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Same way the local who own more than $10k avoid getting robbed?

Mostly through security companies, gated communities etc

Of the 535 members of the 88th Congress, the one that passed the Civil Rights Act of 1964, a whole 4 were black and 14 were women, after all.

How many of these people or people's descendants live in a racially-integrated neighborhood?

How many of these people, when asked if they would vote for it again, would say yes?

Are sympathetic white men going to somehow be prevented from gaining power?

Like you? The idea is that white men like you are not having kids, so whatever genetic component of ethnic tolerance there is is getting eliminated from the white gene pool.

Most of the people wielding political power to the benefit of women, minorities, LGBT people, whoever are straight white cis men

But isn't that a problem for the current regime? Once you've fixed that problem on your side, the only ruling white men will be ruling white tribes.

Most of the people wielding political power to the benefit of women, minorities, LGBT people, whoever are straight white cis men

Yes, white men gave democracy to the world and white men can take back democracy. Just like that.

Whether by going extinct or doing something else.

I'm libertarian and have a bit of experience fighting losing political battles.

I've met quite a few former libertarians in the alt-right.

What's the libertarian plan to create a society where people capable of being libertarian are reproducing?

Your enemies will see you going slow and they won't all fight as if this is an existential crisis. (some minority will treat it like its existential anyways, politics attracts crazy people)

That plan would work if a guy didn't catch multiple life sentences for having a car accident during a riot.

Before they banned another guy from the internet for making a joke about it.

Before they sent people to jail for months for 'trespassing' in a public building.

Before they shot unarmed protesters.

Before all the rest. Being moderate has been tried and the result is not much different from full-on fedposting.

As it is, that plan is basically going to wind up being "kill my political enemies, and then things will be great".

Or the political enemies can repent. They're not gonna un-sterilize the teenagers, they're not gonna resurrect their dead babies, they're not gonna turn back the slave ships, they're not gonna un-tear the statues and the old buildings and the rest.

But they could stop their current destruction.

All they wanted was to play video games after all.

Nick Fuentes claims that he's a spook

and that he is leaving Fox after being exposed by the Dominion lawsuit.

Some text message in which he claims he has been thinking every single day for 4 years that Trump is a demon.

All of the antivaxxers, former alt-right, chuds I know are having kids.

It's pretty safe to say that a majority of the white kids being born now have right-wing parents, and if the current anti-white family culture persists, new heterosexual white pairing will be a far-right exception.

Now I also expect some of these to seek more hospitable lands in Asia.

There seems to be a short windows before the current Jan6 activists dwindle, but there should be decent returns on a balkanization strategy, simply making White Flight official.

Elections in a democracy are downstream of whatever is on TV.

The pope is not the only authority on the subject.

In the long run, the choice is between Sharia law and white Sharia.

While Brazil is coming to North-America, it was always over there if that's what you wanted.

It's not that ugly of a price, at worst few thousands dollars to move to your ideal society.

What is the liberal argument against removing the right to vote and other civil rights from 'childfree' people?

What would go wrong if we made them untouchables?

The issue with a lack of justice is that people's families are going to take justice in their own hands and seek revenge which might spiral down into vendetta and worse.

But what happens when an elderly childfree citizen gets murdered, if the police just files the case away?

Silly wars that never reached the level of liberal democracies' wars.

Would a silly war between 2 slightly different kind of Slavs over who owns this or that grey bog risk escalating to nuclear apocalypse in a world without liberal democracies?

Traditional monarchies never developed the terrifying weapons (missiles, bombers, toxic gasses, nukes, drones) that the industrial revolution enabled liberal democracies to concoct.

Surely you must be familiar with how obsessed many women are with looking younger, how does it not make sense that trans women would aspire to stay youthful as well?

So your desire is not to be like a woman, but to perform like a woman or even outperform women.

What a coincidence that this is the type of brain impulse that Satan (through the people in charge of society) would like us to adopt.

Let's not care about our nation, our culture, our ancestors, our descendants

  • a woman is not defined by the family she can create - a woman is shiny teeth, clear skin and luscious hair.

The easiest way to look like a woman would be to become morbidly obese.

Look how similar a morbidly man and woman look next to each other.

It seems possible that you may be suffering from some form of anorexia.

I was watching the Cartoon Network the other day and they have ads playing every 10min, among which ones for skin rejuvenating products. Probably targeted at women who keep the TV on for their kids.

Is it possible that early exposure to constant streams of such media somehow met a sensitive hormonal terrain in you and induced you to desire becoming the youthful, attractive, happy woman in the ad?

Either way, the industrial society and its consequences are certainly to blame, and I hope for your sake that the Science somehow finds a cure, and I remind everybody to vote by mail.

How could a transwoman age better than a woman?

Isn't the aspiration to be a woman?

If you don't look like a woman in your elder years, aren't you failing your stated goal?

The person shot was from a different neighborhood.

Crime is not caused directly by geographical areas but by people whose ancestors came from different geographical areas (systemic racism).

It depends what you consider far-right. Were the Nazis far-right? They were a lot more than 2% in Germany.

The Nazis arose in part due to resentment on cultural issues vis a vis Weimar Germany, when progressives of the time started coming up with ways to do surgery for sexually-confused people.

The fact that Poland supports NATO and Ukraine despite US foreign policy (pushing the gay globally) and Ukraine internal policy (electing drag dancing Zelensky) shows that there is a shift there.

They used not to accept refugees and they got in trouble with the EU for it, now they're taking in Ukrainians and theyre getting tighter and tighter with the EU and US.

There is little chance of Poland remaining Polish in these conditions.

the vast majority of men disagree with you. Indeed, even 100 years ago a majority of men disagreed with you, which is how women got the right to vote to begin with.

They got the vote after a massive slaughter of young able-bodied men.

The vast majority that disagrees is going extinct.

Idk if the Mormons or the Amish care about women's vote. These are the rising sub-groups among the population that actually cares to implement democracy.

Women of the future have 2 choices, Sharia law or... White Sharia law.

Do we want women able to compete in sports with peers

No why?

Male culture especially younger boy culture likes to say things they’re not allowed to say and tease each other. I don’t think that makes someone far-right. I have multicultural group chats where we do the same thing Barkley describes.

It doesn't make you far-right per 20th century definition but per 21st it does.

The people in charge are busy bodies, school hall monitors.

In the US could lose your job or have CNN come to your door (this happened for somebody managing a FB group) if somebody linked you to specific screenshots/video from these chats.

Or you could have Capitol police at your door if you joke about AOC.

In Europe you may get the police at your door depending on the joke.

we call them unvaccinated.

No, that's BigPharma-centered language.

In people-centered language they call themselves People of pure-blood or pure-bloods.

Accusing Biden Sr of sexually assaulting a grown-woman is not exactly damaging when he's recorded on camera grooming multiple little girls.

If anything it helps.

Regarding Hunter, why write he was paid 50k a month instead of the actual number? Oh, just 50k?

What about his actual qualifications? What makes him worth 50k a month? Is there anything that connection to his father would bring to Burisma?

They asked Burisma for comments, not Hunter?

Here's a piece from the NYP about the media's undying support for Biden

Either way, censorship based on 'enforced government order' and voluntary censorship for non-personal motivations are quite different. Concerns with the views or actions of the media are different from concerns about 'the government controlling the media'.

Didn't government agents (FBI and/or state department) request Twitter censor specific antivaxxers?

Hard to believe this was decentralized.

Perhaps a better word instead of 'government controlled media' is deep state.

Until the urbanites turn gay and they're too busy bio-engineering innovative STDs to breed and keep civilization going.

Who won in Afghanistan?

Men being better at selling make-up is not surprising.

Most top chefs are men too.

I can only see feminism working out if they put dudes in charge of it.

In the US it's not state-owned media, it's media-owned state.

And the latter are regularly censored on matters of minor corruption in ways the former is rigorously guarded against.

How much coverage did NPR have of Hunter Biden's adventures?

But NPR's quality is leagues above russian and iranian state media.

How bad are Russian and Iranian non-state media?

NPR is horribly biased.

For a month they will run dozens of times a day the same jingle/trailer with half a dozen quips that they think best represent their content.

One of the quips they had was 'accusatory voice talking about Trump' about his impeachment or something like that.

If you listened to it for a couple hours you heard several times somebody implying authoritatively that Trump did something bad.

Wew that decision is something


we vacated convictions after a prosecutor repeatedly invoked negative

stereotypes about Latinx people

These people of Law are getting scary.

Stereotypes are not always based on rational observations of what most members of a group do.

That was not my claim.

My claim was :

I don't know how many money-lenders in a given group you need for that group to be associated with greedy money-lending, maybe only 1 in 100 or 1 in a 1000, but that is definitely what happened.

nor does it come close to imply, as you do, that there is something inherent to the Jewish character that makes them seek money above other things.

Choosing to become a money-lender does indicate something about the character of an individual, that they choose wealth over reputation.

For example Sam Bankman-Fried chose wealth / power over reputation.

You think Jews in a position to become rich in the only avenue available to them would have said "Hmm, better not do that, people might think even less of Jews than they do now?"

They could have. Or simply 'being wealthy is not worth having a whole village/town hate me and my family'.

It's a choice that individuals have made in history. The ones that were spectacularly successful with that strategy (avoided the pitchforks) ended up migrating all over the world it turns out, and now they are in charge of the Western world's media and academia and telling me that I shouldn't dislike them for being money-lenders.

That's the thing with greed, it gives you power.

There are no fat people that got so fat that they managed to take over society and tell everyone else : 'you're not allowed to tell me to go on a diet!'

And if you tell me, but not all Jews are money-lenders.

That's true. But the people that claim to speak on behalf of groups of or all Jews (the ADL, the World Jewish Congress, etc) never disavow money-lenders.

If you don't want me to believe that most if not all Jews support greedy money-lenders who push for open-border propaganda, feminism (contraception, anti-family policies, promiscuity) etc, then show me these groups of Jews who disavow them!

I assume you'd also say this heuristic is reasonable to apply to, say, white people, Europeans, Christians, etc.?

Very much so. If a Japanese woman told me that she stays away from white Americans due to the crime rate of American servicemen, I would understand.