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Maybe not, but Germany went on a murder-spree against Jews, Roma, communists, gays, mentally disabled people, etc.

I would note also Slavs before groups killed in much lower numbers.

About 1 800 000 non-Jewish Poles were murdered (and 3 000 000 of Polish Jews).

About 80 000 Freemasons.

>300 000 Serbs.

25 000 Slovenes.

3 300 000 Soviet POWs (most were not communists)

And about 15 000 homosexuals.

See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holocaust_victims

No European country responded to an invasion by an Axis country by setting fire to its own cities (1938 Changsha fire) or by destroying own dams (1938 Yellow River flood).


The flooding surge killed 20,000 to over 100,000 civilians, as well as Red Army officers who were crossing over the river.

earlier for scale:

Generating about 560 MW, the station became the largest Soviet power plant at the time[6] and the third-largest in the world Reservoir Active capacity 3.3 km3 (2,700,000 acre⋅ft)

Also, Belgium and Netherlands used very similar strategy - but in competent way, with much greater effects with lower pointless death tolls.

I guess you should value your assumptions and knowledge as less accurate that you believe them now. But you solved this by preemptive blocking me to keep your bubble undisturbed.

A country which operated death camps, practiced human sacrifice by cutting out the heart of living humans, bayonetted babies and sacrificed them to Moloch, would be considered the closest any polity had ever been to pure evil, even if it wasn't the first to practice any of its policies.

Claiming that Germans are uniquely evil is not matched by actual facts. OK, they were not sacrificing them to Moloch specifically. Though who knows with SS higher ups huffing occult stuff.

But I though that you argued that Chinese are uniquely evil? The same applies. I cannot keep up.

(Nazi Germany was unique at combining evil, scale, efficiency and stupid goals, in isolation neither was new)

I find quite as aggravating as making (what I think is) a good point, only to be downvoted with no responses.

Can you give examples where it happened undeservedly? (Reddit-grade jokes or trolling or blatantly bad posts or -1 buried deep in some 1 vs 1 thread do not count)

until forced to by the human rights commission.

My plan in such case would be to interact with human rights commission until they do such thing (if I would care about this law enough to do something).

Probably start from doing their work for them and write something so they would only sign off on what I wrote (and maybe rephrase it) and forward it to bureaucratic policymakers.

Why you think so?

Effect on public safety depends on how well payouts of insurance companies (via laws and court system) are correlated with damage to public safety.

If payouts for accidents caused by someone driving with sleep apnea without XYZ treatment are much higher, then insurance companies will demand the same as discussed here.

If they can avoid payouts while damaging public safety they will happily do this.

You still need to decide on payouts via legislation/shaping court system. With the same debates happening in a bit different place.

(unless you propose to privatise also legislation and court system and have multiple ones competing at once but that is clearly not "why we don't just do that.")

The insurance companies want to maximize public safety so as to minimize their payouts.

No, they want to minimize payouts. Effect on public safety depends on how well payouts (via laws and court system) are correlated with damage to public safety.

If payouts for accidents caused by someone driving with sleep apnea without XYZ treatment are much higher, then insurance companies will demand the same as discussed here.

If they can avoid payouts while damaging public safety they will happily do this.

So currently they cross fully legally, through regular border crossings, with documents and so on?


UN actually succeeding at something would be the most surprising part here.

I would rather blame Facebook and Twitter and Tik Tok.

A big one is the CIA and State Department. They've traditionally viewed right wing parties in Europe as the enemy, and made efforts to keep them from winning.

how long is this tradition? Are you counting communists as right wing?

Note that the right wing party in Poland just lost.

With no trace of CIA/State Department meddling, unless you assume that EU is CIA plant.

Thanks! Now I am curious about real or fictional record of such interrogation.

I get that it can be done, now I am curious about how it works in practice. And not so curious to go to Russia (or irritate FBI) to look at it in practice.

It heavily depends on specific, it could be in hours (easy to transport off the shelf stuff already present in Poland), minutes (release of data/intelligence) or take years where you need to train people to fly F-16 or months to develop hardware/software links between NATO missiles and Cold War-era soviet planes.

Compare ammunition bought from/donated by Polish army and delivered from warehouse in the Eastern Poland to delivering from USA not yet produced and dedicated versions of tanks, but without very interesting secret stuff.

Or donating commercially available Motorola radios (this could be done and was done by random people who were able to recognize importance of such devices) vs getting through decisions whether to deliver ATACMS.

I wonder how far this will go. Note that it is supposed to be 170 kilometre long and 500m high. I never seen buzzword-driven development going so far.

but we're much more accepting of sexual activity at younger ages. Think of "Romeo and Juliet" laws,

Laws distinguishing between young people having sex with each other vs with older ones seem to be rather supporting that increasing acceptance of sexual practices does not imply increased acceptance of paedophiles?

US and STEM were functionally indistinguishable from a cultural perspective

? Maybe you meant USA and Sweden?


Under-representation of whom? Of people from local society? Note that I am not from USA. POC are extremely overrepresented for example in ads or various educational materials compared to actual society. What is done under pretext of diversity. White people are underrepresented if anything.

Note that I do not really care too much about race-based colour stupidity, but at this point it starts to be dangerous and becomes actual discrimination.

My country managed to mostly avoid race-based stupidity due to smaller colour variations, I do not want to start having this mess now. (and it is not like people were more ethical Germans managed to murder millions of people over nose shapes)

Under which goals stuff like https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Line%2C_Saudi_Arabia is a good use of money? (note that this article badly underdescribes how stupid this project is)

AFAIK yes it was an accidental attack after misidentification, but I never really investigated this deeply.

But it was not sunk, right?

Even if I agreed that the decision of large corporations to raceswap well known characters was only made for cynical reasons, isn't that too human?

Race based discrimination is also human, but I dislike it. Especially when it goes against myself.

And raceswaps done by large corporations are curiously oneway and match propaganda of my enemies (that positioned themself on their own). I am not interested in race based culture wars but I dislike surrendering even more, so if someone declared themself to be my enemy....

What I remember is that Americans have the power to bury the killing of their countrymen when politically advantageous. And that sovereign is he who makes the exception.

Well, yes? And Poland has not declared war on Ukraine when their anti-air missile killed people in Poland (Przewodów).

Context matters and acting like AI from computer game is not optimal in real world. Large part of being sovereign is being sovereign and not behold to simplistic suboptimal rules.

Note also how Israel responded.

I suspect they may be noticing evilness and bizarre uncooperativeness of nursing homes operators, utterly without connecting it to worker shortage or guild system causing it.

everyone in both parties agrees that we have a critical lack of workers in nursing homes

are they agreeing that it is caused by shortage of such workers?

Of course it takes a crisis in geriatric care to get the geriatrics in congress to notice this massive blunder.

You seem optimistic and assume they notice actual problem

American medical system is truly fractal of a bad design, managing to combine some worst aspects of free market, government institutions and universities.

I was aware that it is not some free market system and far away from that but I am still getting surprised.

Though if supply is restricted then free market "Was the idea of raising wages discussed?" will not really help. Unless many people go to supply restricted medical school then work in other professions or do not work at all?

Was the idea of raising wages discussed?

wait, are nursing homes operated in USA by state? or by private companies?

(also, raising wages will raise costs of this facilities...)

lifting the supply restrictions on nursing colleges

wait, is there medieval-guild style limit on how many people can enter profession? And it was not raised despite massive supply issues? Not even proposed to be raised by someone?

I guess that noone actually wants to solve any problems here.

Though I would not call it occupation - I would say that calling PRL (communist period in Poland) a "Russian occupation" is already unusual stretching of this term.

If what happens in Germany is occupation then you may as well consider USA to be occupied by Israel AND Hamas.