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Everyone has a different palate, of course, but I am sort of blown away that the complexity of an aged whiskey and how it interacts with food is just.... lost for some people? I'd concede that a majority of the "to go with" properties of food + alcohol have more to do with how the latter changes your tastes than the drink itself. But I think the contrast of experiences between a red vs white before delicate fish would indicate the flavor itself factors in as well.

Alcohol isn't easy to enjoy. Neither is coffee. They both require some patience and development, and I enjoy the side effects of the drugs within them quite a bit.

I fail to see why I would want to try to use alcohol to make us get along in that case.

Discarding people because they can't have deep conversations quickly is a mistake. You need to invest effort into relationships, as a rule. Alcohol allows you to be more effective per unit of time. Some of the "deepest" people are those who aren't comfortable dumping their trauma on you once you've met them, and frankly that shouldn't be a controversial statement.

That's just my opinion after knowing many of these people. If you don't have any issues with your breadth and depth of relationships, then you've done what you want. I do know I am less "picky" than average.

As with everything, I think there is a strong genetic component in people reactions to alcohol.

For sure. And, for what it's worth, despite being an advocate of 2-5 drinks (depending on body weight and tolerance) I also get unbelievably morose and existential beyond that.

Red wine with chicken parm, and white with piccata? Bourbon with Conecuh or steak? A beer before barbecue? Margaritas and burritos? We're talking about our individual palates at one level, but these are classic pairings.

For relationships, alcohol is an intimacy accelerator. When you only have one night to get someone's attention, it's incredibly valuable. Most people aren't capable of talking deeply about philosophy or what they need from a relationship within 5 minutes of meeting you, in fact, it's creepy unless you've had a drink or two.

I agree with you there, too.

Alcohol is the opposite of a wonder drug. I've drank it 5 days a week and 0, and the latter is preferable. Especially as I age, I see it's role as far more minor in my life.

All that being said, some of the best nights of my life have involved it as a central theme. The best relationships have had it greasing the skids. The most delicious foods have been complimented by some form of alcohol. Those of you who are eschewing it completely while your body can handle the downsides of the toxin may be missing out on more than a bit. I don't think a drug lasts this long and has such a stranglehold on our species for 0 reason.

I think drinking 2-3 times a week is absolutely worth the cost, from all the articles I've read.

I make the same decision about Philly Cheesesteaks and fast food.

If you're maximizing longevity of life over quality, that's a valid decision, but I've never been interested in that.

The other replies are exactly what you'd expect.

Absurd to pretend like food and TV isn't sometimes improved with alcohol. Or that the ballmer peak of sociability doesn't exist.

Or that drinking until you're hungover is a requirement? All these supplements, when a pickle, 2 cups of water, and ibuprofen, will completely solve your problem.

The thought exercise proposes a 99% effective sex change - it doesn't even need to be that good to bring to the forefront many of the issues everyone's discussing - "A perfect wedge" as @comicsansstein put it.

I've had disagreements with other forum members in the past on this front, but people who are truly committed to being trans already have extremely high-quality surgeries available to them that will only get better. At least for the purposes of passing in public and getting to fuck who they want, if not bearing children.

I think the feasibility of excellent medical procedures, in concert with anyone younger-or-equal-to zoomers moving a point or two on the Kinsey scale will lead to those with true dysphoria being in an OK spot. The rest of these folks who want to win at sports or signal their rebellion against the culture are a different story.

I've gone through two negotiations recently with exactly this dynamic. Recently being a bit of a stretch.

My company was a startup, with me being the second employee. I brought technical skills to the table, but had virtually no sales connections. I required a salary, while the CEO had cashed out part of his 401(k) to pay for me and others the first year. I was the only high-quality tech person that my boss knew in our market who wasn't bound by a non-compete. He had the upper hand in these negotiations (the cap table agrees!)

I recently flipped a car with a relative. They didn't have the courage or knowledge to broker the deal, and I didn't have the geographic location to physically do the work of acquiring, re-titling, and selling the car. They were the only person there I knew well enough to successfully get it done. It definitely felt like our difference in capital gave me far more leverage.

Both of these aren't pure bilateral monopolies, but they were close enough that it felt very similar.

My experience with transwomen in the west coast was similar, I also see it when in RDU, NC (compared to other Southeastern Cities). There's an order of magnitude difference.

I will second this. I've taught at least 40 people SmallWorld. All of them have loved it. I have a collection of expansions and laminated single-page rules for each player and race/power combo. Low skill floor, high skill ceiling.

Do Americans really not eat fruits or vegetables?

We do, but:

  • Fruits and veggies are more expensive than in europe. They are lower quality with greater selection.
  • When we do have them, there's a cultural proclivity to deep fry, cover in mayonnaise, etc. that removes much of their benefit (Side note: southern fried green tomatoes are unbelievably delicious)
  • We also have more exotic synthetic foods to choose from that are cheaper than most "whole" foods
  • People are fucking lazy in terms of cooking, developing their palates, or exercising the self-control to make most of their meal vegetables. Including me.

Another little line buried in the Ziegler case:

Police said Ziegler was cooperative throughout the investigation and provided them a copy of the sexual encounter, which he recorded on his cell phone. In a statement released January 19, police said "the video showed the encounter was likely consensual."

NPR of course framing it to prove that recording sexual encounters without consent is a 'lil rapey!

In a Nov. 2 interview with detectives with his attorney present, Ziegler said the sex was consensual and that he had recorded it. He said he then deleted the video, but after the accusation he recovered it and uploaded it to Google.

This is all very much like the hockey players with video of consent from last week.

I don't understand why Apple's Vision Pro is generating any buzz. It's pretty clear we need wearable & discrete recording devices for whenever someone whips out their cock, way before we need to watch 5 basketball games at a time.

I use TopTal. I believe it's a step up from platforms like Fiverr, however there's also more aggressive screening. For example, I came on the platform as a full-stack developer. This required 2 interviews and the creation of a whole application from scratch, which took ~8 hours. I believe for management it's less.

That being said, I've gotten opportunities with a mix of startups and impressive logos who value onshore talent. They have great training opportunities too to keep you busy and upskilled. Not perfect by any means, but it's been way more lucrative than playing video games in the evening.

Then there's the reality that I'm not giving my kids the attention I want to. Work takes over too much. I might technically be off work at 4:30, but someone puts a meeting on my calendar at 5, or I really need to finish these three five emails, and before I know it it's Dinner Time. I have all these worksheets I want to do with my two oldest and practice penmanship (which they really struggle with.) I want to take my kids outside to play. I want to go for walks. But I also want to be held in esteem at work. As long as work is there, I will put off my kids because kids can wait but work can't. But that is a LIE. Kids grow up, and toil is forever.

For what it's worth, I feel this even as the male half of the household and sole breadwinner. I think this anxiety is natural for people in our position, but I also know my dad was gone from 5am-6pm every day for work. We made the most of the weekends and vacations and my relationship with him is equally strong as the one I have with my mom.

If I can talk through some of your work options:

  • Freelancing may be more valuable than you expect. I use one of the platforms to do side-contracting for ~$100/hour for 5 hours a week. Being a Scrum Master for 10 may be the best price/perf ratio.
  • Beware crochet as a side business. It can be awesome, but I know my wife had trouble with the physical capacity for calligraphy. Any cottage industry has hard limits and a low effective hourly rate. It resists automation and cost savings. If you're a great cook, I see that as a better option (buy in bulk, have the kids help, or work on it after bed).

What was the total outlay for the Au Pair? Having one is something I never considered as something I could do... but now I'm wondering if it's possible. I have a pretty big house right now, but our guest room shares a restroom with the kids. Not sure how much of a disqualifier that is.

Really? This is a forum comprised of ~100 nobodies and maybe 3 D-list Twitter celebrities (Sorry, TracingWoodgrains and Kulak).

This is one of the least-important corners of the internet. A fun distraction at best.

I am probably less technical than you at this point but: Broadly, I agree that trying to roll your own security is less secure than trusting a convenient megacorp who employs professionals. For 99.5% of people, this is the case.

I also agree that the probability of being targeted because of your data is lower than many privacy-obsessed people mention.

I also am glad you're bringing arguably a fresh PoV to the discussion!

However, I think other folks have swung back on a number of items very well that I'm not even going to try to double up on. Random thoughts:

Not all privacy desires have their foundations in criminality and kiddy porn. Villainizing E2E encryption and truly private spaces as exclusively the domains of ne'er do wells is the exact same tactic people use against guns to win the culture war. Carrying a pistol doesn't make you a paranoid asshole; it means you're vastly more prepared for a rare occurrence than someone who doesn't. You can't even make the same off-color jokes in Discord that you could have made in a Facebook message 5 years ago without auto-bans, so the probability of unsecured communication having consequences isn't super low.

I want to be able to talk about the government without them listening. I want to be able to talk about psychotic leftists without them getting me fired, and I want to watch exotic pornography without pyschotic rightists getting me fired. I don't trust any convenient megacorp to safeguard me from any of these actors or themselves.

For declined, regretted I would add "missed out" or "missed the boat".

Invested, happy: hit the jackpot, backed a winner are good ones.

Um, this is the Friday fun thread, sir. I dunno about work stories.

I work in software consulting, and if I regaled everyone here with dumb shit my clients (and, occasionally, my consultants) do, there is a bottomless supply of "laugh so you don't cry".

Sure, you can in theory coerce someone into making multiple admissions of consent.

I haven't seen the videos, but the fact that the players presented them as evidence means they should in theory have value in their defense. Otherwise it would be more evidence of coercion!

Well, 2 things come to mind.

  1. I know gang bangs are icky, but the analogies up thread to american football are stark. We all need to be more comfortable explaining to young women that if you go home with a contact sports player or musician the chances of having a train run on you are enormous.
  2. I do find it amazing that you can even have video evidence of consent and it doesn't matter. How exactly is anyone supposed to differentiate between the people who want this and those who don't? Because there's a substantial group of the former who will fold instantly if, say, their mother points out that society looks down on being tag teamed. A multi million dollar pay out possibility being some decent cake icing.

Same here. Glad OP is doing more chores, but I can't imagine living over a 2.

There's something about smaller apartments and longer term tenures though.

I should have asked you this in a previous thread - if I were looking to get into the BT books, what are the first 4-5 you'd suggest?

I got extremely similar "guilty pleasure" feelings from the Terminal List. At least there was some differentiation between characters there, the writing and gunplay wasn't totally fucking idiotic, but it was still very paint-by-number.

Oh man, /r/adviceanimals was at one point excellent. I do believe the Dragonite memes are intended to be serious first, and then funny as you consider the absurdity of how children treat their dads.

My only true post to Reddit was a great 4-square ragecomic posted to f7u12 extolling the happy transition from a girlfriend who wouldn't go down on me to a hookup who definitely would. 13 years ago.....

This reminds me of the shopping cart debate in which people point out a bar, resting on the floor, to be considered a functioning member of society. And then many heavily "disabled" mothers explain why their corner case makes it OK.

Statistically, I don't see the case for any double divorcee to be a good husband, and Trump's inadequacy in the EQ department is both one of his strengths and one of the 100 nails in the coffin for his quality on that front.