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maybe one of the second-in-commands for Wagner was promised the top job if he (or maybe more than 1 person?) did what needed to be done

Edit: seems many of his second hands were in prisoned or otherwise out of the picture

Thats fair, and im not saying im was ever at that level either of course. Tho i assume to a normie “accomplished pianist” means playing difficult pieces, not necessarily “next Lang Lang”

From my family, but layoffs of friends and so on in Shanghai, which is shocking and surprising to people. Especially shocking to those from Shanghai/big metropoles in China under the age of 50 or 40, who have only lived in continuous boom times

All but confirmed by the news that they will stop reporting young unemployment rate as well. So things can be assumed to not be improving…

To be fair he may have been a lot better in his schooling days. I played for more than a decade growing up and havent touch a piano regularly for years. If i were to play something I would actually choose that exact song and id probably play at his level in the video at best

He recently posted a video of him playing tennis (shirtless!) and he looks pretty “mid” as the kids would say. Granted maybe he hasnt played tennis seriously in since high school. But im happy to have a young and not overweight president again.

Ivy league is D1 but does not offer athletic scholarships. Yes need based and many merit ones exist at harvard and other ivies. All the top Ivies and Stanford and other elite schools boast about how high % of their students receive at least some aid

Xi does not trust it, wsj article today or yesterday said rumors are he/his circle are suspicious of it, and think focusing in industrial capacity is better. Something about choices make ccp less important (i kind of doubt tho - the chinese consumer has so much choice!!)

Ironically the west / other countries’ consumption is what fuels chinas growth.

Yeah I watched some big sporting event on a Canadian network and I had to google what percent of Canada is black. I follow the nba so I understand Canada has black immigrants but I didnt think they’d be in every car / insurance / beer ad during time outs

The author is comparing private schools in US to private schools (actually public?!) in England surely! /s

Boots on the ground view is that the chinese economy definitely needs help, and Chinese people (esp below a certain age) basically think it is gloomy.

Reminds me of the research on Swedish (or some other Nordic country) families, and how number of younger siblings or siblings in general causes next generation to have more kids. It seemed like oldest sibling will always have more kids than younger sibs (though I assume oldest kids with siblings have more kids than only child kids).

My immediate thought was that it means people that grew up with younger kids and inevitably helping take care of their younger siblings have the exposure to raising kids. Changing diapers and feeding kids and all this stuff isn’t something they have to imagine, cuz they’ve done it! But the youngest sibling wouldn’t have that experience so would tend to have fewer kids cuz lack of experience etc. I would assume this means only children that have a lot of kid experience/exposure would also have more kids (from younger cousins / babysittinf / etc).

So fertility is self enforcing: the more kids you have, the more kids, on average, they would have.

Re: Nigar / ECOWAS, AFP just tweeted that:

ECOWAS backs military intervention in Niger 'as soon as possible': I.Coast president

I can't tell if this is just Ivory Coast President's opinion...

But anyway CNN wrote:

West African leaders on Thursday ramped up the rhetoric against Niger’s coup leaders, ordering the “activation” and the “deployment” of a regional standby force to restore constitutional order in the coup-hit country.

Meeting in Abuja, Nigeria after the expiration of the one-week ultimatum they gave to the Niger’s military junta, leaders from the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) called for a deployment “to restore constitutional order in the Republic of Niger,” according to a statement read by Omar Alieu Touray, President of the ECOWAS Commission.

It was not immediately clear what the “deployment” and “activation” of the force would entail. The statement also emphasized a “determination to keep all options on the table for the peaceful resolution of the crisis.”


Several analysts told CNN that a military intervention in Niger would probably not be imminent, as it takes time to assemble the ECOWAS troops.

The communique is “about mobilizing the required resources should an intervention be needed, but it’s also a signal to the junta in Niger that ECOWAS is prepared to take necessary actions including force should talks fail,” Abuja-based defense and security analyst Murtala Abdullahi told CNN.

So I'm confused, I guess this kinda means there is hesitation and they are just saying / doing stuff so that they live up to the deadline they set?

GOOP x AIRBNB collab. PR activities, more at 7!

Interesting. I wonder how Macron and the French establishment, or the French public, feels about this.

If anything, it speeds up uranium mining projects in europe, like Sweden and so on. And of course there are other sources of uranium.

I have heard Thomas Sankara's name before but did not know who he was. Thanks for the comments.

What is the wider effect of Sahel countries (Niger/Burkina Faso/Mali/etc) moving away from France? Has this kinda stuff happened before?

Interesting idea...

Was going to mention French Guiana but it only has a few hundred thousand people.

If only, then we'd have a better comparison of the before/after colonization thing

yes agreed. That's why you had to be formulaic. That's why to get the perfect 12 out of 12 score, you had to be obvious about what you did, so no essay grader could give you a lower score. Worst part was that you never got an explanation of why you got a 10 or 11 or 9 out of 12.

Yes analogies wouldve been nice, but it's too IQ-dependent and so obviously "racist"

yeah I remember when I took it (out of 2400), it was supposed to be the "new" SAT (though it was around for a few years so we, the students, just thought of it as "the SAT")

In the old SAT, when it had a Writing section and was based out of 2400, had an essay. However, it was very game-able with a simple structure. You just had to do a simple 5 paragraph thing where you introduce the topic, give 2-3 examples, and clearly state a conclusion. Using some fancy SAT words helps. My friend group joked that you could always use Nazis to support your topic ("book burning is bad, when the nazis burned...")

Dont listen to these ppl. Live your own life. You seem happy so cherish what you have. Try to live your dreams mate, canada or aus arent too bad anyway.

Never felt this tbh (just returned from europe). Fruit tastes similar. Go to farmers markets in LA, they seem fine.

korea's teacher strike: does anyone know how the shrinking population in Korea affect this? I remember reading that schools in Korea are closing due to fewer students, so what happens to the surplus teachers?

re cultural activities: Agree that if you only do/consume one thing, it's probably bad

re how people spend money: cultural elites just waste money on different stuff ime (in LA, mostly with entertainment folks, which i guess can be elite or not. Big diff is they can get free things vs the rich ppl in "lower brow" activities)

i remember reading a report or a narrative about yale law school affirmative action and them mentioning Thomas (or named him in it, before he was famous). It basically implied he wasn't that great of a student compared to his white peers. I might be remembering incorrectly though - if anyone knows what im referring to, please drop a link

Sure, but thats cuz their businesses are congruent with silicon valley, plus they have huge silicon valley presence, and talent revolve between msft and others…

A product manager from google isnt exactly the ideal candidate for this diving tourism company. Doesnt make sense to me at all