you can do is change how you react to it.

It's hardly as simple as one country being more deferent to authority than the other.

For those that haven't seen it, here is a recent sitting Australian PM getting booted off a citizen's front lawn.

Like his business dealings, I'm continually surprised at how little dirt they've managed to pull up on him. In NYC real estate work I'd assumed he had at least a few skeletons in the closet/at the bottom of the harbor.

I'd expect that there are more people out there under NDA's or he otherwise has some sort of kompromat on relevant associates. Also I think his reputation as 'Teflon Don' and not backing down in the face of dirt being used against him limits the perceived effectiveness of (and thus motivation for) those kind of attacks.

I think only the 5% of the population in the INTJ/INTP area really cares about having plots that make sense.

I regularly get told to stop thinking so much when I point out plot holes in movies. I'm probably not the only one here.

Can someone clue me in on what actually happened with the Adopt Indian Métis program and programs like it? In the show, it’s implied (I think) to be literal kidnapping of Native American children by the Canadian government, but I have a hard time believing that’s true.

There apparently was encourage adoption by white parents back in the 60's which was later called the 60's scoop. I tried to parse the article about why the kids were taken (eg was it from abusive or neglectful families?), but the article states it was just to place indigenous kids with white families to raise them with white culture. The article also makes reference to a program in the 50's when children were taken from single mothers to place with families.

Similar policies happened in Australia until the 1970's leading to what is now referred to as the Stolen Generations. Even though anyone involved in decision making on the policy is either long since retired or dead and the federal government issued a formal apology in 2008, it keeps being brought up in media by the usual issue motivated groups as an example of modern day racism. What is ignored though is the high endemic rates of child abuse, sexual abuse and neglect that are rife in indigenous communities even to this day.

I'm straight, but my understanding is that the gay community in Australia/NZ revolves around the larger cities. In Australia this is Sydney and to a lesser extent Melbourne (particularly inner city). If you want access to a larger dating pool (particularly to find guys that want a relationship rather than casual sex) you might want to consider moving. I've heard from friends that Grindr is a bit of a casual dating cesspool, so you might want to try out Bumble or Hinge.

FYI gay public expressions of affection can lead to harassment in country towns in the region, but cities seem to be more tolerant. I'm probably not telling you anything you don't already know.

The woman in your example above is vomiting her emotional baggage onto random strangers and can be dismissed like other people who do the same.

I think more empathic guys will pick up on the anxiety of women in public spaces like the above. I used to feel guilty or ashamed when women would react that way when I was younger as if I did something wrong to cause them to be afraid (by neutrally just existing in a public space). Then I did some work and now I see it completely as the women's problem. I'm not responsible for their emotional response to completely predictable behaviour (eg that if women go to a public space they will encounter other people going about their business). I don't go out of my way as much as I used to to avoid close proximity to women in public spaces (although I do occasionally cross the street at night or the like to not follow women on deserted streets, but this is out of kindness rather than guilt.)

Try to look deeper into this issue so you don't feel any emotional pain when women act like the above (easier said then done I know). Give yourself permission not to change your behaviour to suit crazy strangers.

I wonder why they would bother with not releasing these latest documents if they all amount to a nothingburger.

I also wonder if the last 1% of documents is something that the CIA/DoD did which wouldn't reflect well on the US. Like some sort of reprisal or dirty tricks against the soviets.

I think the thinking of manifesto suppression is based on the idea that one of the motivations for shooters is getting their views signal boosted in the media. If you don't allow them that it may disincentivise future attacks.

In my 20's I had my manager/mentor drag me to the gym after a particularly stressful week of projects/clients. He introduced me to weightlifting as he had a background in amateur sport for which it was a benefit. I've been lifting on and off (just bought a rack/barbell/bench for my home gym) and I love the mental and physical benefits. Like others I started doing it for the girls. Now I do it for me.

I was also introduced to running when I was 18 for work related reasons. I've kept up with that (on and off) even when a gym hasn't been available. I go through periods of no exercise and generally get fed up with lack of energy/brain fog/being overweight and then go on a health kick to get things under control.

From my point of view, its much easier to maintain fitness as a lifestyle (or at least something familiar that you can return to) when you are exposed to it while younger. Have you tried to introduce an adult to say.. swimming or bike riding if they've never been exposed to those activities? Watch their looks of incredulity at their suggestion. You might as well suggest belly dancing on a public stage.

Although if I was going to suggest something to someone who had never exercised, Hiking would probably be the gateway drug. Almost everyone can walk a fair distance and if you get them to do it in the sunshine there is the double whammy of Vitamin D exposure and endorphins. Combine that with being their 'exercise partner' to keep them accountable and you have a better chance of getting some traction.

Finland is one of the few western countries that maintains a functional conscription system. That said, I would venture that they aren't multicultural in the way that the UK is and that national cohesion is probably higher due to less diversity.

Phrased another way, I don't think fresh immigrants are as willing to fight for the defense of a nation. It's 'military as a job for the state' vs 'defending the homeland'. This isn't a clear cut divide, because clearly most people (including legacy citizens) join the military for the paycheck, but I can't see many recent migrants hanging around if there was a Battle of Britain 2. On top of that, many UK immigrants come from backgrounds where the military is a low status, working class career.

That's probably it, but it could be a lack of national cohesion/patriotism resulting in recruitment failures.

Moving to a non-volunteer armed forces is a bad move. I can see if they'd like to give young people a taste of the military in the reserves for a year, hopefully encouraging them to enlist formally in the regulars, but still.

Also the way this national service was formulated allows children of the rich conscientious objectors the opportunity to do non-military civil service instead which kind of defeats the purpose (except for red meat for the boomers like you say). Also it seems the civil service option seems to be only one weekend a month for the year, while the military option is a year full time? Great incentives there.

Can you elaborate on the impact of Sunak's National Service policy? Is might be irrelevant if the Tories won't get another term, but why was it proposed in the first place?

Women generally don't fall as easily for other women's bullshit in my experience.

I'm not implying all those rape cases are false allegations. I don't know how to explain the complete lack of conviction by the female dominated juries in that study.

The behavioural data can be used in some ways in intelligent buildings for legitimate purposes (like telling app users that the company gym is at capacity so you don't bother grabbing your gym bag), but the data will absolutely be used to make profit for the provider at some point.

Thanks for this, as its related to my work. Using bluetooth apps for Electronic Access Control raises some interesting usability challenges. Like why would you want to have bluetooth open on your phone all the time. Also the app can probably track your location through the facility, which while it can have some great functionality in theory like aiding fire evacuation (even though in practice no fire warden will bother opening the app in a real scenario), its more likely to be used to monitor your work in the same way keyloggers do for company laptops.

Can you request a separate access control swipe card?

I feel like I'm taking crazy pills. Is this how other people have been watching videos all this time?

Bit of a quick one:

The Victorian state government (Australian) has failed in its 4 year bid to halt the processing of a Freedom of Information release of documents related to the reasoning behind the Covid lockdowns. The documents were to brief the state's chief public health officer and Minister for Health prior to lockdown public orders.

The court involved noted there was a large public interest in the justifications for the lockdowns and that it would not be an undue burden on department resources to process the FOI request. It should be noted the same political party (Labor) is still in continuous power since the time of the lockdowns.

Hopefully the public can get some answers for why Melbourne suffered the longest Covid lockdowns in the world.

I watched one of her other videos on Speed Dating (with which I have some experience). I agreed with just about all of her points, but they were buried in words words words. Many more than should be required to get her point across.

I found it easier to switch to black tea and restrict my intake that way. My sleep improved and energy levels were more consistent during the day. The theanine was also welcome. But cold turkey works too.

Are you dosing up on caffeine or other stims that might be causing a crash? Have you eliminated sleep apnea by doing a sleep study?

24'C with clear blue skies.

Thank you. I think I need to go and read the book.

Do you mean like adding a badge or icon displayed under the post?