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You have not given any sources at all either.

And which part of their argument was illogical?

And "slavery is our competed by not enslaved people for legitimate labour" does not mean that slaves are worthless. For start, some people are into torture and rape.

kill a fair number of birds.

Note that alternative power generation methods also kill many animals, directly and indirectly. Is there any indicator that number of animals killed is worse for wind power?

Wind farms are unsightly

This one depends on person, I guess

Whenever I'm laying another 4,000 pounds of mulch to inhibit weeds

trimming hedges

I cannot wait to move into a house without a beautiful, feature-rich backyard. I just want carpet of grass, a patio to keep grill implements, and that's it.

Why not let native plants (=weeds) to grow? Carpet of grass seems to take more effort than that.

What is wrong with trimming hedges once a year or twice a year at most?

(note: maybe you are in climate where things grow much faster than in mine? Or land is not owned by you and they rule how often you must trim hedges?)

Every international story of brown people & crime involves one of 3 scenarios.

Is it some parody or extreme hyperbole?

That is nonsense. Nepalis, Indians etc (which are not Sikh) also commit crimes abroad, and there are stories about this.

To speak nothing about people descended from there.

No need to do that. It seems relatively obvious to block someone who openly announces in reply to warning that they will not change behaviour at all.

Heavily depends on location, claim you made is silly and reveals that you are unaware that situation elsewhere is different.

I am not claiming that.

But I may be the only one of day 1500 people doing this in Poland, at which point someone dedicated may start checking each person or doing various smarter matches.

what are you doing to make the world a better place today?

This is sadly unique enough that I would likely doxx myself. And I prefer to not invent fake equivalent.

(it is at least 98% culture-war free)


As I understand main evidence "it would be great if my enemies would be even worse and lame"

That spending time on making world a worse place seems bad use of time.

Unless it is some complex plan of making this guy seems better by unhinged attacks on him? Or further move into direction of low C trust society? (Well in such case it is also effort spend to make world worse)

fun conspiracy website

Is there really nothing wrong with Canadian government to the point that most problematic part is cute but almost certainly false story?

"US official says Russia has probably lost half its tanks, used majority of precision-guided weapons in Ukraine" is hardly "no tanks" or "ran out of artillery shells and missiles"

0% is not the same as 50%

Several countries went on large equipment buying spree, for example Poland ordered massive amount of wide range of materiel. Delivery of some already started.

I will need to check at some point has anyone thought about building up munition supply and storage.

In general military spending on equipment significantly increased, though mostly for countries on NATO border.

Yes, letting armed planes and drones in means that they do not fully control airspace.

(Yes, the same applies even more to Ukraine regularly hit by missile and drone attacks - and also NATO territory where occasional drone or missile was happily flying through, with no shot downs. Turns out that airspace control is hard.)

My hunch is that a policy of open arms for all (ethnic) Russian immigrants would help with the Polish reputation of being rabidly russophobic

Totally not worth it, even if it would work and change opinion.

And yes, Poland is rapidly against Russian government, for good reasons. Though Russians should be fine, ale long as they are not supporting Russian government or having positive opinion about Putin/Hitler/Russian invasion etc.

But for strategic reasons having substantial Russian minority is a risk that would be nice to be without.

It's hardly realistic to assume that any Russian offensive in the future will even reach the Moldovan border.

Interesting, I would expect full collapse of Ukraine to be at least possible - even if not the most likely outcome.


If you are getting normies from such groups you really need to recheck your normie supply. Typical person was not engaging in this.

their fortified positions will be pounded into dust because they're a paper bear

I have not really seen it, people making this type of stupid prediction are unaware that fortified positions exist.

when you're working day and night to abolish the "self" of Ukraine

I am not, next question please.

Perhaps not this stimulus or that stimulus, but the implication is that $X will win the war (for some value of $X).

That is true, on assumption that converting this to weapons will be possible. This war is more equipment-constrained than manpower-constrained.

So now Reuters is stating that Russia is a "larger, better-equipped enemy"? Really? This is where we're at, after more than 2 years? They actually have the cheek to say this? Every single liberal leftist normie-oriented talking head I ever encountered kept repeating for months that the orc invasion force is completely undersized for the task, their rapist orc cannon fodder is deserting en masse and running from their positions like rabbits, they ran out of artillery shells and missiles, have no food, no gear, no body armor, no tanks, what equipment they have is all a piece of crap etc.

Really? I have seen many many "Russia outguns Ukraine" articles over time. Also who the heck claims that Russia has no tanks and run out of artillery shells? Where are you getting your "normies"? Even dumber parts of reddit are not so dumb.

orc invasion force is completely undersized for the task

This one I heard mostly from pro-Russia trolls before full-scale war started in their "Russia has no plans to invade Ukraine full scale and no Russian soldiers attacked Ukraine" mode.

What about "Russia is so strong that if we don't stop them here, they may be able to take Moldovia/Estonia! But if delay them and rebuild European armies then risk becomes nonexisting. Also, maybe they will be even kicked out of Ukraine that has not collapsed yet?" for pessimistic version? Without cognitive dissonance?

OK, I was not expecting this one. So it is fiction, about pretending to be forced into some sexual acts, via nonexisting method?

How many layers of indirection people need here?

Still, it technically includes depiction of rape somewhere so I am not so surprised that they get rid of it.

Well, obviously it is fictional depiction of such acts, maybe at most only fans-style porn.

Well, obviously it is fictional depiction of such acts, maybe at most only fans-style porn.

If Ukraine or at least relevant part would be occupied by Russia