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Uh I mean. I'm sure you have your reasons, but I guess I'll suggest the obvious:

I broke up with a long term girlfriend a while ago (lovely woman, didn't want kids.)

Are you sure you can't work it out with her? either with kids, or without? It sounds like she might be the one and only for you... otherwise, being alone is pretty tough, especially for

I'm frustratingly extroverted and need people to talk to and be close with

get ready for a life of ladies nights, mixers, and strip clubs.

Can I train myself out of this?

no (speaking as a guy in a similar situation)

The classical liberal argument is that there would be a balance of power, because each major player would fight for its own power. EG, the three branches of the US government would all fight for their own power, and thus keep each other in check.

It doesn't work so well when one branch voluntarily surrenders all of its power to another.

But it really does and that is the defining feature of percentage points changes unlike percentage change.

So a guy lit himself on fire the other day. On purpose. In some ways, perhaps because we’ve been primed by Buddhist monk seminal example, that remains an ultimate attention-getter of Western modernity. And although most everybody talked a whole lot about it, mostly nobody seemed to care much. I’ve been checking in more than usual for a post here - hoping to tack on - so I didn’t have to go first.

The Arab spring was also started by a guy lighting himself on fire. Except it wasn't the first guy to do it. Or the second. Or the third. I read somewhere he was... 17th? Can't find the source right now, sorry. But many people did it before him, and many people do it after. Sometimes it's just really hard to tell which precise spark will start the big fire.

Maybe you're just looking for more of a PvP style camping trip.

Not really, as i said, core gameplay is pointing and clicking at a specific spot on a screen. Being prevented from doing that pointing and clicking is a side mechanic in my mind. And often a very unwelcome side mechanic in my opinion. I generally prefer singleplayer. PvE is a somewhat close second. PvP is something I usually dislike.

lol, i did mine in Mexico. Doctor just told me in broken English that "there are some small risks" and shook my hands. We worked it out. Everything went great.

I don't think that works, because the actual practice of the law deters people from doing certain things.

IOW. if there is significant practice and precedent of punishing X such that its very well known and established, you can't look at the rate of X within current cases to estimate the predisposition to do X without the law.

(In economics, this is essentially the Lucas Critique).

Yeah, haven't heard much from/about her in quite a while, but damn, did she try.

Then again, I really don't keep tabs on Aella either, so it's very possible that the amount of "stuff happening in life" is probably roughly equal for Stoya as for Aella.

That sounds kind of tough. I've been fortunate that my girlfriend likes laughing and her sense of humor is similar to mine. Sometimes we'll get in a conversation where we're just having laughing fits over some stupid joke.

No it really doesn’t. That’s why you need to specify. “We’re only raising your taxes 1%”. Proceeds to double taxes.

Does anybody remember Stoya? She was another pornstar who tried to do the “not like the other grills” schtick, but I don’t think it worked.

What was this in response to, originally? It seems interesting but without the original context it's hard to know what to make of it.

It’s a good video, but it unexpectedly reminded of the sad ways some of my past girlfriends were “gravely funny,” like they could come up with funny things and recognized when something was stupidly hilarious, but wouldn’t actually laugh at any of it… they were clever enough to see the opportunity for a joke but couldn’t enjoy the delivery, as if they had to be “corporate” or “grown up” all the time but still wanted to ensure they had a humor slider setting.

Funny, I was just thinking about you. Probably because they added that nonsense sidebar.

Keep up the good work ^_^

Beggars in Spain

I've read it. I recall liking it. It is very obscure, right?

IUDs, condoms, etc. Anything but the pill really. An unusually easy to square circle.

Anyone fucking around, please wear condoms. This pill or multiple abortions talk is really missing the king of birth control for people jumps from one partner to another.

I've thought that PrEP will usher a wave of increased STD rates as it gives gay guys an excuse to not use condoms. They are ignoring the fact that HIV is merely one STD among many.

I didn't want to get into the technical details but in fact it's a single toll lane on a five lane freeway, so you can still get where you are going, but you'll sit in traffic more.

And yeah, there is zero enforcement, which is a whole other pet peeve.

If I encounter someone who has done their research and seems generally intelligent, I sincerely wish I could hand out a pass that both indemnifies me from some medicolegal risk if they were to take less than ironclad advice, and also lets them access more experimental therapies without the headache of FDA waivers in terminal cases and so on.

Intelligent patients can be a double edged sword. A smart enough person can read up on a treatment, decide they want it, and then think of "the doctor wants to make sure I understand the consequences" as an obstacle that needs to be solved not by trying to understand anything, but rather by picking the right words to get past the obstacle. And the smarter they are the more they can convince the doctor they've really thought it out without actually thinking it out.

I fucking hate those tolls. I understand what they’re trying to do in keeping cars off the road and encouraging alternative transportation, but if the government is going to do that, they need to offer alternative transportation that does not take 2 hours for what would normally be an hour long drive.

I rarely skirt the tolls, but I have done it on occasion. I know that what I’m doing is wrong, but at times, I simply do not care. The other reason I feel comfortable doing this is that there is almost no way I can get caught. Cops do not patrol my commute route in the slightest; if I saw them cracking down, I’d rethink ever trying to avoid the tolls.

Most people would just say “well because zoophilia and infant murder are wrong!” Without any conception of the fact that before Christ these things would’ve been totally normal.

I think the critical factor is drinking high strength alcohol much too quickly.

From the few news clips I've read about the topic, I recall that how fast you got drunk is usually more important than how drunk you end up being when it comes to alcohol induced memory loss. Too fast and your brain can't keep up with the result that new memories aren't properly transferred from short term memory to longer term memory.

It really differs hugely on a person to person basis. I used to get blackouts quite easily but they would never last all that long - at the very least I'd have memory of finding myself at the entrance to my home. I've passed out exactly once in my life (some 20 years ago). I'd always puke my guts out much before I got that drunk (except for that one time). OTOH, I've never once felt drinker's remorse. Like sure, sometimes I felt slight embarrassed afterwards but that was always a rational reaction, never the kind of "OMG I want to kill myself because I was such an idiot" neurotransmitter imbalance that some people get from drinking (it probably helped that I learned in my late teens that no matter how much I drank, I never started acting much out of character).

Hmm, yes… gangbang discourse. What is there to say—whores gonna whore? In this case, very much literally.

Perhaps you and everyone else are just “it’s all so tiresome”d out, because Aella is not so unique in her brazen promiscuity among e-thots, but more unique in her success with “not like other girls”-ing and having eked out a niche in the nerdosphere.

Obligatory Valentina copypasta reference: “Of all the rationalist sphere-adjacent women (so far), Aella seems like the most ‘unique’ human being—by far. Skilled, tough, smart, beautiful…”

It depends on material conditions more than anything. You make everyone a dirt farmer with no education and no resources and no hope and we would be right back to it.